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It's My Birthday. I Can Eat Anything I Want!

This food thing is pretty intense. It seems that we think about food more than we do fitness and personal health. At least that has been my experience.

It's hard to get it right. Why is it that skipped past the produce section and walk down the ice cream aisle like it's ,my home town? Oh why can't I make better choices! In a NY Times article the author laid out the odds losing and keeping off the lost weight.

We have a better chance of being bitten by a rattlesnake!

The news gets worse - yes, there is a reason. We tell ourselves (and sometimes others) LIES. We cheat on our logging under the guise of being dedicated - or not getting red numbers in the calories column! We thought we could weigh our food by eye, and have a cookie at work without fessing up. Insidious!

It still gets worse, we actually believe ourselves!

Here are some of my excuses that didn't hold much water, I wish I had thought them through.

- It was only a little. A little what, 22 pound turkey?
- It's cheat day. What if this was your marriage? 
- I deserve it - because I am already overweight.
- I'll have a big lunch and that is it for the day. Well except for dinner and desert and some snacks in front of the TV.
- I don't do this very often. It's sort of like a colonoscopy.
- It's a holiday - somewhere in the world.
- It's my birthday (really, it is today!). So that means I don't have to log the candles.
- I'm out to dinner. Why? Because my metabolism is faster at Olive Garden.
- I did pretty well and didn't have to loosen my pants - because they are stretch pants.
- I had only one drink - but it was a quart.
- I never tried this before. I only eat less of foods that I know well.
- I was too busy to have lunch - so I can have this big dinner.
- I should eat this now - I usually leave it at the table or on the roof of the car..
- I can eat all the fruits and vegetables I want - but I choose not to.
- I didn't eat any of the rolls/bread sticks/biscuits - I was too full after the Mile-High Apple Pie.
- I eat about the same as my partner - but they are 9 inches taller than I am. Just kidding, she's much shorter. ;)
- I don't buy the food - or read the calories and nutritional information.
- I am not giving up everything - especially the chips, the pizza and the candy.
- I only eat clean - so pigeons are out.

How about you, have you thought through the things that you tell yourself?

Thanks for your votes and comments.

Beware potential friends, I post! ;)

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MonicaA2013 wrote 51 months ago:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! I wish you the best on your special day. And I just LOVE the excuses you posted here, SPOT ON !!!
Hoppymom wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday! I may or may not have used some of those excuses. I have greatly improved over the last month. I have also thought of the I have so much stress in my work life (or my mom is making me crazy!!) that I deserve a treat (like some weird pat on the head or hug from a friend). That's really not a healthy option given my life. Two years ago I put on 30 pounds due to stress at work and a work related injury. Sitting on the couch crying and stuffing your face is not a good look on anyone.
kendallvon wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giggles and insight.
broncobuddee wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday! Great post- printing it to post on the frig.
BigCed77024 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy birthday! Great post. Very, very funny. Enjoy your special day!
grannywarbonnetts wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday! Great post- I like the last one.
Rosie5151 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day and embrace another year on this earth! :)
skinnyme47 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day today.
Leahbcc wrote 51 months ago:
Have a wonderful fun filled birthday and great post
suttercm wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday!
zimfour wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday Buddy!!!
marlown wrote 51 months ago:
Seriously, LOL:))! But I have said and heard some of these..:(.
ILoveGingerNut wrote 51 months ago:
so true it hurts. happy birthday x
kattbyrd67 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday!!!
MsMichelle2112 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy birthday! When it comes to myself, I used to be a lying liar who lies, so this post resonated well with me. Actually, I have a staff lunch in, oh, 12 minutes, and this post was perfectly times as I will catch my self-lies before I make them. Thanks!
lily1972 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy birthday!!
babbyb1 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday!

I have uttered many of those.

I don't even look at tomorrow and its food plan. I get overwhelmed at the thought. Some days, I cannot even look at the rest of the day.

I have found that I do three things to try to succeed:

1) Log my food.
2) Make sure that I have decent food in the house.
3) Concentrate on one meal at a time.

As usual, your blog inspires me.

debrasheers wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday! I really enjoy reading your posts - thanks so much!
SMidgett87 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday! By the way, I think people get too hung up on hitting the daily goals. I work very hard to make sure I hit the weekly target though - so I have a couple of cheat days, and I make up for it the other 5 days. Working great so far - 40 lbs in just under 6 months!

(Great post by the way!)
fanofsummer wrote 51 months ago:
I agree, food does occupy so many of my thoughts. Its a struggle almost every day not to overeat. My best girlfriend weighs less than her skinny high school self 30 years after graduating. FOOD DOES NOT OCCUPY HER MIND. It's interesting how I can remember the Christmas House tour in 2015 when I wouldn't even eat 1 cookie all afternoon from house to house. I'm was proud of myself that day and because I met my weight-loss goal that winter. Not easy in the midwest. I lost 50 pounds in 2012. 10 of those pounds are always fighting to come back. But the good news is I've kept 40 off and sometimes 50 ;) Cheers!
daneejela wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday!

Ah, the one excuse that I give myself often is some sort of unspoken - what's the point anyway?
I use it usually during a bad period with my SO, like getting fatter is gonna make my problems go away, not aggravate it.
geebusuk wrote 51 months ago:
Five years ago I logged 5300 calories on my birthday.
I also logged 4300 calories of exercise, so was actually a good bit under my calorie goal.

Run with a friend followed by a decent cycle ride.

I like eating food. I liked that I could improve my fitness, see some nice countryside AND eat lots of food :).
SheilaCali wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Belated! Another rotation around the sun under your (loose) belt. So often you have written what I've thought- amazing how twisted that can (and should) be. Best wishes for you and your honey to enjoy another trip around the big bright ball- may it be full of love and laughter.
Kev1234567 wrote 51 months ago:
Happy Birthday for last week.
Some of the excuses we give to ourselves ring so true :-) By the way - I'm on a cheat day today - family is visiting so I must eat junk and drink copious amounts of beer just to show them Im a real man.

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