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Life is for Living

I don't know about you, but some days I sit at the keyboard and wonder what the future holds. I can tell you there was a long time when I sat lamenting the poor choices of the past and dreading the future as a fat old sick guy. In April 2011, a week long stay in ICU changed my life. I just thought I was sick.

I had no idea how close I was to the end due to congestive heart failure.

I was somewhat of a spiritual person before I got sick. I prayed, enjoyed my church community and even preached a few sermons. I felt close to God, even blessed. Emotionally, for decades, I struggled with depression and a variety of other negative self talk. Physically I was sore and tired, as well as getting sick a few times a year. I had a lower back that would go out and leave me in bed for a few days at a time. My knee ached and my foot was sore from plantar fasciitis.

All of that has changed.

Sure I have spent about $200,000 in medical procedures, surgeries and medication. I didn't stop praying and I had little or no results from therapy. What I did do was count calories and start exercising and running. I had a lot of obstacles, but I kept pressing on. I lost over 70 pounds and ran my first 5K after a year of C25K.  43 races later, I have even finished 2 marathons. (and wrote a book about it)

I haven't even had a cold in over 2 years (except running related dyhydration) and my medicated depression is gone.

I pray less because I am blessed more and I run more because my prayers were answered. Changing my lifestyle has made a big difference. Without overeating I have survived months of unemployment, 4 cancer diagnosis and related treatments and as disappointed as I am about it, separation.

My changes have made a difference in how I think, what I believe about me and probably who I am as a human.

I still have health challenges although most everything seems to be at bay for the moment. I still have to work, commute and be a dad, but I am also a runner and I need to run. I did not run the San Francisco Marathon in hopes of managing things at home this past July. However, I am running the Chicago Marathon in October. I trained for it, I planned for it and I can't wait to be there.

Whatever amount of days I have left in life, I am grateful for my wakeup call 3 years ago. I am grateful for the MFP community and I am thankful to God for allowing me to do something that matters to me. All my life I waited for God, for doctors and physicians, and for other professionals to help me feel better, look better and be free.

I found all that in running.

I am medication free, I hope I am cancer free and my heart disease is "like it never happened." I have life each day and I make the most of it. I don't sit around trying to fix anything, I plan to be with friends, eat healthy and fit in a run 6 days a week. the rest of my life will take care of itself.

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landay wrote 93 months ago:
You have truly inspired me today, which is such a gift. Thank you.
cbmcphillips wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you
meganjcallaghan wrote 93 months ago:
Don't pray less because you're blessed. Just flip it from asking to thanking;) (hmm. preaching to myself
jmnicholas wrote 93 months ago:
David, I am sorry to hear of your separation, as well as all the other stuff. I'm still praying. God bless in the dealing with life stuff...You are still that action figure!
highland536 wrote 93 months ago:
its great to hear about all ur blessings but it it sad to know that u pray less because it was God that brought u through everything so ur prayer life should have increased not decreased. Remember to put GOD FIRST ALWAYS.B Blessed
Dootzy1 wrote 93 months ago:
My guess--- you don't pray less at all. You just don't pray as much with words. Living with surrender to God's will is a prayer of self offering.
dsjohndrow wrote 93 months ago:
I have a lot less to ask for. Running has fixed a lot of things in my life.
KSGLMM14 wrote 93 months ago:
I was looking thru the blogs on MFP and just stumbled across yours. I found it to be very inspiring, as I am seriously thinking about trying running and C25K...I hope I do as well with it as you have done. Best of luck!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 93 months ago:
Bless your heart. So sorry to hear about the separation, but thrilled for you that your found your mojo in running. It seems to be the thing that keeps you healthy in heart and mind. God Bless you my friend.
Fitdoge wrote 93 months ago:
"I pray less because I am blessed more." Wow. I don't think I will ever forget that line. I think I need to spread that idea around. You sir, are one inspiring man.
ChefSteveUrso wrote 93 months ago:
Very inspiring story. Many people credit a God with what they themselves have accomplished. I used to be the same. Whatever power a person believes in can accomplish astonishing things. That's proved by the many faiths and belief systems in the world, they all work some of the time. The human mind is the power of God and we create our own reality good or bad. Prayer, meditation, visualization all work the same way. You healed thyself my friend.
LaRhondaRoshell wrote 93 months ago:
A true inspiration it lets me kno tht even with all my obstacles I gotta keep on pushing I can't give up now
soniapama38 wrote 93 months ago:
Glad you shared your story which in turn will help others and inspire them to have hope. To be encouraged to seek their own results like you did and just did one step at a time. Glad you have a second chance at life and at living it well and better to the fullest.
RUNNING_AMOK_1958 wrote 93 months ago:
So glad that you have been able to turn things around. We have to ask ourselves, are we fat because we're unhealthy, or are we unhealthy because we're fat? You've answered that question. Bless you and keep spreading the word.
kjdhappy wrote 93 months ago:
My Dad found his "life" in also led to separation. Pray now for your child, separation is very hard. 30 years later and I'm still not over it obviously or I wouldn't be writing a comment. I pray for your continued health and happiness in whatever the future holds.
redlion45 wrote 93 months ago:
Love this.
TrailRunner61 wrote 93 months ago:
I don't think you do, but don't ever doubt your worth. Your words, all them.. witty, silly or serious, sad, spiritual, inspiring, etc., all have meaning and are changing lives. Thank you for that. And, WTG on the top 10. You always get there anyway! :)
karinaApplebombinos wrote 93 months ago:
Good luck in Chicago! Hang tough!
JoanneLynn wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks for posting!
Hoppymom wrote 93 months ago:
I am sorry to hear that you are separating, but grateful that your health is better. Stay close to your daughter and keep running. The positives will keep the depression at bay. Maybe the separation will be temporary.
Hoppymom wrote 93 months ago:
I am sorry to hear that you are separating, but grateful that your health is better. Stay close to your daughter and keep running. The positives will keep the depression at bay. Maybe the separation will be temporary.

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