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It Isn't Always Easy

My biopsy came back positive for cancer in 7 out of 16 cores. One of the cores is serious. They are going to pursue some non-surgical treatments.

Cancer sucks!

I am still working on my food consumption and cutting it back. Remember the days when you were hungry all the time? I am there again.

I am eating more protein and less carbs. I am down a little!

I had some other tests done the see if they can figure out my digestive issues. I am waiting for those to come back. The results, not the crap in a cup. Despite all that, I have support from my girlfriend which makes some of this health stuff easier.
Support is essential for success. 

I am running more, and faster, and I don't care how I feel. When I come back from a run, I always feel better than when I started.

And I am getting 5 or so miles in a day on my walking desk at work.

I don't have a lot to say today. I am working on my new book, looking forward to my future, creating art, and training for the Berlin Marathon.

Life will take care of itself if I say focused on what I need to do today.

I have scheduled all my runs in the calendar and I am working on completing a food menu so I can stay on track for the month. I have also scheduled some fun stuff and some races to look forward to.

That's it. Today. I can do this.

Thanks for the votes and comments. I always appreciate those.

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kendallvon wrote 61 months ago:
As always, you have a wonderful attitude! I hate bleating platitudes, but One Day at a Time kinda fits the situation. Healing vibes heading out into the Universe for you. Blessings!
kdavid1987 wrote 61 months ago:
Hang in there sir. We are all rooting for you. As for me, I am eating carrot sticks at my desk because it's a slow day at work. I have not missed a work out in the 4 weeks since I got onto MFP. I love reading your blog and checking in with you. Just know that however surreal it may seem, a lot of people like myself really do look up to you.
FIT2125 wrote 61 months ago:
Like Kdavid1987 wrote .. We look up to you David...
We admire your courage , perseverance. I keep checking on you and read your blogs give me the motivation to get my lazy ass off the couch and workout....Cancer Sucks ... You will win the battle
Always in our prayers ...
luluinca wrote 61 months ago:
Best wishes for successful treatment. You must be at least a little bit happy that there's no surgery involved. Keep up the fight and keep putting one foot, or running shoe, in front of the other. It's what you do best!
HappyAnna2014 wrote 61 months ago:
You can totally do this!!
jackflak wrote 61 months ago:
positive thoughts! Check in to Proton Therapy.
dsjohndrow wrote 61 months ago:
On the list of options.
aprilpkm wrote 61 months ago:
Thanks for all you do! I had to Google walking Desk. It would be you that would invest in that and share that with us. Blessings and prayers to you. Thanks again for all of the inspiration!
joanthemom8 wrote 61 months ago:
I'm sorry to hear that cancer is back in your life. You are so positive and (otherwise) healthy, so I bet you have the strength to get through this. And when you don't, just draw on your friends (here in cyber life and real life) for strength. Sending you positive brain waves!! :)
PennWalker wrote 61 months ago:
I'm so sorry you're ill and wish you the best with the treatment. Thanks for all your inspiration and encouragement to this community -- hopefully we can send some good vibes back to you.
brittvshows wrote 61 months ago:
I had my fingers crossed so tightly for you, I lost circulation.You amaze, inspire and teach me lessons on how to deal with life with dignity and grace. May all the positiveness you show us be reflected back on you a gazillion times. All the best!
ggeise14 wrote 61 months ago:
Well - just "STARS!" Will keep praying for you -- sending a {hug}
Breeticus87 wrote 61 months ago:
You my friend are a superhero! You can beat this thing! Keep treating your body as well as you are and the cancer is going to be in for one hell of a fight! Best of wishes and prayers coming your way, I hope that your day is going well, and if you don't mind my asking, what is a walking desk?
Birdieeez wrote 61 months ago:
Cancer stinks, plain and simple! You can do this. Focus on what you can control. My thoughts are with you.
dsjohndrow wrote 61 months ago:
Walking desk = desk on a treadmill.
wxchic wrote 61 months ago:
You are a rock star, regardless. I wish I had half your fortitude. I pray for you everyday, friend!

curvyelvie wrote 61 months ago:
Cancer does suck and i know first hand because I'm a cancer survivor. But, it brings something out of you that will make you stronger. You will see things differently. You have the right attitude and believe me that is most of the battle. Stay cool! I love your sense of humor.
Hoppymom wrote 61 months ago:
wow...Not great news but you have a great attitude. You are focused on staying healthy and getting healthier and that can make all the difference. I'm sorry that this has landed in your life. Keep fighting.
babydee543 wrote 61 months ago:
Not the best news, but you are living proof that some damn fine lemonade can be made out of the suckiest lemons. You are an inspiration to all of us, and my thoughts, prayers & good vibes are always flowing in your direction. Stay strong!
TriciaCh wrote 61 months ago:
Sorry to hear about the cancer. As a survivor it's good to see you not totally focusing on that but on other issues as well. Too often people become all about the cancer and don't move on. Keep up the great attitude!
ameliabee6 wrote 61 months ago:
Your determination in the face of such scary challenges is incredibly admirable. Thank you for sharing your story!
Laura80111 wrote 61 months ago:
Well that wasn't the test results I wanted to read from you. So sorry but that just means I'll be praying more for you. Wow a walking desk, if I had one of those I'd be able to get in those 10,000 steps that "they" talk about. Those only happen for me when I'm on vacation otherwise I'm happy on the weekends when I get close to 7,000. You have a great attitude and thank you for letting us take this journey with you.
angelique_redhead wrote 61 months ago:
Prayers sent. Good luck beating your cancer.
chr1sjohnson wrote 61 months ago:
That's scary stuff. Your positive attitude and courage while going through this is incredible. You are such and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story and journey. Good luck!
bertadee812 wrote 61 months ago:
You have a fantastic attitude - I'll be praying that you are able to beat the cancer beast.
soyjoylove wrote 61 months ago:
You can do this!!
vettelady2001 wrote 61 months ago:
I look up to you. I have nonhodgkins lymphoma and finished chemo last June. It is something ever present in your mind. I try not to let it take over my being. With all the scans etc to stay focused is difficult for me I get up every day and look to the new day. You are my inspiration. I wish you luck in beating the cancer.
The_Movie_Chair wrote 61 months ago:
I wish you all the Best!
rikwaynik wrote 61 months ago:
Prayers - You have the perfect attitude for any battle. My son is a 4 year NHL survivor at 24 years old. He's taught me much. All the best to you. You definitely have what it takes.
jmp463 wrote 61 months ago:
Very sorry to hear about the cancer. That truly sucks - but it can be beat. Again.
sue_01 wrote 61 months ago:
Never give up and keep fighting!

Your MFP`s are always here for you.

49Elle wrote 61 months ago:
As is your way you keep looking forward and plan positively- such courage and will is such a great example to the rest of us just battling the food issues!

If good vibes make a difference in your day, just know they are being sent to you from all around the world - and they never stop!
thehadster wrote 61 months ago:
Just about everyone on MFP is rooting for you!
thehadster wrote 61 months ago:
Just about everyone on MFP is rooting for you!
LornaTripp wrote 61 months ago:
You have an amazing attitude and the will to keep going strong even when things are so negative . I do believe that your attitude can change the world and you are proof of this keep going strong
Beth150Ann wrote 61 months ago:
I love the comment "Life will take care of itself if I say focused on what I need to do today.". That is so true and inspirational. Thank you -- take care of yourself.
hauteswan wrote 61 months ago:
Cannabis cures. God Bless.
Dootzy1 wrote 61 months ago:
This is not easy to read, cancer can be such a thief.. glad you have a woman friend to be with you. There has been so much that you have already had to suffer through. Amazing spirit! Thanks for sharing this with us.........

jennknut wrote 61 months ago:
I also survived a month in ICU, a year of recovery only to have to go to Mayo to get a tumor out. Sometimes I just want to scream, "It's not fair" but then I realize I am HERE. I am alive and that is all there is to it. The gift you give to others in your positive journey is why you are here. You are a gift. Keep on being your positive self and I will send good vibes your way! Stay focused and just one day at a time...
daneejela wrote 61 months ago:
I've talked with a oncology doctor that had cancer himself in the past. He said that the best thing to do when having cancer is to keep with your life as if you don't have it. That was what he did while going onto chemo..That is what I try to make my father (who also has cancer) to do.
At the end, life is a mystery,with or without cancer, nobody knows what tomorrow brings, we only have our todays to make them best possible. One day at a time. From that doctor I've heard that cancer treatment today is not what it used to be, it has developed very much in last decade or two, so good doctor, good support and good spirit is a wining combo!
agbmom556 wrote 61 months ago:
Hugs and prayers sending your way. Love that you have scheduled runs and are working on yourself. Sometimes life throws you curve balls but we have to keep on going. They may slow us down but not stop us.
ILoveGingerNut wrote 61 months ago:
Inspirational. I might write down some of your lines and use them to remind myself x
denice0414 wrote 57 months ago:
Cancer sucks!!! Continued prayers for you!!!

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