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I have been around for pretty much 2 years. I love MFP - I mean there are some whack-jobs here to be sure - but I love MFP.

I remember when I first logged on MFP, I didn't have any friends. I was a heart attack survivor trying to find a new lifestyle.

The community began to grow on me, and I tried to participate. I learned the lingo like "NSV." I felt dumb, I couldn't figure out what the acronym was. I would read: "Great NSV today, my pants fell off." In context I thought it was some kind of orgasm. Turns out it is.

As I spent time getting to know people, some came and went, but a few have really stood by me. By a few, I mean like over 1000. I have met some of you at races and from others, I received heart felt congratulations on my MFP orgasms. Last week when all hell broke lose in Boston, quite a few of you sent me messages and checked to see if I was OK. 210+ people voted for last weeks blog. Wow!

I found this community receptive to my blogs. And because of that, I started writing a book. When I end up on Dr. Phil, it's your fault.

The book cover is in draft copy, and this weekend I'm running a 10K race in which we'll film some footage for the Kickstarter video. In the promo there will be pleas for financial help, a couple of facts, a few lies, one off color joke, the use of the word "sex" and then it will be online. I owe that to all the slightly twisted readers I have on here. :)

The website is growing in popularity, the LIKEs on Facebook are increasing, and I took a few insults regarding my masculinity for starting a Pinterest page. Nothing quite like going to a Stella & Dot jewelry party for men; trust me.

Even the YouTube videos of me pole dancing finishing my first 1/2 marathon was viewed 22 times!

Here is the preface draft from the book (which has pictures like the one above if you don't like reading too much):

In the two years prior to writing this book, I learned a lot about health, nutrition, faith and fitness. This is not another fad diet, it's not really a weight loss book, it's not a system, and I am not another guru with new and unproven science to seduce you with - it's none of that. I am also not an expert, but if I had the chance, I would play one on TV.

This is the story of a guy who was obese, became very ill and lived to tell the story. Despite what the medical community said, that man decided to make the most of life.

I have often said, "If I had only known." This book represents a lot of hard work sifting through the myths, the mystery, the unbelievable claims, the science and the practical day-to-day habits that make living a fit life possible.

It's a book about me, and I think in reading it, you'll find that it's really a book about you.

From the day I left the Framingham Heart Center in April 2011, I stubbornly desired to be healthy. On some of my morning runs my route passes by the hospital, and in my mind's eye I would see the monitors, tubes, and wires - then I would declare my health and wellbeing. My inner-voice said, "Never again, I'm never going back!"

I would also like to say this book is the magic pill you've been waiting for! Maybe not. At the very least, I hope you'll find reading it as entertaining as a teenager finds a SmartPhone screen.

It's honor to be elected for the magazine rack in your bathroom.

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Denjo060 wrote 112 months ago:
I cant wait to read the book You Sir have come a long long way I hope to one day say I did it too and when I do say that I will be thinking in the back of my mind David helped me through this with his insprational blogs and his book and knowing that if he can do it so can I
cbmcphillips wrote 112 months ago:
Lucky to know you....and as always you inspire greatness in all us MFP peeps...Carol
cessnaholly wrote 112 months ago:
You crack me up. "When I end up on Dr. Phil, it's your fault." and "It's honor to be elected for the magazine rack in your bathroom." Your book will be great. Just be yourself and be sure to give us a shout out on Dr. Phil. :)
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 112 months ago:
I love it , David. You write for all of us!!
turkeyhunter60 wrote 112 months ago:
You say what a lot of us feel. Good luck with the book. Good luck on your workouts this week. Stay strong.
jagfan wrote 112 months ago:
Hopefully I will have time when I get home to review some of the links...I don't dare to do so at work! But as always, awesome blog! I have been struggling as of late and you as well as the rest of our MFP friends are inspiring me to get back in gear! Thanks to all of you!
violet456 wrote 112 months ago:
I'm looking forward to getting the book.
odditblue wrote 112 months ago:
Where is the pole dancing??? :D OMG you make me laugh so hard... that my pants fall down and I have an orgasmic NSV!!! XD
pghsteelerfan wrote 112 months ago:
I wish you lots of success with your book. You definitely have a talent with words. U find a way to express what we all feel, and you help us laugh at ourselves, but most of all, u help us to keep living our dream, and stay on our journeys. Thank you for saying so many times what we feel.
jingoace wrote 112 months ago:
Wow! you have some "Great" NSV's - have to say the pants falling off as an orgasmic moment just made me laugh so hard I think I peed my pants a little.
jennynewbury wrote 112 months ago:
Really looking forward to having a read of this book now! If its half as good as your blog, I will be in for a great read!

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