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Identifying Pathetic Runners and Raceholes

Every sport has @$$holes and variations thereof, but running seems to have a unique flavor of @$$hole that I refer to as raceholes. The fact that raceholes run-shame other runners is nothing new. This however, does not mean that you may act anyway that you like. Based on my made-up scientific research, I have found that raceholes can be subdivided even further into three classes:
1. Asshats are runners who do stupid things and may not be aware of the reason why. Even pathetic runners can be asshats. They’re recognized by these actions:
· Splashing water on the volunteers
· Sudden stop for any reason
· Run races with dogs on a leash

2. Twatwaffles are runners who are just rude.
· Not pulling over to the side with a hand signal before a walk break
· Using speakers instead of headphones during a race

3. Douche Canoes do things to specifically aggravate other runners

And that's from my new book so you will be educated. :)

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