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If Quitting Were Hard, No One Would Do It

Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn’t feel like doing this fit lifestyle crap? I know that I have. Worse, I have one and the next day it seems I have a worse one. It's one of the big reasons I can't have cheat days - they end up as cheat weeks.

I confess, it's been hard to stay focused.

I just completed marathon number 6 in San Diego. I finished and it wasn't even my worst one. Running 20 miles and walking 6 is not a failure. This blog is isn't about running anyway. It's not even about finishing a race.

It's about food. It's always the damn food!

The food has been my problem since I was 41. Before that it was cigarettes and drinking and kids; I have a lot of kids. ;) At 41 I went from 165-175 to 230 pounds and then to around 300. I have struggled with my weight ever since. I put smoking and drinking behind me decades ago, many decades.

And my last kid will be on her own in a few years.

Lately it seems that I eat out more, cook less, and don't pay attention as much. I dread making lunches and snacks. Sure the scale is only a few pounds up, but it's bothering me. I am working hard to stay in the day and just live one at a time.

You certainly can't outrun a bad diet.

Granted I have a lot going on in my personal life: final agreement on the divorce, three skin cancer surgeries the week of July 2 to 9, and a new manager at work. Some days everything seems impossible.

Nothing is impossible - well, for me, nothing is impossible with God.

The flip side of having a lot of stuff to deal with in life? Having a lot of ways to counter it. I put things in my life that are worth looking forward to. I purchase something small online that I need so the pile of medical bills seems smaller when I get to the mailbox. Of course I run. I register for local races, I ride my bike, take an occasional ride on the motorcycle and I have taken up competitive shooting.

Some days I just sit on the bed and enjoy some of the blessings I do have.

If quitting is not an option, then entertaining myself, visiting my kids, and being a smartass online is a positive response.

When I am doing those things, I am not eating or thinking about it.

I was going to write 10 things to help lose or maintain your fitness. I can only think of one.


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activeinmysixties wrote 84 months ago:
well said!
swat1948 wrote 84 months ago:
I have no intention of giving up, but the stress level here some days is just more than I can handle. I will be taking off Sunday because the family will be here but cheat days usually work to help me feel more committed when I do get back to doing what I must. I have no business whining about stress here when at least I have my health and I am not dealing with cancer. But just saying how it is for me. I will never quit! It is not an option for me because I will never go back to what I was. A pathetic loser sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself and never moving eating my emotions. This is just not a journey towards better physical health but it also forces you to take a good look at you and ultimately makes you deal with your mental issues. I guess I will be here the rest of my life. You are my hero.
JassyStokes wrote 84 months ago:
Wow, you just made my day, so true everything that you said and if I could add one thing it is my motto I live by every day which is, "Every day is a day for healing, so get up and move something." Be abundantly blessed and know that we are all in this together!!
Crystalp2281 wrote 84 months ago:
I'm feeling pretty good TODAY about my new healthy lifestyle, but this really hit home for me concerning work today. I can't just "quit" literally, but I sure can mentally, and this is what I needed to get me through ONE more day! Thanks! :)
vixtris wrote 84 months ago:
I've given up in the past. This time, I don't know ... something just clicked in my head. I want to lose it more than anything. Its been keeping my motivation going strong for the past 5 months. I do have those days where I feel tired and don't want to put any effort... but I do it anyways because thats just how bad I want it.
socalkay wrote 84 months ago:
Congrats and well done on the San Diego marathon! Don't quit!
celticlass69 wrote 84 months ago:
Balance. Could that be another thing to help maintain your fitness? All that you mentioned you seem to try to balance out. Good vs bad. You definitely have a lot on your plate, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Stay strong hun! However like a see saw you must balance yourself. Too much of anything is not good. I'm not saying cheat, I'm saying workouts balanced with family time, you time, God time. It's just a thought.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. If we can reach out to others here and get support we need then we are not quite so alone, are we?
punkrockgoth wrote 84 months ago:
Thank you for this. I needed to read it.
MoochieRama wrote 84 months ago:
Everyday is a new opportunity for life to get better. Wishing you a speedy & full recovery from your recent surgeries. You're a very tough, resilient, survivor!
hrnighs wrote 84 months ago:
I love this post. Well said. I have certainly had my fair share of those days.
angeluche83 wrote 84 months ago:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is very helpful to know you are not the only one struggling. Hang tight, you are so right, Nothing is impossible with God. You will come out on top.
kacdragon wrote 84 months ago:
Thank you! I always love reading and am glad that you write for us instead of eating... Your wit keeps me focused on the journey to healthy!
cootason wrote 84 months ago:
Great post thanks for sharing, agree with most if not all you have posted especially about cheat days, I take them and end up cutting back my training slacking off when I usually train 6 days a week. diet is the hardest to maintain but its getting easier. :)
karensuegill wrote 84 months ago:
We are all on the same road, trying to get healthy or stay healthy. It will always be a challenge. Some days more than others. I have found great strength in surrendering to God every morning and asking him for strength even when I may feel I have the strength to do it myself. God never fails. He cannot fail because he is God. His strength has not let me down. Yes I have made some mistakes and fallen off track, but He has helped me get right back on track. Stay with God and you cannot fail, stumble maybe, but never fail.
"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73:26
hawktlh1 wrote 84 months ago:
Thank you for sharing. As a child of God, your good is better and your better is blessed. Have a care.

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