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Inspired to Try, but Why?

Like most kids growing up, I played a couple of sports, none of which I really excelled in. I was a fast sprinter for the simple reason I needed to escape getting super wedgies from my older brothers.

I am a Boston Bruins fan - a pretty good one in fact - I hate the Habs, the Flyers and the Canucks for all the right reasons. My own hockey career never earned me any accolades. No trophies or playoffs in high school, I got cut from pro-am after 5 practices, and I played 1 year on a 0-17-1 college hockey team.

For some weird reason, I have a 1st place bowling trophy, a 3rd place NASTAR skiing medal and a couple of championship basketball trophies. Then there are the permanent scars of motocross wipeouts and the nice shiny crowns.

So what inspires a guy like me to do something I will never excel at?

I really have no freakin' idea. I just like running; it's 3rd on my list after that and hockey. It's ahead of skating, rollerblading, biking and riding the motorcycle.

2 years ago I was going to be happy if God let me run a half dozen 5Ks a year without injuries - well, under 30 minute 5Ks! Since then my addiction has landed me at the finish line of a number of 5Ks, a few 10Ks and a 1/2 marathon. 5Ks are a gateway drug. The only harder drug for me is a Marathon or possibly a Triathlon.

Running a marathon takes more than signing up, it takes inspiration and training - or does it?

Chucking perfection out the window, some times I think you just have to do something. I would like to say failure is not an option, but for me, it actually is. Giving up without trying, that's another story.

Here are three inspiring stories which I have come across in the last few months.

Eddie Izzard: He ran 43 marathons in 51 days! He was in his 40s. (MORE...)

What does Eddie think about his accomplishment? "I don't think what I did was amazing. Anyone can do it."

Fauja Singh: The man who ran The London Marathon at age 101! Heck, at age 89 he ran his first marathon - that's almost 40 years older than I am today! (MORE...) Video

Julie Weiss: Pushing the envelope, and turning grief into passion is also inspirational. Ms. Weiss is no youngster either, but she is a lot better looking than me, Eddie or Fauja. She is scheduled to run her 52nd marathon in 52 weeks on March 17, 2013!

Better known as The Marathon Goddess, Julie runs for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and so do I.

5K, 10K, over the hill, who knows what you are capable of until you try.

I am pretty happy with my race schedule for this year; it's posted on my profile if you want to join me. Most of the race dates are firm, but I am open to mixing it up.

Why do I run? I run races which support causes I believe in like cancer and cardiovascular research, as well as Boston Children's Hospital, and the local police association, to name a few. It's a way for me to give to my community. In return I meet great people and look forward to seeing those foundations touch lives.

And finally, you all inspire me. From my long time friends, some of whom I have met at races, to the new ones, I love yoursuccess stories!

Some of you have been after me to write a book about weight loss and fitness. I want to do that; it's on my bucket list. So is running a marathon. In my own mind, I see the marathon as one of my credentials for the book. I really don't know where to begin. If you want to help me get started, PM me.

Tell us, what inspires you?

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dsjohndrow wrote 113 months ago:
Congrats on your full marathon this weekend, Bobby!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 113 months ago:
You really make me wish I could run. BUT...I'm walking some 5k's this year. First one next month...when you finish, you get beer and chocolate cake! LOL!!!!!
Elbee1 wrote 113 months ago:
Thank you for such a great post! I love the inspirational stories & yours, as well. I have not given up my dream of becoming a runner, although I cannot run at this time.
cfreema wrote 113 months ago:
I am in training for my second marathon, and i do think it takes something. And that something is stubbornness. You have to run through pain and the weather. You have to schedule your life around those runs. You have to strategically plan for months in advance. You have to want it. You have to ignore all the people who say you cant do it, or the why are you doing it? And you have to also ignore all the people who make it look effortless. Who run it in 4 hours when it takes you 6. But I agree, if you have that stubborn streak, anyone can run a marathon.
tonybalony01 wrote 113 months ago:
Add me to the list of people you've inspired to run a 5k.
Thanks for the blogs and sharing your story.
Flyer615 wrote 113 months ago:
I'm planning my first 5K in May. At 50, I had never run a complete mile without sucking air so hard that other's couldn't get within a couple of yards of me for fear of not getting any oxygen. I've followed your progress for nearly a year. You continue to inspire me, David. Keep up the good fight, man.
alphabetsoup2013 wrote 113 months ago:
Those are very inspiring stories. I remember taking part in a 2k walking event a few years ago. It was too much for me (although I made myself finish it). I am looking forward to being able to tackle charity walks like that in future without hesitation.

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