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Love at First Sight

If you have ever fallen in love, you know how crippling it can be. Everything you do becomes focused on the object of your affection. You can't work or think or even count change at the convenience store. Love, it's the fodder for chick-flicks and Country songs!

It's happened to me a few times.

The most recent encounter was just the other day. I was out running around, and as I turned onto the cobbled sidewalk at Douglas and Main Street, there he was running with a camel, wearing a pair of lime green Saucony Hurricanes. "How far you going he shouted from the other side of the street?"

My heart stopped. "10 miles." I yelled back. It was really 8, but I exaggerated a little, wanting to impress him. Could this be the one?

"I am doing 18, and heading this way." He said as he pointed on up the road. I crossed the street and we shook hands at 6 miles per hour.

A bromance was born.

It certainly had the potential for a steamy, sweating, runner romance. As we headed on up the road at his pace, I just listened as he talked about being a cancer survivor and how he ran 40 miles on his 40th birthday. It's hard to talk when you are trying not to swallow your tongue and panting like a Chihuahua in heat, but I kept up.

It turns out my new bud is training for the New York City Marathon in November. One of the guys on my Monday night trail run with the club is to. But he and I are just platonic friends exchanging an occasional text. I think he loves his family more than running.

Having a run partner for just a week or so, has changed my running. He sends me emails with routes. He already trained for and ran 5 marathons; he knows what it takes. He knows the value of a good easy long run. He invited me to track workouts, but being a virgin, I am not sure I am ready.

On a 2 hour run we chat about family, kids, guitar, politics, religion, and of course running. We go easy. On the shorter runs we pick it up and hit about a 9:00 minute mile. It challenges me to be with a better runner.

Sunday we went for an active recovery run from the park to his car. The guy had a towel, water and a Clif Bar for me. Now that's love!

After 2 years of virtually running 2000 miles alone, it's refreshing to have a new mate.

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cbmcphillips wrote 107 months ago:
sounds awesome - that's how I feel about some of the people I zumba with....
missdaisy79 wrote 107 months ago:
It's so good to have someone to run with.
Scoochie1 wrote 107 months ago:
I just pitch myself against the guy on he treadmill next to me :)
Cheeky_0102 wrote 107 months ago:
my sister packs a cliff bar for me, and had bike cleats and a jersey waiting for me last time i saw her! i get it!
sk2775 wrote 107 months ago:
lol...that's awesome. Having a workout buddy always pushes me.
Leahbcc wrote 107 months ago:
Wonderful and thanks for sharing
Hoppymom wrote 107 months ago:
MaryRegs wrote 107 months ago:
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 107 months ago:
Love this!! :)
tonybalony01 wrote 107 months ago:
Congrats! May you two have many long and happy runs together.
deeannhill wrote 107 months ago:
I laughed, I grinned, I need to get the tear out of the corner of my eye. No, wait. That was my water splashing on me.
runfatmanrun wrote 107 months ago:
Thanks alot, you just made me mad at my running buddy for not supplying me with a towel, water, and food at the end of our runs. Hope you didn't just ruin my relationship.
rciszek wrote 107 months ago:
Now that is awesome, sometimes it makes it to have someone to challenge you and help you along for that goal. Great!!
PrincessPeacock wrote 107 months ago:
cute post, I enjoyed it very much!
1990sophia1990 wrote 107 months ago:
I enjoyed this post :)
Juliejustsaying wrote 107 months ago:
This blog is full of win! But I always love a good bromance...
gmallan wrote 107 months ago:
How I felt when I finally found a lifting buddy, took a lot of convincing but she finally saw the light
willowstregaraven wrote 107 months ago:
I say prays and thanks everyday to my wife to be laura for being my exercise buddy :)
Thank you for sharing x

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