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My Top 10 Get Fit Suggestions

After a few years on MFP, I have figured out a some things about weight loss, fitness and running. Most of it I didn't learn in the forums. ;)

The most important is this, weight loss and fitness is fragile!

Since I got on MFP, I learned how to run, I received a few medals, and I even ran a couple of marathons. I also learned that few reach their goal weight, but sadly, many more don't make it.

How fragile is it? A few cancer surgeries caused me to be down and out over the years. I gained 13 pounds the last time! That is almost 20% of my weight loss. One would think, with all that I have learned, that I would have cut back the calories while I was healing. I found it very hard to do that.

It's not just the lack of activity, but the emotional eating which I was in denial about. Running is my antidepressant. I am happy to be back down 3 or 4 pounds. My current health condition has been limiting me to shorter runs, but I am coping.

So what are my secrets to success over the years?

-1 I weigh myself weekly and do measurements every 3 months. I had to add it to my calendar.
-2 Measuring my food portions for the few food items I buy with a labels (which I read) is done on a food scale.
-3 I buy new underwear when I need it. It's my secret pleasure.
-4 Making time to sleep 8 hours means I get enough rest. I don't always sleep that long, but I am in bed that long.
-5 I take a few supplements that seem to work. I still take one BP med but that is better than 6.
-6 Running 3 days a week whether I want to or not helps me in so many ways. I try to cr0ss-train or run 2 more days. Some weeks I even run a 6th day. I have averaged about 120 miles a month.
-7 Walk 10,000 steps a day and take the stairs is my daily baseline.
-8 I log onto MFP daily! I still need to be here.
-9 I don't consume sweet drinks or food (with or without real sugar) except an occasional piece of birthday cake.
-10 There is no fast-food, pizza, white flour, rice, white potatoes or tofu 363 days a year. Tofu is 365!
-11 As a vegetarian, I happen to eat a little beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish in small quantities.
-12 There is NEVER junk food in the house or I will eat it.
-13 Sticking to superfoods as often as I can. Fruit, veggies, nuts and spices are on that list.
-14 Using one and two cup containers to help limit my food consumption works!
-15 There is always a 20oz bottle of water nearby. I average about 60 ounces per day; more if it is hot.
-16 Scheduling my runs and workouts like they are doctor's appointments helps!
-17 Make a food plan for the week and eat sushi out once.
-18 Once a week, I shop, cook and package lots of meals to freeze.
-19 As much as I would like to, I don't smoke crack.

I know, that's more than 10. The same thing seems to happen with food.

As always, thanks for your support, comments and votes.

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Anonymous wrote 79 months ago:
LOL to #19.
besaro wrote 79 months ago:
not a vegetarian
bjmcq wrote 79 months ago:
hear, hear! All common sense and wonderful ways to approach health....especially the 120 miles a month! I am not there yet...but glad you are. Do you log your foods? It is a question I raised with my circle, friends are great, but accountability works too....
anujaydee wrote 79 months ago:
#19 and that last remark had me FOFLMAO. Had been off MFP for a long time, stopped swimming, and found my crack substitute at 7Eleven in the form of their 2/$2.22 Apple Fritters. My body intelligently responded by raising my A1C, my cholesterol, and my weight--talk about "fragile". Yes, very. Health requires constant vigilance. I'm so very grateful my body gave me a tap on the shoulder instead of a sledge hammer to the noggin.
marvelmo wrote 79 months ago:
Happy New Year! I've followed your blogs for a few years now it's good to see successes,like you, still blogging, encouraging old, me and newcomers. I wish you good health and continued mileage. Thank you
20Grit wrote 79 months ago:
I might have down voted your blog, but only in small amounts, due to # 11
TrainerZumbaGirl wrote 79 months ago:
So funny! I loved it all, even #11. Your honesty and candor is refreshing and I love your sense of humor. You totally rock!
DancesWithDogz wrote 79 months ago:
Love this... I truly "LOVE" your list.. I'm copying it for me.. You are just like me.. a "VEGE-PREFERIAN" :-) I eat very little things that had a face... but yes, once in awhile
larali1980 wrote 79 months ago:
I enjoy your blog, you're very funny. One question: do you count your running steps toward your daily 10,000 goal? I found a pedometer lying around and have just started using it. What a great tool.
chetvr wrote 79 months ago:
You had me at #3.
dsjohndrow wrote 79 months ago:
Of course, running is steps. :)
halfstring wrote 79 months ago:
I've realized that by tracking my calorie intake with a 1 cup - it really helps to and limit portions. I also used to be a hardcore late night snacker and now weaning myself off that. Thanks for sharing your health secrets.
halfstring wrote 79 months ago:
I prefer the title "Situational Vegetarian" but also dig "Vegepreferian". Ha.
baycat107 wrote 79 months ago:
Love your sense of humor, even # 11, and # 3 I will follow! Thanks for posting!
Carnahanclan wrote 79 months ago:
What's up with no toful?? Am i missing something here?
dsjohndrow wrote 79 months ago:
Process soy studies have shown the following. Having had both heart disease and cancer, I decided to leave it out of my diet. Plus I hate the texture. "Thousands of studies link soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune system breakdown, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders and infertility -- even cancer and heart disease."
surfboca wrote 79 months ago:
You are funny. I tried to follow you blog but i get an error message. What am I missing.
christierenea wrote 79 months ago:
I used to eat a lot of soy products because I don't eat very much meat and I think this is why I was hospitalized for malnourishment.Thanks for some great information.
PeroniGuzzler wrote 79 months ago:
After 50+ years of doing just whatever the hell I like, (including eating to excess), I have only just come to the un-deniable conclusion that not only is food an addiction for me, but that it is more powerful than any other and therefore requires hyper-vigilance to achieve long term success. Further, after having lost serious weight and put it all back on more than once, I simply cannot afford to stop counting calories. Ever. Not even for a single day. Thanks for your strangely oh-so-familiar list of observations!
jolyn828 wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for posting this-it seems like stuff that should come naturally, but it doesn't and to be reminded of this makes it more real-You have a great sense of humor about it and I love that you even put a secret pleasure in there, we forget to do that ALOT...
reneeburcham34 wrote 79 months ago:
I enjoyed your list and personality. It is a lifestyle and I really like this app. I had a friend say one time "you can't out work a bad diet". I think about that all the time and how true it is. 80% of weight loss or maintenance is food and 20% activity.
AKARonab wrote 79 months ago:
So honest. I have found that when we are not honest with ourselves, who are we really lying to? That took a lot of thought and I agree with a lot of what you said. I have continued to make excuses of why I have not begun exercising. I have to make a conscious effort. I have come this far and I know it would come off more and faster if I just did what you are doing. Keep up the good work, it is hard I know.
LindaBeez wrote 79 months ago:
You might add- look at yourself naked in the mirror every morning......keeps me on track. Kinda like watching "Hoarders" makes me clean house. LOL
lpellicer wrote 79 months ago:
woah this is an awesome post! Thanks for sharing it!!! :)
DWFK wrote 79 months ago:
Glad you're not smoking crack!
thanedavis172 wrote 79 months ago:
Glad you're not smoking crack!
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 79 months ago:
I see you're still as clever as always. Personally #18 was my favorite, because hyperbole is almost always a writer's best friend, and a dieter's worst enemy. Hence, the struggle.
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 79 months ago:
Correction- #20
madacali wrote 79 months ago:
Very creative and pretty parsimonious. A lot of wisdom here.
JoeRyan68 wrote 79 months ago:
Good read, but I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to eat only or mostly veggies. =)
gothomson wrote 79 months ago:
Good that you have done / keep doing so well, but to be clear you're not a vegetarian. However, best of luck on your journey with all the other stuff.
Paddlesolo wrote 79 months ago:
If you eat a "little meat" as you listed, I wouldn't consider that you are a vegetarian, how about "flexitarian" meaning someone that eats vegetarian meals most of the time, and is flexible and has a little meat occasionally. Real vegetarians don't eat meat.
tobemeis2bfree wrote 79 months ago:
Awesome!!! Hollering @ #19
ANewLucia wrote 79 months ago:
19 cracked me
Bellafit4life wrote 79 months ago:
Totally enjoyed your "thoughts" and am chuckling still as I can relate to many of the above except #19 LOL(wk rehab & you'll understand LOL ) ...Now to write my goals .. Thanks for sharing !!!
Anonymous wrote 1 month ago:
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