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Not Feeling It? Do It Anyway!

Life has been a little bit like the seemingly endless scrolling credits to a horror film. Despite the bumpy ride, I am still hanging in there. This is a lifestyle, so I need to remain committed to the changes that have worked.

My Timehop on Facebook revealed that I had lost 16.5 pounds in 4 weeks, 4 years ago!

Today I am just going to remind myself of the things that were working back then.

- Measuring portions with a food scale.
- Reading labels on the foods that have one
- Using smaller food tubs and plates.
- 2 cups of fresh veggies every day
- 1 cup of beans of other protein laden vegetable
- 1 cup of fruit every day
- 35% protein, 35% healthy carbs and 30% healthy fats as macros
- Drink water or unsweetened coffee & tea
- Make time to sleep 8 hours
- Ditch the sauces, dressings, gravy and dips
- Make my own meals 6 days a week. I do go out for lunch and out to dinner 2 or 3 times a week.
- Ditch the rice, potatoes and other foods made with white flour
- Only whole grains if I even eat them
- Only Greek yogurt and low fat cheese. Goat cheese is a staple for me.
- 100 calories snacks. Usually veggies with mustard or red wine vinegar, and some nuts and raisins.
- Use lots of superfoods (calorie sparse/nutrient rich) HERE is a link.
- Exercise a minimum of 3 days a week. That is 30+ minutes a day. I run 4 miles one day, 6 miles the next and usually 8+ on the weekend. I spin and do body weight exercise as cross training.
- Get in 10,000 steps no matter what. I love my Fitbit!
- Buying the lunch version, or boxing half the meal when eating out. Unless it's sushi!
- Eat more fish and chicken, less beef and even less pork - unless it's bacon. Then eat a pound.
- Forget the cheat days and enjoy the holidays and birthdays. That should easily be one a month!
- Some occasional treats like a little chocolate, a non-alcoholic beer and cake are good for those occasions!

That's all I can think of right now. Did I miss any?

Thanks for the votes and comments. Friend me at your own risk.

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VryIrishGirl76 wrote 77 months ago:
There are some really great tips in here.
Thank you for sharing.
southga7 wrote 77 months ago:
Really like the tips! Thanks!
marlown wrote 77 months ago:
Great to be reminded! Amazing how many things we know and have done, but tend to "forget". Thanks for sharing this list!! Nita
ekc1027 wrote 76 months ago:
Needed this today, thank you for sharing!
tabithajoyy wrote 76 months ago:
Thank you for sharing this David! Great list, great read!
m303psss wrote 76 months ago:
Ditch the rice, potatoes and other foods made with white flour.......potatoes made with white flour. I just dig mine out of the ground. Are those darn potato plants adding white flour behind my back ???
joanl9 wrote 76 months ago:
Appreciate you sharing what has been successful for you, particularly regarding exercise. I'm in the process of getting habituated to a 3-day-a-week routine after not doing anything for a long time. Thanks!
Anonymous wrote 76 months ago:
Mad many of those same choices in January and am down 17 lbs for it. Keep up the fight....
drkhoax wrote 76 months ago:
This fits in today for what I wrote about. But - nothing worth doing is done the easy way - keep going down the road less traveled, we hit bumps and potholes along the way but it is worth it for the lessons we learn! :)
bak229 wrote 76 months ago:
Excellent points of attention - and I'm printing this so I can hang it in front of my nose for frequent reinforcement!
PlantBasedRnr wrote 76 months ago:
Awesome post as always - thanks for the little " reminders " of things we can do as we all strive to meet our goals.
thehadster wrote 76 months ago:
great tips. Thanks!
changing4life wrote 76 months ago:
great tips. thanks for sharing
vh1mtv wrote 76 months ago:
Some good things to remember, but too strict for me. I love my condiments--dressings, sauces, gravies. I'll sacrifice for those. And my red wine, too! I don't cut out ANYTHING in my diet. I just eat or drink less of it. Life's too short to be too strict on food--at least for me. :-) Lots of veggies are great, and the rest of everything else in moderation.
FIT2125 wrote 76 months ago:
Your reminders Sir - Are now my checklist .... trying to tick as many as possible each day ...
Thank You :)
vwilliams003 wrote 76 months ago:
I agree with vickilhodges3 I do enjoy the things I enjoy but less of them. I avoid sweets because I think I have somewhat of an addiction (I love veggies!) but most things are just modified. Thanks, David Johnsdrow for reminding me that - in my case - as long as I track the calories and drink my water - I can stay on this path!
Shenvalleygurl wrote 76 months ago:
I'm feeling so much self pity today. I've eaten under 1500 cals all week, worked out HARD every day. The scale went up 2 lbs this morning. I have been planning a food and booze binge all day in rebellion. I even pre-logged the cals.

I came here to write a blog post about blowing it. I still feel really down and frustrated, but the title of this post gives me some strength to resist at least. Thank you for sharing.
Queenston wrote 76 months ago:
Thanks a lot of good ideas but the running is out but like the rest
kldesigns wrote 76 months ago:
Great Post! thanks for sharing these great tips. #inspired
PrideAesthetics wrote 76 months ago:
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