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It finally happened! The weight on the scale started with a 1. I know, if you weigh 99 pounds that might freak you out. However, if you weighed 300 pounds and your goal weight started with 1, you’d be freaking doing the happy dance. I don't really know how much I weighed at my worst. I stopped using the scale at 276. I am sure it was close to 300.

One scale victory is worth a few non-scale victories in my book.

What we weigh, how much we've lost and our goal weight is all relative. I just happen to have lost a pre-teen child. This may surprise you, but I have been on a very long plateau. It's been about a year. My goal weight set by the cardiologist has been elusive. Last summer I had two surgeries and even gained weight.

So what worked? Cutting calories!! Duh!

I really had to look at the portions of my clean-whole-food-diet and get a grip. How could I be eating too much after 3+ years doing this? People had made blind comments about calorie consumption. They had created "rules", made calculators, and even tossed in enough scientific information to do a convincing infomercial.  PhD nutritionists as well as the ones with masters degrees in nutrition have done it to me! All their sentences started with "You need to __________."

I measured my portions very carefully with a scale, a cup or an ice cream scoop. I bought containers to make sure I didn't over do it. I learned that you need to level off the teaspoon of peanut butter, not just make a heaping one. I still gained weight at my prescribed caloric intake. The dieticians were shaking their heads.

I had to cut the calories back!

I only ate the amount of calories I needed for the weight that I wanted to be. It worked for about 10 pounds. I was hovering around 200 pounds last year. I know that my legs got bigger and my waist got smaller, but I still had a belly roll. I also got my waist to 34" but with core, it came back to about 36".

So, I cut 400 calories a day and stopped all sugar intake. No cheats, no sweets. (Yes, sweets were well within my daiily alootment of calories!)

On Saturday (2/28) I ran my 18.7 mile training run on the Boston Marathon course. As I made my way home I guzzled a 20oz bottle of Gatorade, a 16 oz bottle of water, a medium coffee and chowed a large blueberry muffin and a banana. When I got home, I stripped off three layers of stinky running gear and decided to hop on the scale. I have been avoiding it mostly because there has been little or no overall change.

I got on and there is was 198.5 and I didn't even have poop first!

As excited as I am about my scale victory, I recognize that being fit is not being skinny or fitting into my perceived clothing size. Sure, I already ordered custom made jeans and bought some other new clothes. I am down from 2 X-Large to Large shirts too.  What matters the most is that my blood work, my blood pressure, my pulse and my ejection fraction (heart capacity) are all excellent. Everything is normal.

In closing, I would like to say this: If you have been following the plan for many months and you haven't lost weight, you may just in fact be eating too much for you.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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johnwhitent wrote 81 months ago:
Trial and error beats calculations for calorie intake!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 81 months ago:
I hear you. I'm also wanting to get back to has been elusive...and i know it's my fault. Great blog today Sir!
H_Factor wrote 81 months ago:
Fantastic blog!! Dang that science and research and counting crap ;) LOL!

I plan to join you in Onederland by the end of April :)
changing4life wrote 81 months ago:

What matters the most is that my blood work, my blood pressure, my pulse and my ejection fraction (heart capacity) are all excellent. Everything is normal.

If you have been following the plan for many months and you haven't lost weight, you may just in fact be eating too much for you.
Pedalpush wrote 81 months ago:
Fantastic work! I could learn from your self control (major sweet tooth here)! LOL on the poop comment (I'm such a child).
Ohliza wrote 81 months ago:
Good for you! I'm 2.1 lbs away myself and it's been a year or so. See you on the other side, and congrats on your health and fitness gains!
jeremyjones1840070 wrote 81 months ago:
Congratulations! I understand the joy in seeing a 1 as the first number. Although I never knowingly got over 220 I've hovered between 205-215 for years (minus a brief period of major stress). I am now at 196 and feeling great! Keep going! (And I also got a giggle from the poop comment.)
It's not about being thin, it's about being healthy.
Dalebassplayer wrote 81 months ago:
Great work! I've been there myself for 2 years after starting off over 450!
laurenodowd6785 wrote 81 months ago:
Well done! I wish you all the best and hopefully it keeps falling off for you xx
Look_at_me wrote 81 months ago:
Cant' wait to see a number starting with a 1. Well done, well done. Congrats.
roserex wrote 81 months ago:
Well your comments here are awesome. I have only been on my journey two months and have lost 20 lbs with over 100 to go. I love the success stories. Thanks for sharing!
ilenewilliams wrote 81 months ago:
Congratulations on onederland, and your words of wisdom were right on time!
Socialwacker wrote 81 months ago:
Congratulations!! I too entered One-derland today after a very long time and know too well how wonderful it really is! Thanks for the wonderful, honest and insightful blog. Have a one-derful day!
bf0712 wrote 81 months ago:
oh boy I too hit the wonderful one-derland last week at 199 I'm so happy! I haven't been under 200 in 4 yrs. My last check up at the doctors all my numbers had come down, feeling good! Congrats to you!! :)
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 81 months ago:
That is so awesome. You have put in so much effort to get here. And without a POOP!!!
Chain_Ring wrote 81 months ago:
Nice! Congrats, man.
octhawk wrote 81 months ago:
Great Job! Love your blog
Khukhullatus wrote 81 months ago:
Reminds me of that movie "That Thing You Do." The "oh knee ders"
hubkal wrote 81 months ago:
Fantastic! I too have struggled. I have never gotten up to 200 lbs but I remember getting to a normal BMI for the first time. Just hitting that number was great. I could not figure out why I was stalled for so long. I went to a nutritionist and had an official test done to check my REAL BMR (it is done with a clamp on your nose and a breathing tube in your mouth, it takes about 10 min just sitting there and relaxing) and found that even though I worked out so much and ate right and stayed below 1200 calories most days that MY BODY needed to stay around 976-1000 calories to lose weight. I was stunned and so was everyone at my work (I work at a hospital) they knew how hard I worked out and what I ate every day. I fell off the wagon when I switched jobs and gained 20 lbs back. So sad. But I am again on this journey down the scale. I can not wait to get to a normal BMI again and dare I say it....get to my goal.

May33338 wrote 81 months ago:
Congratulation. I love this post. Keep doing what you're doing and you will achieve your goals.
Asweet66 wrote 81 months ago:
great job I am working on being able to say that one day never to see over two hundred again enjoy the success so far
txtorn8oh wrote 81 months ago:
Congratulations and keep up the good work. Those plateau's are killers.
LinOtt wrote 81 months ago:
Thanks for this very helpful post. I have been on a plateau for the last year. I have tried eating more calories but have gained - predictably - so the eat more to loose more set is wrong. My calorie count deficit is only 150 calories - I think that less will mean more. Problem is that I have been hungry lately.....
Williesgirl2015 wrote 81 months ago:
Awesome! I haven't seen onederland in over 30 years. Had a close encounter about 7 years ago. Plan on seeing it this year.
Naaer wrote 81 months ago:
Great blog, with Lots Of good information...It IS important to make sure that you're eating the right amount of calories FOR YOU...I found after a year of doing this, that I needed to eliminate the exercise calories as part of my total...This seems to be working for me as I have lost thirty pounds...Next goal for me, as for you, is to get in onederland...Easier said that done...That said, it's the next goal...
DeeDeeS13 wrote 81 months ago:
mjflajs wrote 81 months ago:
Congrats! Can't wait to join you in Onederland!
Jazze33 wrote 81 months ago:
Very proud for you. I just started in January 2015, have lost 26, with 85 to reach onederland. I keep taking one day at a time.
MyChocolateDiet wrote 81 months ago:
losergood2011 wrote 81 months ago:
Awesome!! So happy for you! And you didn't even poop first LOL

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