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I love California and I am not even a Democrat!

The last time I was out west was in 1990. While I was visiting Death Valley, the Gulf War started in Iraq. I had no time constraints and I stayed as long as I needed enjoy the many wonderful sights!

Yesterday I drove from Redding to Redwoods National Park. I took the treacherous SR 299 through the Cascades. Because my internal clock is 3 hours off, I got up early and left before sunrise. The trip is about 4 hours. The road is well paved and the speed limit (for the manly) is 55. The switchbacks are pretty well banked; which is a good thing because the road is almost devoid of guard rails. I am not sure the white line on the outer edge would do much to keep your car from plummeting off the mountain side.

As I came down one mountain and readied to climb the next, the moon shown on Whiskytown Lake. After about an hour, I hadn’t seen a single car. The road was narrow and there were no shoulders. As I drove up the mountain, I started to think about what might happen if I had a flat, or worse, an accident… I flipped on the radio to see if I could find something interesting to listen to, nothing but static. My cell phone had long lost its signal.

Down another mountain and up the next… I decided to pray, it’s something that I like to do anyway. I only wished that I had brought music.

The minutes started to pass, and then in the valley there was fog, thick fog. I wondered if it would get worse. I wound my way forward. I felt peace. Once you have been near death, you don’t find as much drama in uncomfortable situations!

Then all of sudden I was above the clouds looking down at the valley I just crossed - the sun was just above the horizon. I pulled over at a turnout, and took some photos. I got back in the car longing for some music, and flipped on the radio again. I punched the scan button and on the radio was Chris Tomlin singing, “You Never Let Go”… as I walk through valley of the shadow of death; I will fear no evil… so I sat there for moment and savored the presence of the Almighty.

I drove the rest of the way to the coast through Shasta-Trinity National Forrest I started thinking about my continued blessings. The radio station faded and hit seek button again. This time it was Country station (I now some of you don’t think that is a blessing!) playing Joe Nichols “Gimme the Girl.” I missed my wife, wished that I could give her a call.

Life is good, really good. Don’t miss it!

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GentlyLosing wrote 128 months ago:
These kind of interludes with God are so sweet. Glad you are in tune with your creator and you take the time to savor the moments of awareness he gives. However, I have to ask...are you sure it wasn't Matt Redman instead of Chris Tomlin singing You Never Let Go? :)
dsjohndrow wrote 128 months ago:
Might have been. I have heard them both do it, and do it together. Not sure.
StevLL wrote 128 months ago:
What a great way to start the day!
coloradocami wrote 128 months ago:
Amazing photo! Absolutely breathtaking!!!
Snowridesbikes wrote 128 months ago:
Dont you just love those moments where you can just look up and say "I know thats you God" :)
fitzie63 wrote 128 months ago:
Great blog! I love your writing style. Yes, parts of my home State are beautiful but, if you ever find yourself moved there, you'll regret the high taxes that are probably among the highest in the nation.
Hoppymom wrote 128 months ago:
Lucky you to have ween this for real.The small and the sounds that we are missing must have addedto the experience. Happy Halloween and thanks for sharing.
CJK1959 wrote 128 months ago:
Love how you write....I could almost feel my heart skipping beats as I imagined you on this narrow road with no guardrails..The sense of the Almighty with you was so powerful I had to stop...take pause...and be thankful.
johnwhitent wrote 128 months ago:
Be still, ...

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