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It might be a good thing you are on MFP if...

I have been on MFP for probably too long. My closest friends say that I have the gift of annoying people. So today I am going to practice using it with an updated rerun from last year.

It might be a good thing you are on MFP if…. think Thanksgiving Day trumps Black Friday .
...your ears perked up when someone mentioned stuffing, but then you realized you were at the Build a Bear Store.
... you actualy eat the creamed onions.
…you named your pets’ Twinkie and Ho Ho.
…you lick your yogurt cup clean -even in the break room at work.
…your scale goes to “To Be Continued!”
…you are “employee of the month” at the grocery store and don’t even work there.
…you have a picture of choclate pie on your coffee mug.
…your survival kit has a Pampered Chef hand food-processor.
…you ask, “Did you eat?” instead of “How are you?”
…your bonus rewards at the Hostess store are enough to take a family vacation.
…you get Christmas cards from Little Debbie, Frank Perdue and Oscar Mayer.
…you actually bought the DVDs from the Food Channel.
…your t-shirt says, “thin might be in, but fat is where it’s at.”
…you have a Burger King crown collection.
…you keep snacks to have between snacks.
…you can’t wait for reruns of the Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercials
…you introduce your spouse as “The World’s best Grocery Shopper.”
…your first-aid kit has granola bars and a Diet Coke IV.
…you think instant meals take too long.
…you DVR food commercials.
…you weep when some one at the next table doesn't finish thier meal.
…Little Debbie holds the mortgage on your home.
…you think that Jenny Craig is the devil. make paper jewelry necklaces with food wrappers. think that Twinkies are soul food. buy a laptop, and instinctively ask the clerk to super-size it. think that a day without chocolate is like a day without running water and electricity. have Oreo cookies in the dentists office – might as well get your moneys worth.
...your first stop at Walt Disney World is the food court in Epcot. ate the Christmas fruitcake the everyone else re-gifts.
Some days it is good to laugh at ourselves. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks in advance for the commments and votes. You guys and  gals are amazing!

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Mustangsally1000 wrote 116 months ago:
Thanks for the smile today David!
cindyhoney2 wrote 116 months ago:
your scale goes to “To Be Continued!”
Love it, thanks for the laughs!
katrwal wrote 116 months ago:
one other: ...your kids distract you with chocolate bars when you're scolding them :)
Ferfey02 wrote 116 months ago:
lol... I especially like the "you buy a laptop, and instinctively ask the clerk to super-size it."
runfatmanrun wrote 116 months ago:
Funny. I do meet 3 or 4 of these so I guess that's good for at least part time status here. Thanksgiving Day will always trump Black Friday.
TheCaren wrote 116 months ago:
Very cute! Thanks for sharing them!
sylwheat wrote 116 months ago:
GREAT ! Thanks - always good to get a laugh on MONDAY ;-)
MaryRegs wrote 116 months ago:
"you weep when someone at the next table doesn't finish their meal"....laughing out loud in my cube at work!!!!
pickledginger wrote 116 months ago:
Hey, hey, hey! I like the creamed onions. Just need to develop a gf version.

And chocolate is an important part of a balanced diet! (Did you know that cocoa powder qualifies as a high-protein food? Hilarious, but true.)
LikeNoOneElse84 wrote 116 months ago:
Love this! I swear I saw myself in some of these. LMAO
itgeekwoman wrote 116 months ago:
I love the fruitcake! Hands down had to force myself not to buy one. I think I will anyway, but really?????
TriClaudia wrote 116 months ago:
Thanksgiving Day TOTALLY trumps black Friday. Jenny Craig IS the devil, and the food court at EPCOT is a wonder of the world, right? This was such a welcome laugh today! Thanks!
OutOfBreath wrote 116 months ago:
" have Oreo cookies in the dentists office – might as well get your moneys worth."

Hmmm. This gives me an idea. >> Hopefully my dentist doesn't know you! :D
Thanks for the laughs. :)
Colleen118 wrote 116 months ago:
Love This! and....

ummmm Thanksgiving Day does trump Black Friday.

I say this not because f the d@mn fine feast but because of the meaning of the day. But this comes from a person whose favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.... for all the reasons of being Thankful for the things I have that others can't, and for knowing that I have so much to live for...

Aside from that, I belong here because of the support and suggestions to keep me grounded to my new lifestyle. :)
carolstartingover wrote 116 months ago:
My daughter has a friend that used to say "Fat girl gotta eat." before she found food somewhere. She was proud of it. Now, she has lost weight and must have a different attitude. But that did crack me up and she loved when people laughed. It is a standing concern "mom missed a meal". Because I don't usually. I do have low blood sugar, and I really can and have fainted without food. That can change since I gained 50 with the effing Prednisone. Time to lose it and I have lost almost 20. I will post when that happens and I am going for SOON. Great post!!!
Chou_In_Motion wrote 116 months ago:
*laughing... I don't think you are annoying... I look forward to your blogs =))
sistahbigbone wrote 116 months ago:
Too funny!
stewerts wrote 116 months ago:
When sunbathing at the beach the life guard askes you to move because the tide would like to come in
kumarvg1 wrote 115 months ago:
Laughing burns calories and generates happy engymes. Good post

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