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It Should be Obvious!

I have been around MFP for a while now. Honestly, there was a lot I did not know about weight loss, health and fitness - and running before I signed on. I had been fed a bunch of half-truths and marketing lies for so long, I thought it was fact.

Education, experience and listening to your body is the foundation of living a healthy lifestyle!

Recently I was reading some websites that claimed to have the facts about all the aforementioned topics. These were not experts like you find in the forums, they were medical professionals!

I have always wanted to be an expert, but I've decided that being an example is far better!

In my experience and expert opinion, here are some things that should be obvious about living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

- If all calories are the same, then why do we care what they taste like?

- If you put sugar in healthy food, it's still sugar.

- If the directions to the pesticide say "wear protective gear when applying," it can't disappear by magic in the fruit stand.

- If walking 3 miles has the same value as running 3 miles, how come the walkers can't run 3 miles?

- If there is no gain without pain, why do we avoid pain?

- If loosing weight is the goal, then why don't they call it

- If pole dancing is a low-impact exercise, why are there so many Pole Dancing Fail videos on YouTube?

- If it is a fact that being overweight (or obese) is a risk for serious health problems, how come people protect their right to be overweight?

- If you can't do it for a week, why do you think you can do it for life?

- If getting fit is not fun, does that mean we should avoid it?

- If there is low hanging fruit, that doesn't mean there is low hanging pizza.

- If running is bad for your knees, how come we don't hear about marathoners getting knee replacements?

- If we don't know what we've got until we lose it, we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

- If nothing is impossible, how come you can't slam a revolving door?

- If you find a donut in the woods, it was probably eaten by a bear.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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cessnaholly wrote 109 months ago:
LOL - you crack me up.
Denjo060 wrote 109 months ago:
Hahahah good one Love it
Mustangsally1000 wrote 109 months ago:
It was the pole dancing bear!
MaryRegs wrote 109 months ago:
this walker did three miles in under an hour last night-and part of it WAS running...on the path my friend!!
nellyb2011 wrote 109 months ago:
Loved these!
jennynewbury wrote 109 months ago:
Absolutely loved these. Looking forward to the book - I follow the progress on Facebook etc :)
odditblue wrote 109 months ago:
Laughing my calories away.... :D
lstrachan wrote 109 months ago:
LOL.... I've seen somewhat attempt to slam a revolving door! Another awesome blog post! Really enjoy "being an example is better than being an expert"!
made2wonder wrote 109 months ago:
"If it is a fact that being overweight (or obese) is a risk for serious health problems, how come people protect their right to be overweight?"
For the same reason they protect their right to smoke and to not wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Ah, human nature, lol.
turkeyhunter60 wrote 109 months ago:
Thank you for bringing all of this to light. It will have a major impact to finish my day! Awesome!
H_Factor wrote 109 months ago:
fantastic blog!
onwarddownward wrote 109 months ago:
I had to copy one for my facebook, but I credited you and linked to your main site. It's very good.
anitadanafit wrote 109 months ago:
Does slamming my face into a revolving door count?

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