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It might be a good thing you are on MFP if….

It might be a good thing you are on MFP if….
…you named your pets’ Burger and Fries. 
…you lick your yogurt cup clean.
…your scale goes to “To Be Continued!”
…you are “employee of the month” at the grocery store and don’t even work there.
…you have a picture of cheesecake on your coffee mug.
…your survival kit has a Pampered Chef hand food-processor.
…you ask, “Did you eat?” instead of “How are you?”
…your bonus rewards at the grocery store are enough to take a family vacation.
…you get Christmas cards from Frank Perdue and Oscar Mayer.
…you actually bought the DVDs from the Food Channel.
…your t-shirt says, “thin might be in, but fat is where it’s at.”
…you have a Burger King crown collection.
…you keep snacks in every pocket.
…you can’t wait for reruns of the Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercials
…you introduce your spouse as “The World’s best Grocery Shopper.”
…your first aid kit has granola bars and a Diet Coke IV.
…you think instant meals take too long.
…you DVR food commercials. 
…you weep when some one at the next table doesn't finish thier meal or ask for a doggie bag. 
…Little Debbie holds the mortgage on your home.
…you think that Jenny Craig is the devil. make paper jewelry necklaces with food wrappers. think that Twinkies are soul food. buy a laptop, and instinctively ask the clerk to super-size it. think that a day without chocolate is like a day without running water and electricity. have Oreo cookies in the dentists office – might as well get your moneys worth.
...your first stop at Walt Disney World is the food court in Epcot. ate the Christmas fruitcake the everyone else re-gifts.
Some days it is good to laugh at ourselves. :)
Thanks in advance for the commments and votes. You guys and  gals are amazing!

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sk2775 wrote 123 months ago:
lol!!!! Is it sad that I actually like fruitcake (not all the time, but I do have a piece or two at Christmas time)
emilydmac wrote 123 months ago:
You are the best! I love your blogs, so funny, witty and smart!
kristilovescake wrote 123 months ago:
Great blog! It's a good thing I'm on MFP because I recently became OBSESSED with the Foot Network and Cooking Channels. And I love to bake.
Snowridesbikes wrote 123 months ago:
Guilty of a few if these! Lol
AI1108 wrote 123 months ago:
" think that a day without chocolate is like a day without running water and electricity."

I didn't know you were mentioning me in your entry :P
GentlyLosing wrote 123 months ago:
I lick my yogurt cup clean...what does that tell you! Glad I'm on MFP!
Great Blaugh! (blog + laugh)
jarrettfam wrote 123 months ago:
Too funny!! Love it!
odditblue wrote 123 months ago:
OMG!!! You make me laugh!!!
Thanks! Needed that. =D
NinjaMonkey201 wrote 123 months ago:
I lick my yogurt cup clean, too. :-)
afrazier128 wrote 123 months ago:
Good stuff!
aliciagetshealthy wrote 123 months ago:
I lick the yogurt cup clean so the labels can be saved for breast cancer awareness! <oh, you mean you don't have to lick the entire container for that? =P>
seniorfaye wrote 123 months ago:
You are Goood !! Lol enjoyed it...
OutOfBreath wrote 123 months ago:
" have Oreo cookies in the dentists office – might as well get your moneys worth."

Pure evil genius. LOL
tiaydew wrote 123 months ago:
Haha! These were hilarious!
BettyBudski wrote 123 months ago:
Pkiddy wrote 123 months ago:
@aliciagetshealthy - me too!!! i thought you had to lick the whole thing clean. lol
Great Blog!
SugarNtheRaw wrote 123 months ago:
Well, we found a kitten a few days ago and named her "Wonton". Does that count? Cause it was supposed to be funny...
adk88 wrote 123 months ago:
Haha, awesome!
Sassi50 wrote 123 months ago:
You are an evil man...with all the water we drink, it is too dangerous to read your blog....I may wet my panties!!!!!
cessnaholly wrote 123 months ago:
This is the funniest thing I've read here. Thanks for the chuckle.
janelle1993 wrote 123 months ago:
too funny :)
abazooday727 wrote 123 months ago:
froglegjack wrote 123 months ago:
hahaha this had me really laughing thank you :)
MommyLyssa wrote 123 months ago:
Havent finished reading, but when you said did you eat instead of how are you, just reminded me of my Korean In=laws :) In Korea when they grew up, because of the famine, that is actually how they would great each other. The "hello" they use literally means have you eaten today. Random tidbit of information
ShapingAgnes wrote 123 months ago:
I wish this could be emailed lol
Redladystl wrote 123 months ago:
LMBO!!!! YEP at least 2 of those are me!
jfrog123 wrote 123 months ago:
Quick, somebody help me think of new names for Peanut and Cashew! Lol. All I can say is that as I read this I was thinking to myself, "hey! I resemble that remark!"
DynamicDiva wrote 123 months ago:
Too funny
staroftheeast wrote 123 months ago:
I LOVE good fruitcake. I buy some every year. LOL. thanks for reminding me to go do my Harry & david order.
STARSHINE1975 wrote 123 months ago:
I still lick my yogurt cup. lol
skinnnyxoxo wrote 123 months ago:
haha, this is funny :)
ElisaMarie82 wrote 122 months ago:
Hahahahahaha!!!! Thanks for the calorie burn on the laughs you just gave me!:D
dustygn wrote 122 months ago: think that a day without chocolate is like a day without running water and electricity.
This is definitely me! :)
sgirl29 wrote 122 months ago:
LMBO!!! Love it! :)
ECA67 wrote 122 months ago:
So cute !

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