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It's Like Having a Pesky Little Brother!

My wife and I both like electronic gadgets, so for my 55th birthday, instead of getting me a nose hair trimmer, she bought me a Fitbit One. WTH is a Fitbit? It is a basically a step counter with some pretty sophisticated calculations to measure your daily caloric burn. From your steps (motion) it calculates your activity or lack there of - well as long as you wear it. At one point, for me, it would have been better off called a lazy-meter.

Why would you want one? Because dsjohndrow has one. If that is not a good enough reason, read on.

The Fitbit online portal augments your ability to keep track of other health and fitness related data. In addition to the logs for food consumption (from MFP and a host of other sources), you also can track blood pressure, glucose and even add custom logs in the dashboard.

Here is a quick list of what it can automatically log and calculate for you.
- Steps:
The number of footsteps taken, or nervous taps with it on your desk.

- Calories Burned: A basic calculation of the calories burned calculated from the number of steps you take, factoring in your hight, weight and age. What MFP does, but based on actual, not estimated activity.

- Distance in Miles or Kilometers: It counts a specific stride length which is adjustable, and there is one for walking and running.

- Very Active Time: I am guessing that at some point it distinguishes between the speed in which the steps happen. The difference between foreplay and ... ah never mind.

- Stair Steps: It somehow magically knows the difference between flat and elevated steps.

- Sleep: Just like Santa Claus, it knows. Type, Length and Quality: If you wear it, it measures your sleep activity, showing restlessness, awake time and blissful REM. And no, I haven't tried it for that. The wrist band gets in the way of the handcuffs.

Fitbit and MFP are really quite a great partnership. All my food logging from MFP shows up in Fitbit dashboard when synched! No logging it twice. I happen too think that step counting is a difficult way to track miles; therefore, I use Endomondo with GPS to measure runs. It also synchs with MFP and I don't have to log my exercise at all! Endomondo has an HRM and my Very Active Time is much more accurate. Endomondo posts to MFP, which in turn posts to Fitbit, Facebook and Twitter! Holy smokes, that is awesome! It's like a social media avalanche.

What have I learned about me and Fitbit in the 10 or so days that I have had my One?
- My sleep is 98% efficient. Who knew, Sonesta works.

- Active minutes can come at surprising moments, like when the dog sneaks out the front door.

- I walk an average of 2.24 miles (most of it between the office, the coffee pot and the bathroom) a day.

- It counts all my activity from house cleaning to brushing my teeth and farting when no one is looking.

- It's easy to lose (wash, dry, or misplace). I lost my original one in less than 48 hours. I messaged the company to see if there was any way to locate it. After retracing my steps (and not getting credit for them) they simply sent me a new one free of charge.

- I was concerned that it would blow up when I ran 18 miles, but it posted a badge for 35,000 steps in a day. I mean who needs WTG? ;)

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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saphfireangel wrote 106 months ago:
Now I wanna fitbit lol.. Hmmm my birthday is coming up I just may have to put that link somewhere that hubby can find :)
skinnyme47 wrote 106 months ago:
I have a Fitbit. It was worth every penny. I find myself trying to earn the next badge on the site. Enjoy your Fitbit. :)
JTH11706 wrote 106 months ago:
I have a birthday coming up too. I've always wanted a Fitbit but couldn't justify having it and the Garmin I use for running. Thanks for giving me permission to have both ;-) Great blog.
3foldchord wrote 106 months ago:
My husband could benefit from one....if he used it. I am a "lifter" and don't care about cardio (it happens of course, I just don't care to pay attention to it)
But he is sedentary and thinks jogging around the block once a week is enough.

Maybe I can get one for me, then talk him into trying it. (He's balk if I got it actually FOR him.)
MaryRegs wrote 106 months ago: my tech envy level has been elevated...great blog as always!!
juliemouse83 wrote 106 months ago:
OMG...gets in the way of the handcuffs? LMAO!!!! +1
Alidecker wrote 106 months ago:
Really, they sent you a new one. I never thought to ask them about losing mine. I lost it on a golf course somewhere in the 18 holes in May.
bobbinalong wrote 106 months ago:
I looked at the title of the book through the above link....the spelling needs to be corrected! see subtitle :)
deeannhill wrote 106 months ago:
My people (family) think I'm C-R-A-Z-Y for wanting fitness stuff for my upcoming birthday! Top of my list is a Polar FT4 or a Fitbit. Since I won't have it before, I know it won't log my begging, cajoling, whining and finally more begging. But I REE-HEE-HEE-HEELLLY want one for my 40th birthday. Now I want one even more. Nice plug, Dave. Thanks a lot.
MelissaGraham7 wrote 106 months ago:
nice blog. Now I want handcuffs.... er a Fitbit! LOL
Angie2822 wrote 106 months ago:
I love my makes me do everything I can to get my 5 miles per day and 10,000 steps. Your absolutely right it's like a pesky little brother, but I never want to live without it now.
cessnaholly wrote 106 months ago:
that sounds awesome. maybe santa will get me one.
LilithElina wrote 106 months ago:
I only have a FitBit Zip, because I don't know what to do while the One is recharging, and I'm not interested in the sleep measurements (would love the stairs climbed, though!). It's awesome and definitely makes me move more.

Plus, the company is great. I'm from Germany, where they only sell the devices but no extras. I really needed a second Bluetooth dongle for my work PC, though, since my Windows Phone can't sync with the FitBit, so they sent me a second one for free.
violet456 wrote 106 months ago:
I have the slightly older fitbit and I love it. I have been wearing it diligently (not including sleep) for over a year now.
bethm1210 wrote 106 months ago:
My hubby was given a Fitbit One at a health insurance seminar he went to recently. (No wonder premiums are high! But I digress...) Since I'm the gadget geek in our family, he gave it to me. I've only had it 5 days, but I am loving it! It's definitely prompting me to get out and move more.
Leahbcc wrote 106 months ago:
Thanks for this going to look into one
Hoppymom wrote 106 months ago:
Does not do well in the washer or dryer. :( How come everyone I know that has lost or blown up their FitBit gets a freebie and I get nada? I must have bad Karma.
Beckboo0912 wrote 106 months ago:
My birthday is coming but not my 55th...can you pass along the message to my family that one of these would be a great thing! Thanks!
yoscarlino wrote 106 months ago:
Got Mine for my Birthday too. BEST. GIFT. EVER.

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