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Nightmare in Chicago

On race day, I needed to get up before 4 am. An MFP member picked me up for an early dinner near the hotel. We talked about running, of course. We also talked about our mission trips. I had been to Brazil and she went to Haiti. Not running due to an injury, but like so many in the group, she was going to support the tribe.

I had packed my suitcase amongst the walls of packing tubs back home, as I simultaneously prepared for move-out day. I have a laminated checklist. It was the brainchild of another running member. As with most great ideas, it developed as a need to resolve a problem. Her problem was due to the fact that she’d forgotten a sports bra (an important part of women’s running ensemble) and had to make a quick trip to Walmart for a sports bra a few hours before the start of an out of town marathon.

I pinned my bib on a short sleeved, Hope For Young Adults wicking shirt in anticipation of the weather. I laid out my sunscreen, Roo for my GU gels, electrolytes, Body Glide, compression gear, shorts, socks, and Garmin with a heart rate monitor strap. The checklist made me feel confident. Finally, I reached in my suitcase, set aside my worn short run shoes and pulled out a pair of almost new trainers, and that’s when I discovered my worst fear.

I had two left shoes.

More on this in my new book, Unstoppable.

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kendallvon wrote 1 month ago:
bwahahahaha! Great excerpt!
debk0718 wrote 3 weeks ago:
OMG, I can't wait to get the book!!!
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