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I Have Some Funny Friends

I like too post silly stuff on my profile - it amuses me. But here is a post from a number of months ago that cracks me up. I am easily amused, I hope you will be too.

I scanned the bar-code in my running shorts with the MFP app and it came up as string cheese in the food diary.
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Hoppymom wrote 111 months ago:
Nothing but WIN here!
Denjo060 wrote 111 months ago:
LOL how bout that Im in there hahah
bkardong wrote 111 months ago:
Laughing out loud and can't wait to scan random objects!! The Kleenex one is funniest to me...
willowstregaraven wrote 111 months ago:
omg how cool cant wait to try it lol

Thank you for sharing x

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beckydragonpoet wrote 111 months ago:
Now I want to scan things.
newjojie wrote 111 months ago:
What can I scan? Looking around my desk now.
newjojie wrote 111 months ago:
Haha, i just scanned a box of clorox wipes and it came up as chocolate twizzlers!!!!

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