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New Year Resolutions...

Instead of making resolutions, I decided to make a few goals for the year. More about those another time. Here is a collection of rediculous resolutions modified for the MFP crowd!

I will...

... not sit in the living room all day in front of the TV, sufing the web on my laptop, while wearing my PJs. Instead, I will move my computer into the bedroom. longer waste my time relieving the past, instead spend it worrying about the future.

...not lie making the same old excuses. I will think of new ones. more and still cross-train and take rest days!

...stop leaving my dirty gym socks lying in the middle of the floor. I'll leave them on the kitchen table, where they're easier to reach.

...assure my pastor that never again show up with my iPod blasting Eye of the Tiger at church.

...replace chocolates totally - 100% - with say - bacon!

...try to figure out why I even need Facebook.

...stop sending e-mail and be on the phone at the same time with the same person.

...think of new passwords that contain at least one $pecial character and 1 numb3r.

...not tell the same stories in the presence of my spouse - in particular the ones we do not agree on.

...stop drinking orange juice after I just brushed my teeth.

...keep it to myself that I have trouble with authority when I'm being interviewed.

...not watch Gangnam Style or Jillian on YouTube - ever! kids stay safe by not texting on my cell phone while eating a grilled chicken wrap with bean spouts while speeding through crosswalks in school zones with a frost covered windshield.

...start considering other people's feelings on the message boards... maybe not.

Happy New Year!

And if you need some serious help, try this blog!

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cessnaholly wrote 114 months ago:
Love it!
Denjo060 wrote 114 months ago:
LOL Good one Love your blogs keep them coming
skinnyme47 wrote 114 months ago:
Great. :-D
Lyssa62 wrote 114 months ago:
LMFAO -- that was good
aliciagetshealthy wrote 114 months ago:
I could totally make that chocolate/bacon swap! and sorry, I've become weirdly addicted to Gangham style...makes me want to laugh and shake my ass at the same time, so surely that's a "good" thing =D
TheNewo wrote 114 months ago:
...replace chocolates totally - 100% - with say - bacon!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 114 months ago:
Reading this with the lap top, on the couch, with the TV on in my pjs. LOL
Moiraza wrote 114 months ago:
I love your sense of humour.
kje2011 wrote 114 months ago:
happy 2013! You made my day! Keep smiln'
SMarie10 wrote 114 months ago:
Thumbs up on this blog - I think we are soul cousins because I have a warped sarcastic sense of humor - and have learned to laugh at myself. Now if we could just get everyone else to lighten up.
Kurls4Daze wrote 114 months ago:
ImprovingEla wrote 114 months ago:
...assure my pastor that never again show up with my iPod blasting Eye of the Tiger at church.

Almost dropped my laptop reading this! Love this blog!!!
carolstartingover wrote 114 months ago:
Well, at least your goals are attainable. I am flossing every day instead of every other day. I wanna be at goal by June 1st. I said Wanna. I am gonna have more fun this year. I don't feel like giving things up or changing my wonderful ways.
Anonymous wrote 26 months ago:
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