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My Bucket List

Many of you know that I have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Of course, untreated, it's deadly. As it turns out, I ran 2 half marathons, a full marathon, had a 5K PR and a 5 mile PR while having cancer. I am not saying that you should get cancer to run your best, but it's working for me. I won't have any details until Tuesday afternoon. That's when I will find out what the heck is going, how bad it is, and what we are going to do about it.

It's been a long process of blood tests, medication that made me feel like crap, and 3 weeks ago, a surgical biopsy which was pretty gory. Waiting for the results was nerve wracking at moments. I kept busy working on my book from 5 AM until 9 PM, running, praying and being a smartass on MFP.

I do have good news. I am running the Boston Marathon in April even if someone has to push me in a wheelchair. I have an application sitting on my desk. As part of the that I am raising funds though a virtual 5K if you feel like running on March 8th, HERE is the info.

The other good news is that a charity I have previously done fundraising for is going to set me up for the Chicago Marathon in October! I will have confirmation once registration opens in February. There is also a possibility of San Francisco too. If you are going to run, you might as well make sure that it counts for something. I hate cancer, and that is what I can do to help.

All this talk of the Big "C" has made me think about what it is that I really want to do before I die. Here is my list. It is just things that interest me or pertain to people I care about. It's entirely selfish, that's why it's my bucket list.

- Take my wife to Hawaii.
- Get my kid a horse and someone to take care of it.
- Run a marathon in Europe.
- Leave instructions for how I want my life insurance spent.
- Be with my family as often I can.
- Drink coffee in the sunshine with Mrs. J.
- Stay under 200 pounds.
- Die with clean underwear on.

That's it. I have pretty much done it all. I have been to 42 states, 13 countries, put kids through college, run a marathon, been married to the best woman in the world and found faith in God.

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secretlobster wrote 103 months ago:
"Life is short, and we do not have too
much time to gladden the hearts of
those who travel with us, so be quick to
love and make haste to be kind."
secretlobster wrote 103 months ago:
I love your attitude, Mr J. And you've got a very lucky wife and kid :)
khoj wrote 103 months ago:
Love you and we are all here for you!!!

You are an inspiration to all of us!
MaryRegs wrote 103 months ago:
all of the above!! xo
mochakochalatte wrote 103 months ago:
Awesome! I love the last item on your bucket list!
journalistjen wrote 103 months ago:
Congrats on finding your faith--I love # 4 on your list.
anavestrada1 wrote 103 months ago:
Your in inspiration to me, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
shastacrystal wrote 103 months ago:
Love your list and LOVE that you found your faith in God! May he continue to bless you and watch over you!
carolstartingover wrote 103 months ago:

You are a great father and husband, who is showing strength, when sometimes you may not have it. I could not be like you, I have weakened emotionally and trying to find my way.

You write your book and I will buy it. You are the strongest person I know besides my significant other who is dying of Liver disease and never complains, plus he continues to do as much as he can every day. You are a rock.
12skipafew99100 wrote 103 months ago:
The last thing is the most important. Glad to hear it and best wishes.
Myc4h11 wrote 103 months ago:
Love your bucket list. Wake up call for all of us lazy souls who complain about the slightest thing.
Keep running. Maybe you could come down under and do a marathon here.
Dootzy1 wrote 103 months ago:
You go, guy!!! Keep up the fight, and God bless you for reaching out to us and sharing your trials. We are all more fragile than we know....
jagfan wrote 103 months ago:
I pray for the best outcome for you. You are strong and have been through so much. I know you can beat this. I haven't been as involved on MFP has kept me busy. But each time I run, I will dedicate it to you and your family!
odditblue wrote 103 months ago:
Hugs. I got a short bucket list.... Don't die! :D
Lea335 wrote 103 months ago:
God bless you. Thanks for sharing. I am a cancer survivor.
allylbrown wrote 103 months ago:
That was a heart touching, amazing blog. Will be praying for you and your family, and the Bucket List
angie007az wrote 102 months ago:
Let me just say that you are amazing. Remember one thing, cancer loves sugar. Starve it out!! Don't feed it. I'll be praying that you win.
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 102 months ago:
David, Sending you {{{{Hugs}}}} and will have you always in my prayers........God has you out here for a reason, he "ain't done" with you, yet...Keep on fighting, my friend..
pusheen12 wrote 102 months ago:
Sending positive thoughts and prayers for a total recovery. Know that others, albeit total strangers, care about you.

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