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Keeping It Under Control

Yesterday I had an echocardiogram (ultrasound of my heart). It's been over four years since I had congestive heart failure. I am sure everything will be OK.

I ran two marathons in two weeks.

Actually, I only ran one marathon; that was NYC on November 1st. Then I ran 27.5 miles across Rhode Island with ActiveinMySixties  (Jan) and another friend to raise money to defeat cancer. We finished our run, raised a few grand, and cancer still exists. :(

I hate cancer. I really hate cancer.

As I get ready to run Philly this coming weekend, I am still not feeling well. It has absolutely nothing to do with running! I had a physical a few weeks ago and all is well with the standard stuff. I had my echo and they let me go home; I am guessing that is great too. I got the all clear from my summer surgeries and my PSA and all the other exams showed nothing new.

Now we are going to start looking in other places. Scary.

What does all this have to do with being fit? Well, my calorie consumption has gone up and I have gained weight I worked hard to loose. Even after two marathon runs I am up 6 pounds. This food consumption problem is so damn hard.

Really, there is no excuse except that I gave myself permission to overeat.

I am back to the basics of portion control. What I eat isn't the problem, it's how much.

What do you do to keep it all under control?

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dsjohndrow wrote 79 months ago:
Leahbcc wrote 79 months ago:
Hang in there and you got this and run like the wind
Anonymous wrote 79 months ago:
Continuing to keep you in my thoughts. Your running inspires so many, myself included. I too have the food issues. No matter how much I train, I can't outrun my mouth!!! ~ Nita
Dootzy1 wrote 79 months ago:
Food is just too damn good. It is tough to hold tight reins on food, all the time. Struggling with worries and emotional issues through your health issues? I guess if the response is a bump in weight, then you forgive yourself and press restart. If you want to, that is. We choose the behaviors that give us some kind of "payoff", right?
celticlass69 wrote 79 months ago:
I think we all cyclically have to cope with increases in appetites. As you say amount but also type of food is the key I think.
I bring up the picture of me when I first started this journey. I try to remember the constant pain, the shame, the frustration that was a daily torment.
We all need more or less at different times. Try to modify what you are having, make it healthier, try new recipes or food items.
There is no magic pill. Despite what pharmaceuticals may tell us. There is only hard work, determination and control. :)
Abakan wrote 79 months ago:
I thought that losing weight and getting to goal was the hard part but Maintaining the weight loss is just as hard if not harder because it's so for the rest of your life. I'm also a runner and have put 12lbs back on over the past 2 years. Like you it's not what I eat because my diet in general is good, it's that I eat to much. It's comforting to know that I'm not on my own in this.
Good luck with your health, diet, and running.

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