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Life Victories

We all come to MFP for different reasons. Some of us are overweight, others underweight, and even a few are stalkers. I cam here to loose weight and get a 6-pack. I started eating differntly (mostly less) and even took up exercise. It almost killed me.

Then I had congestive heart failure.

The experience changed my attitude about life. I spent 7 days in the Intensive Care Unit. My weight loss, health and fitness opinions were forever changed. My underwear, no so much.

In the nealry 4 years I have been here, a lot has changed.

My weight is down close to 80 pounds, that's 1251 ounces. My waist is down from over 40' to under 34". I was on 6 heart medications and now I am on a small dose of one. I don't treat myself to junk like fast food, sugary snacks and white flour pizza. I have an occasional piece of birthday cake on someone's birthday. I drink water and coffee (without sugar and cream) and some Gatorade during a race.

In spite of all my hard work, I have been diagnosed with cancer. Again.

I have had 5 surgeries to remove 4 types of the foreign cells. it's scary and I hate it. I live on the mountain tops between the valleys of checkups, exams and biopsies.

I run. I run a lot. I also bike, swim and I'm playing hockey again.

How serious is all this? I don't know, I just get up an live each day. I am not currently considered cancer free. I have booked a trip to Disney with my 11-year-old in April and I am running the San Diego Marathon in May while I visit my 20-something daughters in California.

Running has given me a life I could only pray for years ago. I feel good, I look good for my age and I sleep well too. Emotionally I feel really good. For the time being - maybe a long time, I plan on running 50 races in 50 states as well as 7 marathons on 7 continents. It's going to take some time.

...and I raise money for charity.

I'll be running The Boston Marathon again this year. I will celebrate 4 years since I got out of ICU and beat heart disease. Then I am on to San Diego for the Rock n Roll Marathon. I am raising money for Hope For Young Adults with Cancer. I am doing the 50 mile ride Bicycles Battling Cancer for the American Cancer Association. Then it's on to the Chicago  Marathon for Hope 4 YAWC and The NYC Marathon for Zero Cancer.

I hope you can come cheer me on if you are in the 'hood one of these days

Stay healthy and fit. Thanks for the votes and comments.

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kacdragon wrote 80 months ago:
We should all have such a great attitude! Keep living the life God has given!!!
jackflak wrote 80 months ago:
survivor. keep it up brother.
Gadpiti wrote 80 months ago:
You are in inspiration to make me work a little harder and be better person. I will be cheering you on at each and everyone race!
ethanthemac wrote 80 months ago:
you are fantastic man.I have so respect and admiration for your positive and never give up attitude.Keep on fighting bro.
Hoppymom wrote 80 months ago:
You are incredible. What an inspiration!I love the idea of living your life on the peaks.
heather4949 wrote 80 months ago:
What a wonderful human being you are......
turkeyhunter60 wrote 80 months ago:
Great blog. Great progress. Wish I was as motivated.

Good luck.
xstephnz wrote 80 months ago:
I really hope you able to come out the other side cancer free, and you can accomplish your goals. Best of luck!
Lauriesbigchange wrote 80 months ago:
incredible journey...congratulations on being so resilient!

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