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New Year's Resolutions Tips & Tricks

I am up early still pondering Christmas. For our family it is the most wonderful time of the year. I was at the gym yesterday and there were a lot of pudgy noobs at the front desk and some folks really suffering on the treadmills and it's not even New Year's yet!?! I used to be one of them back in 20 - 11.

For many, the New Year is about resolutions! Shoot, I tried to quit smoking a number of times. I made it about 2 or 3 hours. I even made it 24 hours once and my ex bought me a carton of cigarettes and left it with a note: "Smoke all these, then call me!"

I finally went to a healing service and haven't had one since April 4, 1994.

Although I think every new habit begins with a single decision, I find that changing my life is not all that easy. The good news is that SUCCESS is just NOT quitting after a failure.

Maybe you are one of those that took off the holidays, gained a few pounds and are planning to hit it hard after your hangover clears. Good for you!

Here are some things that I do to keep the momentum going:

- Make Friends: I make MFP friends with people that have lost more weight than I have, or have the same goal as I do. The good news for me, there are no background checks on MFP. I have actually met a hand full of you guys at local road races - what a pleasure.

TIP: Pick people with pictures and completed profiles - they seem to be the more serious ones.

- Read Success Stories: Nothing says it better than before and after pictures! The winners that lose here on MFP knock off between 40 and 110 lbs of fat in a year. Think about next year, and then get out there for today's workout!

TIP: Hide the sex toys and feminine hygiene products before taking those photos!

- Encourage Others: I try to encourage those that do their exercise and fill in their food diaries. Sure "WTG" and "Nice job!" get old. So try "Holy crap!", "Nice freakin' job!", "Wear the thong!", "Take off your shirt!" or "You rock!" but do it.

TIP: Be consitant.

- Log it All: I don't take days off. I hate to, but I even log when I go over - way over. I logged on the holidays and I logged on vacation. I am initiating a life change, and I am done with diets. Logging reminds me just how fragile this whole thing is.

TIP: Pre-log your days whenever you can!

- Open Diaries: If your friends can't see what you are shoving in your face, it is unlikely they can help you. Being honest is an important step. Keeping secrets is a pretty good sign that there is some failure hidden in there.

TIP: Don't friend the sodium police.

- Pictures: Post a picture and get involved. We know you are overweight; you are on MFP for God's sake!

TIP: Just do it!

- Be Realistic: If you can't do it for a day, how the hell are you going to do it for a lifetime? I suggest making exercise a daily thing, that way you don't get lost in skipping days. Take it slow.

TIP: A 10 minute walk is better then a can of Pringles.

- Blog: I write these blogs to remind me of what I am up against. Obesity nearly killed me, and exercise saved my life. Dialoging about it helps!

TIP: Use short paragrpahs!

- Health Care: I worked with doctors and nutritionists and I am fortunate to have regular blood labs and monthly visits to discuss my food diary with a professional. I also got a personal trainer to make sure that I develop a routine I can live with. Here is what I found out; all this information is available free online. So let me save you a few grand. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, nuts, lean meat, and fish. Do some strength training and get the heart rate up.

TIP: Schedule your exercise times and stop lying to yourself.

There are some constants in life. There are no perfect mates, churches or shortcuts to weight-loss. Diet (what you eat, not what you do) and exercise are the only way.

Thanks for reading along and being my friends!

Have the healthiest year of your life in 2013.

Thanks for the comments and votes. Friend me at your own risk!

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eatrainsmile wrote 116 months ago:
Wonderful blog post. Thank you for sharing time to write it down.
Denjo060 wrote 116 months ago:
Great tips and good reading as always Love the tip with hiding the feminine products and sex toys LOL Thanks for being my friend :)
parallax693 wrote 116 months ago:
Awesome as usual. Even if I heard a few tips before, its nice to get a refresher and it reminds me of the important things to do.
aussiestargazer wrote 116 months ago:
great post - really got me thinking! thanks!
alyssam6 wrote 116 months ago:
Great post! This definitely makes me motivated to write some new years resolutions of my own (and to read the rest of your blog)!
quirkytizzy wrote 116 months ago:
This was a very hilariously written post with fantastic advice! Love this!
Jo5ie wrote 116 months ago:
I am one of those people who gained a few lbs over the holidays. Thank you for this! Motivating and funny!
DEEDLYNN wrote 116 months ago:
Great blog post
auz58 wrote 116 months ago:
Fantastic post really made me think thanks
wisebadger53 wrote 116 months ago:
Nice freakin' job! As always there is some very sound advice hidden within your entertaining narrative. Keep 'em coming!
Redladystl wrote 116 months ago:
Lyssa62 wrote 116 months ago:
holy crap nice friggin post :) WTG -- Good job!

:) no seriously fun read!
Ferfey02 wrote 116 months ago:
Love it. Tips & Tricks with a hint of humor, written as only John can. Nice 1.
Navotc wrote 116 months ago:
Well said! Great advice as always. I agree with you - I "log it all", and make my food diary public. I'm here for accountability, and if I'm only honest "some of the time" it isn't helping me, and it isn't helping anyone else.

To your health, MFP friend! Hope to see you here in the Twin Cities area if you get that job. :)
lohitverma wrote 116 months ago:
inspirational as usual, Keep rocking!
jagfan wrote 116 months ago:
As always...wonderful blog! I don't do all of these, but I have implemented a few...I will continue to keep at it! Thanks again!
Breadbar wrote 116 months ago:
A great read! Love how your energy comes through in your writing!
Emile_Jarreau wrote 116 months ago:
Hey dsjohndrow!

Nice post brother. Encapsulating the "hot tips" was a nice touch that only conscious experience "sees."

Yes, the opening comments of the post got me as a fitness professional talking about your experience with front desk personnel at a local gym.

All points were dead on!

Keep it up:)

Luthien007 wrote 116 months ago:
Momentum. That is the word another of my very successful Mfp friends used in her blog recently and it is the word that flew off the page at me when I read your blog.
Word of the month for me - momentum
hollyrunner wrote 116 months ago:
Really awesome; now take off your shirt!!
sthopson wrote 116 months ago:
Great post. Thanks for sharing
transformationqueen wrote 116 months ago:
Fantastic blog entry! Just what I needed to keep myself going in the right mentality. Thank you so much for all the great advice.
Dallyhi wrote 116 months ago:
Thank you for this Blog! Love the sense of humour mixed with practical talk! I look forward to reading more in 2013!
Keep on keeping on!
ScarlettVamp wrote 116 months ago:
Excellent blog entry!
Nenusky wrote 116 months ago:
Very well said.
patdavidson775 wrote 116 months ago:
thanks for sharing, excellent tips :)
Tammyfereday wrote 116 months ago:
Great tips! Thanks for sharing!
itgeekwoman wrote 116 months ago:
YOU nailed it!!

Exactly how I feel. Thanks for the recap on why you are here and how you continue to be here to succeed! Find friends that are what you want to be and then just go with it!

Thanks and good luck! Have a wonderful and successful year!
Lisadmayer wrote 116 months ago:
WOW! You wrote everything that needs to be remembered and shared! Thanks for taking the time to help others with their journeys!
Tonigirl519 wrote 116 months ago:
1st time reader of your blog...and you are sure consistant in your message. A great and encouraging message to read as we bring in 2013.
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 116 months ago:
Great tips...Love your blog. and sense of humor. Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year!
karhar1902 wrote 116 months ago:
BellehavenfarmDawn wrote 116 months ago:
Newbie here of 7 days. Haven't taken those close ups yet!
RaeN81 wrote 116 months ago:
My favorite part of this was the money saving advice! Made me giggle--it is amazing what we will pay for someone to tell us when it is really just some pretty simple principles.
LeightonSays wrote 116 months ago:
Just because you are on MFP does not mean you are overweight.
lstrachan wrote 116 months ago:
I can ALWAYS depend on you for a great laugh!! Thank you for being my friend on MFP!!
Jonmo17 wrote 116 months ago:
Just starting out and read your blog, really helpful!
ladytinkerbell99 wrote 116 months ago:
Love it! I especially appreciate the tips. Thanks for posting.
WendyFitMomCHANGED wrote 116 months ago:
Wonderful blog as always. Actually A 10 minute walk is better (FOR YOU) then a can of Pringles. Pringles are delicious.......just really REALLY bad for you. :)

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