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Over 60 Lost, and a Few Gained (with pics)

Well, February 24th is the first anniversary of the current weight-loss journey. I do believe it will be my last time around the barn. I started out not having done much of anything but sit in an office chair since I injured my foot in 2004. It took 7 years for it to heal!

I started with a YMCA class, In It To Lose It. It was tough getting started (more on that HERE). But I kept with it, cut the calories as best as I could. I didn't really know much about eating, but I had followed a Dr. Phil plan the last time, which seemed to work. The problem was that it was all about losing weight, not about getting healthy.

Diet can change your weight pretty quickly. I suppose the exercise helped. I lost 32 pounds by April 4; the day I suffered a heart attack. (more on that HERE). I lay in the ICU for a week. My daily exercise included walking about 300 yards and sleeping 15 or 16 hours per day. I persisted and by the end of April, I was walking 1 mile two times a week and then three. 7 weeks after the heart trauma, I was allowed to push my heart rate to 130 BPM. That is a fast walk at best, but I got a heart rate monitor (HRM) and did it.

3 months later, sometime in June, I was allowed to go to 150 BPM. I began running again: 1 mile 3 times a week, then 4 times a week. I love to run!

I ended up running 2 miles 7 days a week!

In August I got up to run my usual 2 miles before work, and slipped and tore the meniscus in my knee. I kept running in spite of the pain, icing it, and taking Motrin by the handful. I limped along for about a month and finally went to see a surgeon. He had me ride a bike for 4 weeks (most of October), and then asked me to take 4 few weeks off. It was horrible not running.

I also started to work with a nutritionist last fall, and changed a lot about the way I eat. She upped the calories, cut the sodium, and made meal suggestions for me. I gained some weight, especially with the 4 weeks off. I hit the gym hard and did upper body cardio, pedaling a mile using only my arms. I worked the core, and did some body building - still it's not running.

Finally I decided to have knee surgery before Christmas.

4 weeks after my December 8th surgery, I started ice skating, which is even more fun than running! I have pretty much been on the ice about 4 hours a week since. Add to that 2 cardio classes at the YMCA and I am doing pretty darn good!

A few weeks ago I was released to start running again, and I am. Just 2 times a week. (That is 6 workouts a week!) I am training for a 5K on March 25th to celebrate my recovery from the heart attack; it's an American Heart Association event. I only want to finish, but I am shooting for a 25-30 minute time.

I have had a number of NSVs (more on that HERE) lost inches in the waist; down to 34 from 40. I eat much better food than I ever did. I have logged on to MFP and kept my food diary for about 9 months. It's actually become a way of life for me. I am a lot of MFP frineds, and few have crossed over to being real friends. :)

Oh yeah, and I lost a few pounds too! Here are the pics:

That's me at 276 pounds. Summer 2010

That's me at 214 pounds. Summer 2011 

I am not at my goal weight, but I will get there. What I want is to be at a weight where I don't have to take the BP meds (197), I can play hockey a few times a week, ride 40-50 miles with my wife on a weekend, run an occasional 5K, and stop spending time thinking about being overweight!

Thanks for the votes and comments. I will be on vacation next week, and probably won't be posting a blog. Enjoy!

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MommyTKD wrote 125 months ago:
You are an inspiration! By the way, as a foot injured person myself,what was your foot injury? It's amazing to think it could take 7 years to heal... I had a lisfranc injury a year and a half ago (hence my presence on here).... ;)
Sallycinnimon wrote 125 months ago:
Lookin great! :) I know you and your wife are so proud of your accomplishments!
SixCatFaerie wrote 125 months ago:
You are doing an excellent job! So very proud of your recovery & sticking with it. Keep it up!
Johnny760 wrote 125 months ago:
Great Job. It's inspiring to know that against all the adversity and setbacks you are able to maintain the commitment and reach your goals.
aliciagetshealthy wrote 125 months ago:
You are doing such an excellent job David! Thank you for being such a wise, wonderful inspiration! and have a fantastic time in Florida!
Hoppymom wrote 125 months ago:
Terrific effort resulted in terrific change. You look so much younger. I hope you all have a safe and happy vacation.
bllowry wrote 125 months ago:
Look at that flat tum and small waist! I've no doubt you'll meet your goal. You're quite an inspiration, and I so enjoy your sense of humour.
Lindacharp wrote 125 months ago:
Your looking great. Lots done in a couple years. Glad all is getting better health wise. But it's time to chuck that black t shirt. Show off the no belly.
angbak60 wrote 125 months ago:
you look amazing, congratulations on the great work!
odditblue wrote 125 months ago:
Man... miraculous. Astounding. Keep on. =)
czechsmate wrote 125 months ago:
Well done, you are an inspiration to all of us...and you are looking pretty great too!
felicity866 wrote 125 months ago:
what a change...lost a few years in the process!!
kenlad64 wrote 125 months ago:
Inspirational journey that appears to have turned into a new "way of life". Glad we are friends.
myopus wrote 125 months ago:
Great job!
jill20004 wrote 125 months ago:
well done you must feel so proud of yourself a big pat on the back from me to you ... i hope you enjoy your new life you deserve it xxx
odditblue wrote 124 months ago:
rinnismom wrote 124 months ago:
i have been inspired your story ever since i happened across you. you're are an exceptional person. 1 thank you for sharing your thoughts. it's not always easy for us, but you make it look fun.
Denjo060 wrote 124 months ago:
WOW Incredible story What an inspiration!!! thanks so much for sharing
Dianab67 wrote 124 months ago:
So glad you shared your story. I've only been at it for 3 months and am down almost 15lbs. It seems to be going so slowly and I've been frustrated. Stories like yours keeps me going.
lrpfann1 wrote 124 months ago:
I am so proud of you....not jealous...just proud. I turn 65 in two weeks. I am healthier than I was 5 years ago but still too chubby. I can do it too!!!

I really can....Thanks for the encouragement.

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