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MFP Day 300: Maybe I Need to Have my Head Examined?

Waxing a bit philosophical, what is 300 days? It's not memorable for a baby, it's an eternity for cancer survivor, it's forever to a 5-year-old, it's a long time to spend in the bathroom, and on MFP it's - well interesting.

Here's what happened to me in 300 days of logging in.

- I took a chance and made my first friend MixMode - but he is deactivated. :(
- I wrote my first blog back in September '11.
- I read a message board about EATING your exercise calories.
- I read a message board about NOT EATING your exercise calories.
- I read a message board about EATING HALF your exercise calories.
- I never read message board about NOT EATING at all.
- I used the bathroom about 1,521 times because I drank about 2,302 glasses of water.
- I weighed in 559 times (because I have to for my heart program). And if I kick the scale they bill me $1,500, so I took it out on the trainer at the Y.
- I made measurements of all my body parts.
- I took about 350 showers, most of them alone.
- I accepted about 666 friend requests - none from the Devil.
- I logged what I ate on Christmas, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and breakfast this morning.
- I drank two 12 oz Cokes.
- I ate 21 slices of pizza.
- I Ran 461.19 miles @ 3.7 MPH.
- I Rocked 104,492 calories exercising.
- I lost 50-something pounds.
- I had knee surgery.
- I ran 12.57 MPH for the first time in a bajillion years.
- I cut my blood pressure meds to 1/4 of what they were and dropped a few altogether.
- I finished my first ever 5K on March 25th.
- I heard the cardiologist say: "Your heart is fine - like it never happened."
- I thought I finally understood woman, but I was wrong.
- The Bruins won the Stanley Cup, the The Pats lost the Superbowl and the Red Sox totally sucked.
- I bought a new bicycle.
- I never deleted an MFP freind.
- I registered for 3 more 5Ks and maybe will do 5 or 6 more this season.
- I exercised on vacation in Florida, California and Cape Cod.
- I did "that" and didn't log it - and well it's none of your business.
- I changed my diet to exclusively contain low-fat dairy, whole grains; lean meat, fish and pork; lots of veggies and fruit, and dark chocolate.
- I never had a cheat day.
- I went over my calores about 12 times (all the rest of the times I lied. Ha!)
- I learned how to eat out without blowing my log for the day or the week.

And best of all, I have found some of you to be the most supportive friends that I have had on this journey, and that's why I need to have my head examined. :) Thanks for all your support, comments, votes, corrections and care, it matters.

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wisebadger53 wrote 125 months ago:
I love reading your blog posts! Thanks for starting my day at the office with a smile...and thanks for being one of my supportive friends as well!
cessnaholly wrote 125 months ago:
As usual, this is great. LOL. Love it.
demery12371 wrote 125 months ago:
Wow... you've had a full 300 days :)
Another great blog... And thank you for being my MFP Friend :) You make me smile.
mdcjmom wrote 125 months ago:
What an amazing blog so funny I love your sense of humor!
swimmer54 wrote 125 months ago:
What a great post! And inspiring too. Thanks for that.
Jessies_journey wrote 125 months ago:
Awesome post!!!
mom2kea wrote 125 months ago:
Love it! Sounds like you've been amazingly successful, your a rock star.
bllowry wrote 125 months ago:
Awesome post!! We joined the same day, and though my heart is fine I had diabetes - HAD being the operative word!! I've lost 60 pounds with 45 to go, and I so enjoy your blogs and your inspiration. Thanks :)
jennyjennbug wrote 125 months ago:
Great blog nice sense of humor and congrats on the weight lose
louisianagirl65 wrote 125 months ago:
I hope in 300 days I can be able to log at least as many successes!
yodacho wrote 125 months ago:
Inspirational post! Thanks for writing.
TheNewo wrote 125 months ago:
Excellent post, congrats on your success
annabellj wrote 125 months ago:
you are so awesome david! i would have quit a long time ago if not for friends like you!
Denjo060 wrote 125 months ago:
awww thats so sweet I love reading your stuff you are such an inspiration and are you sure you never had a cheat day???? Maybe tahts why you have done so well My hat off to you sir!!!
itgeekwoman wrote 125 months ago:
That is a most awesome entry. I am very impressed with your honesty and the clarity with which you have communicated your entire journey. Thanks!
Sassi50 wrote 125 months ago:
As usual, a great read. I have been here for 2/3 of your 300 days (I missed logging one day and had to start the count over), and I have read your tales of success and of frustration. I will continue to follow you as you are inspiring to us all.
rascalcat8 wrote 125 months ago:
Thanks for the excellent post. Very inspiring. Here's to the next 300!
AmyIs50 wrote 125 months ago:
WOW! That's awesome. Congrats on all of your victories. BTW, I'm in the Boston area also and I agree with your sports statements (esp. about the Sox). :-)
Mustangsally1000 wrote 125 months ago:
You always make me smile. Thanks!!!
staroftheeast wrote 125 months ago:
Congratulations on 300 days. Thanks for being you. You ROCK!
coltrax wrote 125 months ago:
Have to say the most excellent, to the point, you wouldn't understand...unless you ARE on MFP, well-written, well-deserved blog I have EVER read on MFP! Congrats to you!
chrissistarr wrote 122 months ago:
this is my favorite post yet!

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