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My Superbowl

I woke up this morning with a 4-pain-power headache. For now, it is my new normal. If you know anything about me, you know I am not sitting around waiting for something to happen.

I have had some messages asking how I am doing.

Today, and as far as I know, I don't have terminal cancer. I have a friend in one of my online support groups who is not so fortunate. I have learned a lot from her long journey.

The most important, live life today.

I am sitting here trying to think of something entertaining to say. Some days I think my body hates me. Then I think about everything I have done to make it healthier. I have been on MFP since 2011.

I have quit doing just about all the bad stuff and started doing the good stuff.

I haven't had a soda pop or sweet drink since the beginning. I haven't had a host of other things, too. I eat a high protein/low carb diet; which is a balance of mostly vegetables/beans (3 cups a day), some fruit (low sugar/carbs), a little bit of dairy (cheese), nuts, and 1 egg. I have a 4-ounce portion of fish 3 days a week, chicken 2 days a week, and it's a toss-up on the 7th day.

I have lost 60+ pounds since I came to MFP - about 90+ since February 2011.  

So here's the recap on my health. I met with the urologist/oncologist to get a checkup for the prostate cancer. That seems stable - still there (Gleason 6) - but not spreading. I have another MRI in 6 months. They did find blood in my urine. It's not cancer. Follow up in a couple of months. I went to the dermatologist, no skin cancer found, just some precancerous stuff. I will see them in 6 months. I also met with the gastroenterologist, he scheduled a colonoscopy to check for any new tumors. In addition, he changed up my medication and I feel better.
So what about the scorching headaches?

After taking opioids, steroids, planetoids, parathyroids, cannabinoids, epithelioids, hypothyroids, crystalloids, hyperboloids, paratyphoids, tuberculoids, ketosteroids, diphtheroids, heteroploids, hypocycloids, hypodiploids, antityphoids, antithyroids, and a pile of other drugs, I have made little progress on the orthopedic/neurological front. I am going to have rotator cuff surgery in March. That's definite. They will reevaluate whether of not to do a spinal fusion 2-4 weeks after that. I am calling a neurosurgeon today. I heard about a procedure in my Occipital Neuralgia support group called nerve decompression.

In messaging one of the members, I have a lot of hope for this surgery to cure my chronic headaches.

What about running? I have three long runs left to do. This comming weekend a 19-miler, a 20-miler the week after, and the Tokyo Marathon. I just need to conserve my energy for those days.

I have to break it down into achievable steps.

Tokyo is my Superbowl. Now is not the time to quit. It’s the time to play the best game I am able to play, given the circumstances.  Having completed 5 World Major Marathons, all I have to do is finish one more. There will be plenty of time in the midst of recovering from surgery to rest, lay back, and somehow relax. Now is not that time.

In the mean time I have to schedule future joy in my life.

All of my kids are scheduled to visit in 2019! I will enjoy Tokyo. I will beat cancer, again! I need to be on the lookout for the little moments which bring joy - like the sunset over the river, last night; or my wife’s smile at dinner. I am not a believer in being strong. It is more important to just press on. Sometimes people question why, I only ask how.

I have to remain positive. Things could be worse.

I am not sure what the future of this blog is - it's a quite a task to get from the top of the page to the bottom. Thanks for your support. If you want to connect on Facebook, that is fine.

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kendallvon wrote 42 months ago:
Sending out healing energies for your pain. Every day that we're alive is one less that we're dead. Sorry... dark humor is the kind I like. No offense meant.
joanthemom8 wrote 42 months ago:
You're amazing! I'm battle low-back pain (Degenerative Disc Disease) - I'm in the middle of a bout now, right while I'm training for my first half - marathon, at the end of March. But I keep you in mind, if you can stick to it with all of your health issues, I can at least keep trying myself. Good luck to you, my friend. Sending positive vibes your way!
Dootzy1 wrote 42 months ago:
Your writing and reflections help me to believe that God is bigger than all of the struggles. Thank you for having such grit.

babydee543 wrote 42 months ago:
I’m in awe at how you manage to power through debilitating pain every day to not only live your best life, but encourage everyone else to do the same. It never ceases to amaze me. Praying for your healing and sending tons of positive vibes your way. Don’t ever lose the humour; that’s your secret weapon. All the very best in the run-up (pun intended) to Tokyo!
kacdragon wrote 42 months ago:
I hope you are able to continue your blog. It has been continually inspiring. But if you don't, your past bugs will live on and they are great! Live in joy and looking forward to hearing how you do in Tokyo!
Wysewoman53 wrote 42 months ago:
Whew! That is a lot of "-oids"! You do know, of course, that you are running in Tokyo for all of us, right? Well, you are running for me since I can't run anymore...dr.'s orders! After not being able to walk for 10 years, I'm not taking any chances on damaging anything so I listen to him. If something were to happen and I couldn't walk anymore, again, I think it would literally kill me because after having lost it and then gotten it back, I value that more than anything...well, besides the relationships with my husband, kids and grandkids but those 'values' will never go away even if I weren't able to walk again all of a sudden.

I look forward to reading your blogs so I hope you continue them but if you don't, it's very understandable.

When is Tokyo again? I can't remember and am too lazy to look it up in your past blogs.
dsjohndrow wrote 42 months ago:
March 3rd.
Anonymous wrote 1 month ago:
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