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My Updated Bucket List

Many of you know that I have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Of course, untreated, it's deadly. As it turns out, I have run 80 races including 7 marathons; 3 or which were world major marathons. I did almost all of that since I received the news. I have had a number of surgeries to remove 3 other forms of malignancies.

I am not saying that you should get cancer to run your best, but it's working for me.

I won't have any more details until my next biopsy in about a month. That's when I will find out how bad it is, and what, if anything, we are going to do about it.

Not all cancer is fast growing.

It's been a long process of blood tests, medication that made me feel like crap, and surgical biopsies which are pretty gory and downright painful. Waiting for the results is always nerve wracking. I keep busy enjoying life, running, praying and being a smartass.

I do have good news.

I am running the Berlin Marathon in September even if someone has to push me in a wheelchair. I have booked a flight, a hotel, and paid the registration fee.

It will be my 4th World Major.

All this talk of the Big "C" has made me think about what it is that I really want to do before I die. Here is my list. It is just things that interest me or pertain to people I care about. It's entirely selfish, that's why it's my bucket list.

- Run Tokyo and London marathons to complete the World Majors.
- Run a race is all 50 states
- Run a marathon on every continent. 
- Get my kid a horse and someone to take care of it.
- Make the most of every day with those I love
- Stay under 200 pounds.
- Travel
- Leave instructions for how I want my life insurance spent. ;)
- Die with clean underwear on.

That's it. I have pretty much done it all. I have been to 42 states, 14 countries, put kids through college, run a marathon, and I don't regret too many days from the last 5 years.

Thanks for the votes and comments. (You can do both if you like.)

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marlown wrote 63 months ago:
Inspiring, as always!
Rincewind_1965 wrote 63 months ago:
Always remember Jim Morrison:
No one is getting outa here alive.

You are doing extremely well in making your life worth living. Be proud of yourself ... I would be, if I was you.
Anonymous wrote 63 months ago:
But do you really HAVE to have underwear on?
victoria2239 wrote 63 months ago:
Amazing! I love your blogs and strive to be as positive as you!
nuffer wrote 63 months ago:
Strong work! I think I'd rather kick the bucket sans pants.
Lovetobeslimmer2 wrote 63 months ago:
You have done more with your life and diagnosis than most people who have nothing wrong with them really. You are a true inspiration to everyone with your strength and determination, even if you don't see that in yourself and there are days when you are less strong or even curl up into a ball for a bit. This is truly inspirational and makes my complaints seem so petty by comparison. Please keep on writing. Prayers being sent right now to you. May you get GOOD results and may your marathons all have the wind at your back. HUGS
HappyAnna2014 wrote 63 months ago:
I really hope you receive good results. You are truly inspiring.
krmsotherhalf68 wrote 63 months ago:
Prayers as always. You missed your call as a motivational speaker (only partially joking!). As for a Bucket List, yours is a pretty good one! And you did an homage to all mothers out there by remembering the clean underwear. lol

I know people much older than you who never accomplish any of their dreams (sad but true). You're amazing! All accomplished with hard work and, (of course), with the grace of our loving God.

Keep on keeping on my friend.
ILoveGingerNut wrote 63 months ago:
Love it! Think I'm gonna add a few things to my own bucket list ;)
cgins2 wrote 63 months ago:
Wishing you good results and good running.
buffinstuff241 wrote 63 months ago:
Inspiring, that is how I look at life as I have Cancer in the kidney and cervix and everywhere down there. I also was lucky to have raw disease called sarcoidosis which I am stage 5 which there is no cure and they gave me a few months or a year. they had no idea because there is nothing on the disease to help me. I have started celebrating my birthday each day meaning doing this that I want to do just like a bucket list.... I am so inspiring by your story.. thanks for sharing :)
debk0718 wrote 63 months ago:
You're an inspiration and your words are a reminder of just how precious life is and that regardless of our health, we all should do our best to be healthy, active and enjoy each and every moment.
Thank you as always for sharing.
Ming1951 wrote 63 months ago:
Inspiration at its best. Go for it all!
maineteach1 wrote 63 months ago:
Inspiring and wishing you the best.
wq263 wrote 63 months ago:
Keep're doing GREAT!!! They keep coming up with more knowledge about cancer. My wife has had chemo 3 times for breast cancer (first bout was in 2000). This last time wasn't easy, they "mixed it up" and it worked. It's been a year and she's in remission. No cancer anywhere. She keeps busy and positive.
JeninBelgium wrote 63 months ago:
I was thinking like others about the necessity of the underwear...
You are inspiring as always and you will do that Berlin Marathon running- I know it!
ChoiceNotChance wrote 63 months ago:
Inspirational, as usual. I want to die with no underwear on.
20down21togo wrote 63 months ago:
LOL concerning the underwear! This is the first time I have read your blog and it really strikes a cord with me when you talk about no regrets in the last 5 years. My devotional reading today was about not having regrets. Keep on keeping on...I'll be praying.
FitOldMomma wrote 63 months ago:
Oh definitely sans pants!

Seriously, I love your attitude and wish you all the best.

A incredibly dear man I loved to the moon and back lost his battle to the big C in December. He taught me something so important. We talked often about the 'best' way to die. His answer to that question was always; "while you're living".

Keep on living.
MikeD0326 wrote 63 months ago:
Wow. I am not an emotional guy but this really touched me - gave me chills. Amazing!!
Birdieeez wrote 63 months ago:
I am truly touched by your blog, and attitude about having cancer (lost both my mom and brother-in-law to it...hate cancer!).

Keep inspiring others by your positivity as it's infectious. The world needs more people like YOU in it.

Godspeed, my friend. Godspeed.
Rosie5151 wrote 63 months ago:
You always seem to amaze me. With all your trials in your life you still have the guts to keep moving, keep inspiring. As someone who has given up on being what I want to be for no good reason you make me want to change my outlook of my life. I want to change. I want to make me better. Hell, if you can do it I can do it! I've never wrote a comment after reading your blogs, but today it hit home... you sir maybe, just maybe knocked the boo hoo's out of my own head and make me want to run and succeed!

Thank you!
demarcopowers wrote 63 months ago:
God Bless You...attitude and a sense of humor can be very healing
FitAndLegit wrote 63 months ago:
So wonderful! Good luck!!
ILoveGingerNut wrote 63 months ago:
I love the last one... As a woman, I must add clean hair and no chin hair - I am damn serious!
Marillian wrote 63 months ago:
I can somewhat relate to what you are experiencing. I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in 2008. After very intense and aggressive treatment, I have been cancer free since. While I am thrilled that I survived cancer, I loathe being identified as a cancer survivor. Cancer did not, and does not, define me.

Going through that ordeal makes me want to do everything on my bucket list as soon as I can. Others around me don't understand this; they say wait a few years to do this or that. I say, why wait? Because... you just never know.

I wish you well!
jenilla1 wrote 63 months ago:
I think you should definitely try for completing ALL the world majors! What an awesome accomplishment. How many people have ever done that? A percent of a percent of a percent? Go, go, go!
Laura80111 wrote 63 months ago:
Your attitude it amazing....and I love the last item on your bucket list...because our Mom's always told us to put on clean underwear in case we are in an accident. Just reading that gave me a LOL moment. Prayers for you always.You are an inspiration and someone to admire.
dmontaue wrote 63 months ago:
I deeply hope you spend all the time you have left with your child. I also hope you can beat this some how so all that time turns into a lifetime.
twistygirl wrote 63 months ago:
Fabulous testimony...Pray you clear your bucket list...I will stop focusing on what I can't do and just deal with what I can your accomplishments have motivated me to do so...My sister got diagnosed with a aggressive form of Breast Cancer last year she took up running and has been running all through two types of Chemo and is now running through her Radiation.......You Rock
Hodie25 wrote 63 months ago:
My hope and prayer for you is a great report from the doctor. Do you have a relationship with God? As you travel to your destinations, I hope you can enjoy the beauty of the world God has created.
Will be keeping you in prayer.
Fitat3583 wrote 63 months ago:
Thanks for sharing your story/journey(@buffinstuff241 also). Live life to your fullest everyday, and love those around you.You are both inspirations. May all of your bucket list items come true.Buy those nice silk undies and keep them safe for the time being.
dsjohndrow wrote 63 months ago:
@Hodie - God and I are best buddies.
Wickglamgirl wrote 63 months ago:
My dear friend, I wish you nothing but the best. May you achieve everything on your bucket list. I hope and pray that you will be well! - inspirational ! Hugs
lindarpolk wrote 63 months ago:
It struck me that completing the race in a wheelchair would be a pretty good workout for the person pushing it! :)
mdabar wrote 63 months ago:
Good luck! motivation is key and you've found the best one. Stay strong ;-)
passehl1 wrote 63 months ago:
You are truly an inspiration! Prayers to you for good results. This is a great reminder to live every day to the fullest and not wait to be and do the things we desire. Blessings.

cherco4 wrote 63 months ago:
Illness CAN be a strong motivator. For me eating right and moving my body is something I can do to help my body be strong so it can help ME stay alive and mobile. I have seen people do the opposite and just continue their unhealthy habits because, hey they will probably get sick and die anyway.

My SIL who is 330 pounds, has high blood pressure and diabetes had to have a biopsy of her lymph nodes due to an unidentifiable mass and precancerous cells. She was freaking out, quit smoking and all that. The doctor tells me after the biopsy, there was no cancer found and if she continues to nor smoke should be fine. So a few days later I saw her smoking and was like ????? Her reply "I'm an adult and I choose to smoke." She did not see the doctor for her follow-up and has not been back to that one since. Crazy....
sprout555 wrote 63 months ago:
May i say with that positive attitude you may out live all of us:) My prayers are with you.

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