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It's Not a Mickey Mouse Diet!

Disney A Disney vacation is a great thing and I lost a pound while I was there! I also had a personal best while training for my 5K. Of course it was fun (except for the puking kid on the bus), and just what I needed.

Here's why you should go on the Mickey Mouse weight loss plan...

- You don't need to cook.
- Goofy makes you feel good about yourself.
- You look cool in 3-D glasses as long as no one knows it was at the Muppets 3-D show.
- You don't have to shovel snow!
- You don't have to clean the bathroom.
- You feel nostalgic for something good.
- It is hard to lose stuff when it is all in a suitcase.
- You can run whenever you want. (I got lucky, as they were hosting The Princess Half Marathon. Belle kicked my a$$.)
- There is a heated swimming pool and hot tub.
- Space Mountain (roller coaster in the dark) is as good as any fiber tablets you can purchase.
- Water is easy to find.
- Telling your kid it's not real so she won't be scared.
- Having your spouse say Test Track is nothing compared to driving with you.
- You only have to give a high-4 to Mickey Mouse.
- You feel sorta of thin around Eyore and Winnie the Pooh.
- You need to walk about 10 miles a day.
- The little one sleeps soundly...
- You can probably outrun Dumbo.
- Catching the animal poachers.
- Pinocchio tries to play "steal your nose."
- They have the good kind of fireworks.
- There is always someone else's kid having a worse meltdown than yours.
- Splash Mountain is awesome until you see your scared little face on the picture monitor.
- My daughter saying, "If Tinkerbell is big, she isn't the real one."
- You feel like a kid which is OK.
- Indiana Jones!

Well, that's all I could think of.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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TerresaJ wrote 125 months ago:
- Space Mountain (roller coaster in the dark) is as good as any fiber tablets you can purchase.

My FAV!!!!!! Made me laugh! I got to ride Space Mountain at Disney World in Japan several years ago. AWESOME!!!! :)
mstemen wrote 125 months ago:
I like how you're wearing the same shirt as in your profile picture and how faded it is!

And I LOVE Indiana Jones, I haven't been to Disney Land since I was a kid the that ride JUST opened up.
odditblue wrote 125 months ago:
LOL! Thanks for the recap. Less expensive than me going. =D Love the pic! Who's the big monkey with that Disney character? XD Loved it!
H_Factor wrote 125 months ago:
while I love Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, my favorite Disney ride has always been Its a Small World. Super relaxing and cool air (comes in handy if you are there on a warm day).
dsjohndrow wrote 125 months ago:
Big Thunder Was closed - ^^^ But the music! Ick!
aliciagetshealthy wrote 125 months ago:
Glad you had such a good time! I really want to get back to the Epcot Center.
felicity866 wrote 125 months ago:
that is a diet i could live with....can't wait 'til next month!! glad you had fun :)
DropsOJupiter wrote 125 months ago:
I am a big Disney fan and visit given any opportunity. I love all the rides and yes, ride Small World as it was my dad's favorite (go figure!) Mine still is Pirates of the Caribbean and yes, I lose weight each time I go. Wonder if they'd let us hang there for a month or two? :)
Mustangsally1000 wrote 125 months ago:
i've never been..thanks for sharing! Guess I really should go!
Hoppymom wrote 125 months ago:
You didn't talk about the great food. great post.
dsjohndrow wrote 125 months ago:
@Hoppy - you can read my food log!
has001 wrote 125 months ago:
Heading there in 8 weeks! Soo excited for all this! Hoping that my son is good, as we're going through terrible 2's right now.
christina0089 wrote 124 months ago:
Haha that is great! I love Disney world and I am going in april and can not wait! I used to go yearly but have not been in the last 5 years or so. So I am ready!!
theonenonlykris wrote 124 months ago:
I am a Floridian so Disney World is a different perspective for me, however, it is a great workout and who wouldn't be happy there :) Glad you had a good time! Be sure to visit again :)
FabulousFifty wrote 124 months ago:
I am ready to try this diet! Thanks for the laugh and for bringing back some very good memories! :)
smileybooliz wrote 124 months ago:
This was a fun read!! Very cute!! Can't wait to go to Disneyland this June!!
soozship wrote 124 months ago:
Sounds like a great time... I love Rafiki!
kjdhappy wrote 124 months ago:
Next year join us at the Princess Half (or the 5K they hold the day before!!) Lot's of fun!! 15,000 friends to run with!!
disneydiva21 wrote 124 months ago:
I live 30-40 minutes from disneyland and hope to run the half next year
allie7383 wrote 124 months ago:
Yes yes yes! I ran the Princess Half and had an amazing time in my Ariel costume lol, especially seeing men in tutus and one in a dress and Rapunzel wig run past me.. my recovery was walking around the next couple days, and of course taking in the glorious food.. wish I had weighed myself right when i got back, but did it today after resting yesterday and only up a pound so i'll take it..

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