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It's Not What You Put in Your Mouth that Makes You Fat...

Most people think the problem with obese people is what they put in their mouth, and in a few cases that may be true. Far more important, what comes out your mouth!

It was once written, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.." (or she)

After being part of the MFP crowd for a few months, I have noticed the things that people say, whether in seriousness or in jest, reflect their attitude towards weight loss. A negative self-image is as damaged as a conceited and boastful Rod Stewart singing "Do you Think I'm Sexy?"

Here are 5 things that need to stop coming out of your mouth.

-1 I'm Too Fat: That's right, it may be a fact that you are fat, overweight or even obese like I was, but that is not the attitude of a weight-loser! Have you ever thought that you are a skinny person having a fat moment? It is certainly time to make better choices in life, in relationships, and certainly in food. Skinny people make good food and exercise choices, and so can you.

Try this: "I am getting thinner!"

-2 I Can't Lose Weight: My answer, you are correct, not with an attitude like that, you can't lose weight. For some of us it efffing hard to do too. I mean I trip skinny people on the escalator in the mall I am so jealous sometimes! But I can lose weight, and I did!

Try this: "I am losing weight!"

-3 Food is My Weakness: No, your lifestyle is your weakness. Set your life up to succeed. I have never been mugged by a stack of pancakes or a chocolate cake!

Try this: "I have a new lifestyle."

-4 I Losing Weight For _______: Lots of answers: my wedding, bikini season, to get a girlfriend, so I don't get harpooned at the beach... WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! What happens when your event passes, the winter comes, or the whaleboat sails to deeper water? Then your weight loss is for nothing. You are changing your lifestyle so that you'll be healthy. Maybe you need a trip to the local Intensive Care Unit to receive your wake up call? Having lost about 30 pounds prior to my heart trauma saved my life - and screwed my wife out of huge life insurance settlement. :)

Try this: "I am getting healthy, and losing weight is part of my success!"

-5 I'll Get Back on Track Tomorrow: Which tomorrow? All you have is today, and hey sometimes today feels like someone wrenched out a nose hair with pliers. So? You get off track with the first purchase of unhealthy food, or subjecting yourself to places where it is available. Here's a tip, try filling out your diary before the days starts to see where you'll end up. This is especially true if you are planning to go to a restaurant. Check the menu online first!

Try this: "Today I am making good food and exercise choices."

Can you add to the list?

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bevsdietfor2011 wrote 134 months ago:
Oh yeah I can!!!! I have said about all of these things along with I have always been fat so I will always be fat; I am big boned so why even try etc etc. I have always had a very low self esteem. thanks for posting this so we all stop and think about it!!!
msjac23 wrote 134 months ago:
Well Said!!
FrenchMob wrote 134 months ago:
Good list but one thing I want to add in regards to #4; although it's good to have a goal to have a "healthy lifestyle", it's also important to set smaller, attainable goals. If you just say "I am getting healthy, and losing weight is part of my success!" then there's simply nothing to keep you motivated. Shorter goals helps with that. :)
bigalfantasy2004 wrote 134 months ago:
Excellent post! Attitude definitely has a lot to do with it. Thanks!
amerr wrote 134 months ago:
Great post!

I would be in heaven though if I were mugged by pancakes. lol
fuhrmeister wrote 134 months ago:
I like your list and I think that attitude is a huge part of the weight loss/ getting healthy journey.

I would add a comment about having a positive relationship with your food. either choose to eat the cake or choose not to eat the cake and be done with it. Wavering back and forth or indulging and feeling guilty will only create a bad relationship with food.

Try viewing food as a need not a want. if you eat something bad notice it and move on. Possible move on to a walk or some jumping jacks.
rabbit99_47203 wrote 134 months ago:
This is nice. It's irratating to see people who want to have "cheat days" It's not your diet your cheating on it's your life. Sometimes we have to cut out the "yummy" foods that we know we shouldn't be eating and not becuase we want to punish ourselves but because we have already punished ourselves by eating too many of these things anyways and not always the case but it doesn't help to indulge. Finding a good balance is what is needed. So when the weight loss game is over you don't have to worry about gaining it all back because you've already learned how to live a healthy lifestyle and sometimes that does including having cake and eating it too. Just not all the time.
dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
@RV - goals are good! Thanks for mentioning that. I was pointing to the things we say that defeat us often before we start. Appreciate your comment!

@FM - yes, relationship is also a good point. Thanks for bringin it up!
dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
@Rabbi - shoot, I am going to do a post on weight loss pet peeves! Cheat days are like Russian Roulette with 5 bullets in the cylinder!
JoAnn73 wrote 134 months ago:
Oh wow I love this post! Thank you!!
fionat29 wrote 134 months ago:
Fantastic post, a great way to put things!
rileamoyer wrote 134 months ago:
Perfect, daily affirmations were/are a great part of my success. You create your own reality when you use them as tool. great examples.
rileamoyer wrote 134 months ago:
Example: I am a healthy, happy (man/woman) I am motivated. I exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.
christineanne1956 wrote 134 months ago:
All so so true!reading this has given me the boost i needed,thankyou.
alise_lmx wrote 134 months ago:
Great post! So true.
trac3 wrote 134 months ago:
Wow! Wonderful post! I forget how I'm my own worst enemy ~ thanks I needed to see this!
"being mugged by a stack of pancakes or chocolate cake" ~ love it, LMAO!
cawood2 wrote 134 months ago:
I personally liked the "so I don't get harpooned at the beach" and the whaleboat going away. Have felt that way a lot, but not why I'm doing this. I especially liked that part of your post, and the fact that it made me laugh out loud in the office is an added bonus.

Thanks a lot, and keep it up! :)
ChangingJojo wrote 134 months ago:
Thank you. I am loving this post!
kdeven wrote 134 months ago:
Great post, Thank you!
Trans4mations wrote 134 months ago:
Awesome post! Thank you!!
mccgivens wrote 134 months ago:
Oh so true...I've said I think all of them!
bluemist248 wrote 134 months ago:
Great post!
JessG11 wrote 134 months ago:
I love love love this!!!!! So true. We can be our own worst enemies. Yay for postivity and positive thinking!

Love #4 the best by the way...harpooned...haha
lbeasey wrote 134 months ago:
Great blog....absolutely laughed through most of it...I would love the pancake attack but then I'ld spend the rest of the day in the bathroom.

My only other thought that I hear as a blamer by many: Well I am fat because------- fill in the blanks! (my parents didn't love me enough, my parents didn't feed me the right food, my b/f or g/f always puts me down and the list goes on). I hate when others blame their weight or addictive/abusive behavior on another person. Grow-up, get a life and realize you are your own destiny.
Goal4Good wrote 134 months ago:
Very well said. I too believe that weight loss starts in the head and what you say to yourself is what is in your mind. I have never been able to lose weight until I got my head in it. Then it was not that hard.

As for cheat days. I have them. I have them about 3 days a month and I'm not ashamed of it. I plan them. (Most of the time.) And, I am still losing weight cause I make up for it the next day or put in some extra exercise or something to offset it. And I stop at ONE cheat day. 'Cheat day' is just a phrase. As long as you keep it in moderation, its okay in my humble opinion. Perhaps we should change the terminology to "Special Treat Moderation Day"?
Goal4Good wrote 134 months ago:
Oh and I'm really glad you made it though the heart trauma and are here to share your thoughts! Attacked by pancakes and chocolate cake. Too cute!
Janworkingitout wrote 134 months ago:
Great post! You still owe your wife some money :)
farmorita wrote 134 months ago:
I can I am I will....good blog
jo_can_do wrote 134 months ago:
Fantastic post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.. made me LOL here, too!
MyGoodLife wrote 134 months ago:
Wonderful post, thank you!
R4z0r4Mm0 wrote 134 months ago:
so so true...!
Jill_newimprovedversion wrote 134 months ago:
>Food is My Weakness: I have never been mugged by a stack of pancakes or a chocolate cake!>
I'm laughing so hard at this one that I nearly pee'd my pants!

ajanmillie wrote 134 months ago:
This is great. I wish I could print this out and post it at work. I hate excuses.
marika33 wrote 134 months ago:
Raina622 wrote 134 months ago:
Thank you so much. I definitely needed an attitude adjustment today!
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 134 months ago:
Vote100 baby! And I'm stealing the thing about being a skinny person having a fat moment! Love it!
PoisonDartFrog wrote 69 months ago:
I use to say "I am a recovering skinny person" (thus why I am now fat). Now, I will have to use the "Skinny person having a fat moment" for now, until I get healthy again! (I'm 1/3 of the way to my goal and it has been an exciting few months).
vanrayneman2 wrote 47 months ago:
Well said and great advice. Remember this...Once a person thinks of food as "fuel for the body", everything, and I mean everything will look different. You don't fill up your car with syrup and sugar, nor should your body. Honestly, our bodies need WAY LESS calories to survive than we consume on a daily basis. The "love" for food is the major problem for most Americans. If a person really wants to lose weight, just cutting their portion size will produce great results!!

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