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Making Positive Changes Despite the Challenges

I have been living the single life for a while now. I am pretty well into my 4th year. If my bathroom is not clean, it's my fault. I am a bit of a neat freak, so that doesn't happen very much. Between  running, work, traveling, and weekend races, I am not home much.

All that is about to change.

If you have been following my posts for any length of time, you know life ain't all that easy for  me. I do my best to keep a good attitude. I took a stress indicator test the other day. My life  circumstances totaled totaled up 652 out of 1,467. 

Anything over 300 is not good for your health.

All that makes sense. There are times in life where you don't get to make choices, you just have to  play the cards in your hand. I am working hard to stick with the program and manage the stressors  as best I can. 

Of course anything over 100 is likely to cause sickness.

I made a list of the stressful things and I have determined there are a few which I can work on changing. I was  laid off a year ago, and I was out of work for six months. I took a 6-month contract which looks like  it's almost over - I am not sure. I have a couple of interviews and I am hopeful to have a fulltime  job with benefits. Soon! 

Because I have been driving about 100 miles a day (160km), I decided to move and get three or four  hours of my life back.

Interestingly, obesity is one of the side-effects of stress. Despite how involved my days are, I do to eat  properly; however, I am still up a bit. Getting fit is probably the greatest triumph of my life. It's  frustrating, but I accept it for the moment. Fitenss has gotten me through quite a bit.

So what I am doing besides trying to change the things I can?

I get up and relax with a cup of coffee. I need some time to zone out and mess with art or social  media. I found a few tips for commuting that helped. Audio books instead of the news, and my  favorite, taking off my shoes for the drive home.

I pray, lay down for 15 or 20 minutes after dinner, drink green tea, and call one friend a day.

I still plan my menu for the week, shop, and meal prep on Sundays. I use my measuring tubs for  lunches and snacks. I run at least three days a week. I am looking forward to having more time for  that after the move. 

There is one more thing.

I met a great gal over a year ago. That has evolved into something quite wonderful. It is amazing  how much peace the right person can bring into your life. It's nice when your mate has fitness in  common with you and you don’t have to explain your food choices or even the time it takes to train  for a marathon. 

A number of years ago I was embracing my singleness. That's HERE.Today I have  to leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror to remind me to leave the toilet seat down. 

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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Dootzy1 wrote 60 months ago:
The part--- " It is amazing how much peace the right person can bring into your life " resonated with me. TRUTH!!
ggeise14 wrote 60 months ago:
Sounds like you have a good plan! And yea for audio books and shoes off while driving -- me too!
ladyethorne1 wrote 60 months ago:
I'm so happy for you to have met someone special! And you are doing great. I'm kinda in the same situation, driving 3-4 hours a day to commute to my job, but sadly there is no help for that short of finding a new job altogether.
Rosie5151 wrote 60 months ago:
Love your sticky note!! WTG!! You sound happy!! :)
hotjot88 wrote 60 months ago:
You are so brave and I appreciate your planning skills and organization on Sundays for meal prepping. So glad you found love and/or a wonderful distraction. Keep going and getting it done. yeah!!
jackflak wrote 60 months ago:
Why do you lay down after dinner? I meditate in the morning for about 15 minutes or so. Seems to help keep me in an easy going mood for the rest of the day. I'm glad you've found someone. Keep moving forward Survivor.
Anonymous wrote 60 months ago:
I lay down to relax. If I stand, I'll find something to do. It's my meditation.
MonicaA2013 wrote 60 months ago:
AWESOME blog !!!
marlown wrote 60 months ago:
Inspirational, as always!
Laura80111 wrote 60 months ago:
Great way to take control over what you can and finding ways to relax. Your commute makes mine sound like nothing and I think 40 min in the morning and 55 in the evening is bad....keep up the good attitude.
llollapot wrote 60 months ago:
Well done! Just taking action relieves stress as well!
CATCLK wrote 59 months ago:
All the things we take for granted...glad you take the time to pray, because that in itself changes EVERYTHING! II Tim. 1:7 (Found this recently: "Healing Reminders" - 1. Focus on the goodness in the present moment.; 2. Acknowledge the value of every
breath you take.; 3. Connect with loved ones; 4. Remember something you are grateful for.)
Also, like this verse that I heard from Max Lucado: "You Can Get Through This" - Psalm 91:1 - "He who dwells in the secret place of the MOST HIGH shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY whose POWER NO FOE CAN WITHSTAND!"
Praying for a miracle for you and that you will have an even more AMAZING TESTIMONY!;D
CATCLK wrote 59 months ago:
P.S. Just signed up for a "first" ever 10K! You are def. an inspiration!!!
dsjohndrow wrote 59 months ago:
Good luck!
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