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On the Road Again!

Wow, life can be freakin' tough some days. Most of you know that I had a shoulder surgery and also lost my job. I had some routine blood tests and it is possible that I have another looming health issue. For this addictive personality, it takes a lot of practice not falling off the food truck - maybe NOT getting on it is a better metaphor - when things go wrong.

The problem is I am addicted to MORE. If one is good 2 is better, 5 is great and 13 is probably sickly satisfying in some dangerous way. :)

I can't have one of anything - not cars, not wives, not guitars, not drugs, not drinks nor cookies nor chips. I just can't do it alone. I need help!

I was reminded this morning when a local guy shot his kids and himself in the midst of a perfect personal storm: loss of a job, the threat of foreclosure, and a relationship gone bad. Sad, scary and unfortunately, part of life for some folks.

I could tell you all the things that are not going my way, and all the good excuses I have to pick up an old behavior - getting blasted, taking drugs, spending money I don't have, or EATING.

No, today I was thinking about the following:

- I commented on a post about eating your exercise calories. Nah, not really.
- Today was MFP day 415!
- I had a great run this morning. 2.5 miles in 23 minutes. That's 17.5 miles in the last 7 days!
- I have worked really hard on keeping my calories at 1600; I checked in at 209! That's my lowest since 2004 when I was at 199.
- I had a coffee with my wife.
- I kissed my little one as she went off to horse riding camp - a gift from Nana.
- I logged today - well not the kiss I gave Charlotte.
- I encouraged a few friends.
- I shook my head at the ones who haven't logged in X days.
- I didn't fall down the stairs.
- I plan on enjoying my daughter's hockey tonight even if I can't get on the ice.
- I have a bed. I plan on using it early because I didn't sleep well. I heard the lack of sleep doesn't kill anyone, but the effects of obesity do.
- I thanked God for what I do have, mostly because I have been without.

How about you, what do you do to get through a tough day?

Thanks for the votes and comments. (You can do both!)

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Denjo060 wrote 119 months ago:
Like you I think of how much worse things could be, how fortunate I am that I can walk (even on days I choose not too, but at least I can make that choice) and how lucky I am to have a place to lay my head at night, and a place to go to work everyday.
God Bless you sure have done well you are one really strong Dude! Keep up the great job David and just remember god does not give you anything you cant handle!
violet456 wrote 119 months ago:
I appreciate my life in general. I love my wife, we have a good home, and a good family. We are always busy, but that's ok too.
shygur wrote 119 months ago:
I am grateful that I have a job although I had a recent busted hot water heater and A/C problems in 100+ degree temps. Both are fixed and no one died, yet. I have great NSV's to remind me how much better I am than 7 months ago. YAY!!
nellyb2011 wrote 119 months ago:
Awesome post. We are both in perfect storm and I too can't do just one or just a little. In spite of I chose to stay plugged in even though I am incapacitated. And I choose to live my life one day at a time realizing that change is a part of life. Somehow if you keep going and keep doing your best and not give up life has a way of working out! Also staying greatful and thankful for what is good about our lives helps too!!!
WendyFitMomCHANGED wrote 119 months ago:
Wonderful message. I have tons to live for and thankful for them everyday. It's my job to take care of myself so I can take care of others and lead by example. Thanks for the message this morning.
kjdhappy wrote 119 months ago:
Great post!!
Thanks for the reminder of all the little things that are so important!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 119 months ago:
louisianagirl65 wrote 119 months ago:
I think of other people who have things worse than me. And thank God for all the good things in my life. The bad times certainly make me appreciate the good. A good friend of mine lost his 22 y/o son unexpectedly just 1 week ago. I knew his son well. It was heartbreaking. And I have my daughter extra hugs and kisses when I saw her this weekend. She is 23. That could have easily been her.
annabellj wrote 119 months ago:
you are awesome! i thank god for friends like you and mfp for getting me thru the past half yr also!
LauraDubbleya wrote 119 months ago:
You made me realize I have to go to the gym at lunch. lol. I am blessed as well, what I don't have in my life is lame compared to what I DO have!! Thanks for this!!
77Maria wrote 119 months ago:
Great Message, Thankful yes!!! To be alive, to see the beautiful grass and trees in Summer!! The birds in the morning and the stars at night. Thank ful for the few very special people in my life who mean so much to me. I am blessed!!!
DEEDLYNN wrote 119 months ago:
I needed this post. I too am blessed....and far too often I can forget to count them, then spiral out of control on the eating because of the WOES in life.
Katahna wrote 119 months ago:
I looked in to Zen, and since then I haven't been happier, regardless of my situation
Hoppymom wrote 119 months ago:
Sometimes we just have to count the blessings we do have and enjoy the ones we have had in the past. I too am an addictive personality. I haven't used drugs and I ma very careful with alcohol due to a strong family history of alcoholism on both sides. Food was my addiction but I have also struggled with "addictions" to reading, Diet Coke, and online gaming. I actually joined Facebook because I felt I was spending too much time on MFP. Even when something is good for you too much is still bad. I read about the father who killed his family. What a horrible way to "solve" a temporary problem. I just breaks my heart. I hope that your health rebounds quickly and that you stay strong.
wisebadger53 wrote 119 months ago:
Despite all of your trials and tribulations you have developed the ability to maintain a powerful and positive attitude. You are awesome my friend!
Hrtnrse wrote 119 months ago:
I start my day just thanking God that I woke up that morning and then take several minutes to count all the blessings. Even in very aweful times, I have been able to have joy because I know God can turn things around so quickly. Seen him do it so many times. Sometimes I just have to laugh as I'm thinking "it'll be interesting to see how God works on THIS one". You've got the right attitude brother! I find you to be a great inspiration. I had 3 days of stress eating weakness last week so I really needed this.
felicity866 wrote 119 months ago:
fantastic post...and certainly thought provoking!! i live in the lucky country with a wonderful husband and have 2 fantastic kids...what else could i possibly need!!

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