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Lessons About Healthy Lifestyles from Your Smartphone!

This is why they call them smartphones; because they are smart!

I know, it's irritating how people talk on the cellphones in public. I had to shut one down at the movie theater the other night. Some folks never learn. But did you know that you can learn about a healthy lifestyle from your Smartphone?

I wrote the app - j/k, it's a metaphor.

Strong Signal: If you are going to succeed in losing weight, eating healthy food, and becoming fit, you need to make it a priority. If you are still fitting in workouts when you can, eating fast food and keeping a 4lb bag of chocolate in your desk drawer, you are going to have a tough time. Hey it's tough for those the really work at it!

Thoughtful Communication: No sense texting away when you need to communicate important thoughts. Face-to-face is better. If you are on MFP, they have a system which is simply this: a caloric deficit will cause you to lose weight. It appears that lots of folks modify it to suit their own preferences (I do). To win at this game you need to be deliberate about what you are trying to accomplish.

If you want to try it, text your significant other the following. "I was hoping the 'horny for you,' email was from you." You'll get some thoughtful communication.

Stay Charged: To accomplish most things in life you either need a built in biological drive, or passion and motivation. Staying charged up about weight loss is eventually boring. The f$*&king scale never plays fair. The tape measure isn't always friendly either. That is why you need friends that are doing this journey!

Background Apps: There is a lot going on in life that runs down our battery and leaves us too tired to take care of ourselves. In order to make your health a priority, you may have to shut down some of things that you were doing. For me, it was music. I have taken the last few months to train for a 5K, and gave up playing guitar for a season. The good news it that I might live long enough to pick it up again!

Latest Updates: Our bodies adapt to routines in eating and workouts. It might be time to shake it up and do something you haven't, like ride a bike, skate, cut back on the red meat, or processed foods. You'll be glad you did.

Stay Organized: A lifestyle doesn't just happen. You have to plan for success. Keep links to your favorite restaurant nutrition pages, schedule your workouts, runs, shopping, and even your logins on MFP. You do better with a plan. 

Check In: Smartphones keep us in touch with the world. This especially true at work, and with families. You need to check in, and while your here, do your log, read a message board or a blog, and encourage a few of your friends.

Recharge: Rest is an important part of a new lifestyle. Muscles needs time to regenerate and heal. Sleep is essential for good health, and if you are like me, skipping a workout here an there isn't going to kill you. (I work out 5-7 days a week. I plan 5 every week.)

Mute the Ringer: For everyone who says cheat days are good, there are 2 that say they are not. For everyone that eats their exercise calories, there are others that don't. (Like me.) Stick with the plan, and if it is working, don't fix it. We'll see you at the next plateau!

Autocorrect: Don't trust everything you read or hear. But don't lie to yourself either. If you are obese or overweight, you need to fix your eating habits. There is no set way to succeed. The common denominator is simply not giving up!

Tell us what is working for you? Then we'll be smarter.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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cessnaholly wrote 111 months ago:
What's working for me? Not giving up. This is great. Thanks. I may be going slowly but I'll be damned if I give up.
H_Factor wrote 111 months ago: usual :)
Hungry_Tuna wrote 111 months ago:
I will come out and say it, this is my favorite post to date. Well thought out and totally something I'd see in a fitness magazine. You make a lot of excellent points and I'm actually printing this out to post on my cubicle wall at work so that I'm mindful of the key factors in being successful in this journey. Excellent post, friend.
penny39 wrote 111 months ago:
Awesome analogy!
Chagama wrote 111 months ago:
That pretty much sums it all up. Well done.
saphfireangel wrote 111 months ago:
Very well written and everyone is right its a great post. I love the part where you will see us at the next plateau god knows I've been in one lately the scale keeps playing mind tricks with me some days I wanna kick it across the bathroom floor. Thanks again for an informative post. :)
flong1975 wrote 111 months ago:
Well said! I have nutrition charts bookmarked on my phone and when there is an app, I have that too. I always use the time in the car ( if I'm the passanger) or waiting in line for a table checking facts to choose the healthiest meal I can! I need to print this as well...
BGabbart wrote 111 months ago:
I love your blogs.
Fit2befitZ wrote 111 months ago:
Oh, I totally love this! Thanks so much!
creasonr wrote 111 months ago:
Best blog ever! Thanks for the well thought out info!
ProudMomoftwo wrote 111 months ago:
What is working for me?
Not giving up.
Planning ahead = success.
Failure is not an option.
Making exercise a priority, like brushing my has to be done.
Drinking 16+ cups of water/ day.

BTW - I love to read your blog!
Hoppymom wrote 111 months ago:

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