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Not Losing Weight? This Might Be the Reason

If you are like me (and my wife hopes there is only one!), then this weight loss thing is giving you a run for your money. You have tried everything that requires the least amount of effort. You are out of excuses. And now you are ready to do what it takes: planning meals and scheduling workouts.

Most of us will hit a plateau, and they can last a few weeks to a few months. And sometimes, we end up gaining and wonder why!?

Here is my list of things that seem to get in the way of the goal: to be fit (in good physical condition), healthy (getting what we need to avoid medication, and dangerous medical conditions) and a weight that is healthy for our build (not what we want to see in the mirror which can be distorted).

- Ordering desserts at a restaurant.
- Bathing in olive oil - swimming is better and burns more calories.
- Telling yourself you are big boned, so it's OK to be overweight.
- Having a chocolate fountain in the bedroom - I know, it sounded like a great idea guys.
- Cheat days where you go over your calories.
- Making excuses for not eating fruits and vegetables.
- Recliners
- Drive-Thru windows
- Super-sized meals
- Stupid office people that are not eating healthy and bring stuff in. Merry f*&^$% Christmas to you jerks!
- Olive Garden's all you can eat bread, salad and soup special.
- Watching Man vs. Food.
- Soda
- Drinking Slim-Fast with a meal.
- Grocery shopping in the cookie aisle.
- Skipping a workout "because".
- Taking elevators, parking close to the door, and eating in the living room.
- Self doubt
- Seconds
- Thirds
- The extra Snack-Packs
- Healthy Fast-Food.
- Not measuring food portions.
- Not reading the labels.
- Not enough sex (I just made that up, but calorically speaking it is true.)
- Not logging every day, and every thing.
- And sometimes not eating enough.
What gets in the way of your weight loss? 

Thanks for the votes and comments. You guys encourage me to keep on the path despite the set backs!

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cessnaholly wrote 119 months ago:
But I love Man vs. Food. He's awesome. How he's not 1,000,000 lbs is beyond me. These are good thoughts. Sometimes I can change too! Thanks. Keep up the blogs.
littlelaura wrote 119 months ago:
lmfao ok thanks for the chocolate fountain in the bedroom idea I am so using this on valentines day... as for having a slim fast with a meal well if it was with a perfectly good summer time grilled bacon cheeseburger with fries then the slim fast could count as a healthy chocolate shake right? lol
racha2424 wrote 119 months ago:
Thanks I needed the laugh!!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 119 months ago:
so so true! Diet coke, fast food, carbs!!! So many carbs, so little time, not enough fruti and veggies, self esteem....Seems I have a lot of culprits!
gorgeouss9 wrote 119 months ago:
Olive oil - my mom definately too much of this.. she keeps saying it's healthy and even when I tell her not to have too much of it, she refuses to listen. Hey, she's healthier than a lot of other women I know her age and she isn't too overweight either. Blame it on our Mediterranian heritage! ;)
- Cheat days where you go over your calories. <-definately one of my faults.. every couple of weeks I have one day where I eat about 3k in one day. :(
- Watching Man vs. Food. <- I'm a DDD girl.. love that show!
- Soda <- I must learn to stay away from diet soda!
- Grocery shopping in the cookie aisle. <- what's wrong with that ?? ;)
- And sometimes not eating enough. <- Sometimes I do this..
odditblue wrote 119 months ago:
OMGoodness! Laughing! Hubby is a chef so the food network, the cooking channel and anything to do with food is on our TV almost all the time. Hmmm... good idea for me to go into another room to keep from watching so much food all the time. Of course he also loves to sabbotage me by sharing his little indulgences, and his feelings are hurt if I don't accept. I gotta make a change somehow.... =|
odditblue wrote 119 months ago:
Laughing a bit more... today I've taken all the petit fours and baklava from my home and brought it up here to "share" with all the folks who shared their stuff in prior weeks. Chortling to myself. Now they're struggling with my hard-to-resist stuff and I won't be taking it home. Anything uneaten goes to the break room. (evil laughter)...
PS: Why'd ya go and say self doubt... Ouch! Ok, ok, ok... Back to the straight and narrow... can I find my way back in this wasteland of holiday food and excuses? Darn those chocolate fairies! Stop pulling me back into the forest of temptation! Where's my fly-swatter???
cygnetpro wrote 119 months ago:
Oh, that "skipping a workout because" one is the worst! This cold and rainy morning, my alarm went off at 5:30. I had planned to do Zumba on the Wii before the kiddos got up. But I laid there thinking how warm the bed was, and how great another half hour of sleep would feel.

But, to be honest, the inspiration of so many of my MFP friends who would never dream of staying in bed instead of exercising dragged my chilly, tired rear out of bed and down to the Wii.

So the "because" reason is, hopefully, becoming less of a reason for me to not lose weight.
TWrecks1968 wrote 119 months ago:
Nice post. I only disagree with you on the one cheat day. It helps me from getting burned out and frustrated.
Shannon_Nicole83 wrote 119 months ago:
-Not enough sex <--- I'm taking this one to my fiance. Going to blame my plateau on him ;)

- Drive-Thru windows <--- I miss those!!
Ljdyches4 wrote 119 months ago:
Gee that sums up 99.99 % of mankind good stuff. Lol
carriedavis77 wrote 119 months ago:
LOL well stated!

My favorite:
-Not enough sex <--- I'm taking this one to hubs. Going to blame my plateau on him ;)
Pifflesmom wrote 119 months ago:
I work in a place where there is always gourmet food around for breakfasts and lunches and sometimes dinners...pastries, desserts that would make you name it, it's usually here. And it's not even a restaurant! I gotta tell ya, eating my lean cuisine for lunch when everyone else is eating prime rib - well...there are days when I practically have to tie myself to my desk chair so that I don't go charging in to hijack the dessert tray, running back to my office and locking the door.

Can you burn extra calories from just drooling?
kikakarina wrote 119 months ago:
healthy fast food- yeah-until you log it in and pass out from the realization you just consumed your day's worth of calories in one sitting
vanessa40 wrote 119 months ago:
What a wonderful post..and so many really hit home. Thanks
kris3800 wrote 119 months ago:
How funny -thanks I needed a good laugh! Good Luck to you!
JMUBumbleBee wrote 119 months ago:
Had to add that Adam Richman isn't 1 million pounds because he works out twice a day, I believe for 2 hours each time. And he's still overweight!
harleyluvva wrote 119 months ago:
Wow!!! all of these hit me right on the nose!! I am glad I am not the only one going through this frustration. I am starting a 6 week Fit Boot Camp today in hopes that I can reach my goals through this program. Wish me Luck!! :)))
beccadaniixox wrote 119 months ago:
The Food Network is like the devil to me.
I love watching all the shows on the Food Network and my roommate loves watching Man vs. Food.
and then I sit there at 11pm and wonder why I am starving.
People on the TV need to tell me how horrible the food is, not yummy.

How to lose weight: Make millions of dollars and hire a personal trainer just for you and hire a personal chef! :)
jackirose wrote 119 months ago:
I loved this. Thanks. :)
JediMaster_intraining wrote 119 months ago:
I like watching Man VS Food and DDD. I swear...I'm glad I'm not rich enough to visit all of those places!

Great blog! I think I am guilty of a few of these! Yikes!
jdhosier wrote 119 months ago:
Great post. Good advice with just the right amount of "tongue-in-cheek".
Sassi50 wrote 119 months ago:
I work at, get ready for this, a winery-owned 5 star restaurant and Spa. Their idea of a staff meal (you know, the ones that the chef makes for the servers and staff) consist of items like Coq au Vin, Eggs Benedict, and 4 cheese Penne. Ya, really healthy. Thankfully I'm at the spa and the restaurant is "all the way across the street" and too much trouble to get to. So I know it would be easy to slip into the "staff lunch" is free food excuse, but I sit here with my portioned out veggies, fruit and yogurt etc. and think....about anything other than the lunches.
And using "because" as an excuse....guilty (well, not anymore!!!!!)
As usual, great Blog!!!!
moejo3 wrote 119 months ago:
I just love your blog! What you write rings so true! My big thing has not to eat in front of the TV if I can help it. It seems to be working but, I did get a new recliner however I only go and sit in it after all other chores workout etc. are done
rf1170 wrote 119 months ago:
I use olive oil (mixed with castor oil) to cleanse my face, and I do use it on my skin, so... I guess one could say that I bathe in it. oh, and it makes a good salad dressing, too, if you want to eat it. :)
cloud2011 wrote 119 months ago:
I can tell you that Olive Garden has never and will never be a problem for me. My husband would never let me hear the end of it if I ate there, as it's not authentic Italian food.

But, the main thing that gets in the way of my weight loss, and which I believe I am at peace with (right now) is CHOCOLATE.

I have found a way to incorporate chocolate, and I'm becoming much pickier about what I'll actually eat, because I don't want to waste my calories on bad chocolate (if there is such a thing).

revjames wrote 119 months ago:
slim fast is great with chips (fries if your in the US)
trinitylyons01 wrote 119 months ago:
I counted 16 of your excuses that are causing me problems! Yikes! I also have more:

Going to the grocery store hungry (then buying a BUNCH of stuff you wouldn't normally buy),
EATING some of that stuff on the way home from the grocery store,
Not sticking to your routine, (Waking up late and saying, "I'll exercise later today." Later never comes)
Staying up HOURS after you've had dinner until you get hungry again and probably many more.

Thanks for the blog! I will definitely work on getting rid of these things that get in the way of reaching my goals!
momOone wrote 119 months ago:
Hi , this is "Diary of an Almost Dead Female" ! Your list above is the same as my list of excuses. Plus the fact that i have quit smoking too. Everyone wish me luck , I have a real loooong journey ahead of me ! :)
msiamjan wrote 119 months ago:
>>>>>How to lose weight: Make millions of dollars and hire a personal trainer just for you and hire a personal chef! :)

Oprah tried this one, it didn't work. So, I decided to try something different.
dietitiandanielle wrote 119 months ago:
Keeping trigger foods in the house is what can get in my way. For me, it's starches and sugary foods. Even cereal can be an issue...I'll have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and fistfuls in between. Not good! Knowing that about myself, I keep them out of the house. Also, I have a lifelong ban on Nutella...for years I didn't realize you were actually supposed to put it on something other than a spoon. If I want a little something sweet, I'll indulge when I go out in controlled amounts. I've had an up and down relationship with food most of my life which led me to a wonderful career as a dietitian. I've finally been able to reach a good place with food and weight but I know my areas of weakness, I honor them and do my best not to get in my own way :) GREAT blog, I really enjoy reading your posts!
PrfctGdess wrote 119 months ago:
"Man vs. Food, I also like Diners, Drive Ins and Dives...and I refer to this as diet porn!" -- Diet porn?!?! HAHAHA I'm rolling - hubby and I loved that comment :) Great list!
shaefus wrote 119 months ago:
I ALWAYS want food that Man vs. Food is eating! I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with that show! This was too funny but totally true. Thanks for the laugh!
Hoppymom wrote 119 months ago:
I watch Guy Fierri and DDD while using my Gazelle which I placed in front of the TV just for that reason. I swear I get fatter just watching that show. I've eaten at one of the places and want to try Duluth Grill this summer. I'll try to make good food choices and it will be just one meal not the whole day. I have used most of the excuses I've read above in the past. The only one I have problems with not are the excuces not to exercise. It's still a tough one. I know it will get better when the cold and dark leave in the springtime. So funny Dave!
amandaepope wrote 119 months ago:
Here's a viewpoint from the opposing side... what is making you lose the weight? Today I and a co-worker speculated...

Co-worker: I am so excited for you

ME: Yeah.. these first 4 days have been AMAZING! I've talked about MyFitnessPal to EVERYONE ...silence....
Do you think I've lost such a noticeable amount of weight in my face because of how much I'm talking about it???
navygunner wrote 119 months ago:
You crack me up brother. I needed a good laugh to end the day on a positive note. Thanks
TwtyMami35 wrote 119 months ago:
Absolutely enjoyed this blog!!! Thanks for the awfully, funny truth. Good luck to you!!!
ANMUR43 wrote 119 months ago:
Thank you for the laugh!
Some of these things had been issues for me too. I have returned to OA (Overeaters Anonymous), and have the support I need now to make it to my goal weight. I really don't know what my goal weight is, because I've never been there. This is a whole new adventure!
cjosenga wrote 119 months ago:
I work in an office where the extra snacks from the event center are brought up. They are not healty either: doughnuts, cake, soda, rolls. It's hard to walk away and say "no" every day!
jacqlee wrote 119 months ago:
Thanks for the laughs! These are sooooo true!
Amanda_4071 wrote 119 months ago:
I get tired of every Friday someone brings in doughnuts,muffins or some type of fresh bakery. ENOUGH already!!! This was a great post I'm going to print the reasons out and post around the house and work next time its the stairs for me...LOL
tabbykat7602 wrote 119 months ago:
I had to vote for this just because if the sex comment lol no really you make some good points and i agree with you in almost all areas. good luck and feel free to add me as a friend
Karenlavonne1958 wrote 119 months ago:
Too funny! I have used many of these excuses many times. Hmmmm maybe that is why I am still dieting....
UltraRoyal wrote 119 months ago:
LOOOOOOL MAN vs Food!!!!!! ugggghghhhhhh, thats ultimate damage to the day I watched it for what was wrong with me?!?!?
cbuggin22 wrote 119 months ago:
Love the list!! My husband and I can not watch Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives without our mouths watering!
NatalieRoseBrown wrote 119 months ago:
Hey i am new to this cite. Anybody know any good work outs? I'd like to learn. Please explain how long to do what and stuff please. I want to change. Thank you.
lururu wrote 119 months ago:
I like to watch Man Vs Food to keep me motivated, the portion sizes served in the restaurants he visits are so very ridiculously astronomical, so huge that it actually puts me off eating for a while :P
Jennicia wrote 119 months ago:
I dont get it! I've been at the gym 5 days a week for the last 3 weeks and entering all my food here. I havent lost a pound!!!!! #frustrated
mtullock wrote 119 months ago:
Simply awesome and much needed humor, as well as advice of course. Frankly, I like the sex point but then perhps the seconds and thirds combined with those darn workout excuses just might be close to the real reason!
odditblue wrote 119 months ago:
Always my favorite read. Thanks for the writings. Keep it up.
mrstdgreen wrote 119 months ago:
Love this! So true!

Now how do I put that ticker on the bottom of my signature that tracks my weight loss?
Tskitzo wrote 119 months ago:
I love watching Man VS Food, but I could never for the life of me eat what he eats. D: Watching him eat some of those things makes my arteries clogs. xD

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