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I Found My Feet Down There

When you get to MFP you think, I'll lose some weight, get good looking and live happily ever after. I suppose some do.

It's been a couple of years since I thought about how freakin' hard it used to be to put on a pair of shoes. When I leaned over my fat belly crushed my diaphragm and I almost suffocated while trying to make a bunny ear in my shoelaces. To make matters worse, my lower back would occasionally go into spasms.

When I worked in corporate, I was a shoe addict (and ties and watches and drugs and cigarettes). I had loafers, oxfords, derbies, monk straps, and wing tips in various colors.

Then I got fat and bought a pair of slip-ons. To make matters worse, I got plantar fasciitis from cheap sneakers and high inclines on the treadmill - and excessive weight. The podiatrist custom made me inserts for my Merrill' and that was pretty much the last time I saw my feet for nearly 8 years.

Now that I am a jogger runner, all that's changed.

I am still addicted to shoes, I have 8 pairs of running shoes; most with matching Under Armour wicking shirts and Nike Combat underwear. If you are a walker, a jogger, or a runner, here are my recommendations.

Training Shoes - Like training pants, but they go on your feet. :) These are for walkers/runners and they have more cushion than the super light running shoes. I like mine because I can go 6 or 8 miles and my feet feel great. Recommended for newbies - especially if you are overweight. They are good for easy runes and not recommended for super long distances.

Running Shoes - These are a little more expensive than the training shoes (yes, they also go on your feet!). They are made of lighter weight materials and are usually well vented.They run a fine line with a minimum of cushioning, yet they are stable. Most need to be replaced within 300-500 miles depending on many factors, including your weight. If you are a heal striker, I would stick with the training shoes.

Recovery Shoes - I know, some running company decided that since it's too expensive for most runners to have aprés ski boots, they should have post-workout shoes. My daughter got me a pair of Skechers GoRecovery, and you know what, I look forward to wearing then for an hour or so after I run or workout.

Flip-Flops - Some people call them thongs, but isn't that what porn stars wear? I like them because I lived at the seashore for many years. I usually wear mine from May until October. I know they are not recommended by podiatrists anywhere, but who cares. I'd be barefoot if I could!

Slippers - Because I needed a trick for the dog to do. My other daughter got me a pair - probably at Walmart the cheap skate, but since I telecommute, I call them work shoes.

And no discussion would be complete without saying this: GET YOUR RUNNING SHOES FITTED AT A RUNNING STORE WHERE THEY DO A GAIT ANALYSIS! How you run, how your foot stikes the ground, the height of your arches, how you pronate and your weight; it all must be taken into consideration when purchasing shoes! The bunny slippers? Use your discression.

When was the last time you saw your feet?

Thanks for the votes and comments!

This was my original post for Tuesday, but I wasn't feeling too witty after the tragedy in Boston - in fact, I still don't. As I ponder the title of this blog, there are 17 people that will never put on a pair of shoes again; 14 amputees, and 3 dead.

Please read yesterday's blog and vote on it and share it. I would like to see it one of the most popular blogs on MyFitnessPal. Thank you, David.

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turkeyhunter60 wrote 112 months ago:
Love the humor.

Still heartbroken over Boston. Tulsa ran last night, and we wear tennis shoes to work on Friday.

odditblue wrote 112 months ago:
:) a much needed smile. Thank you for that today. It's been a long two weeks.
deeannhill wrote 112 months ago:
I only ever lost sight of me feet when 8+ months pregnant (you do not have the luxury of claiming that particular excuse), however I can surely relate to the near-asphixiation caused by bending over to tie my shoes. I am happy to report that once again, my trainers/runners/recovery/liesure shoes with laces sport their rabbit ears in the MIDDLE of the shoe! No longer do I cross my ankle over my knee to tie my shoes; the resulting inside dangle on the bunny ear was embarassing. I knew everyone who looked at my laces laughed inside knowing I couldn't tie the shoe properly.

To quote another blog, "If trying to break the human spirit, marathoners (runners) are not the place to start." I cannot run this week due to recent surgery, however my prayers are with the Bostonians and all those effected by the sensless bombing. I run in my heart and when I can begin to get back out on the pavement, I'll run in their honor. My run in B2B2013 will be in honor of those 17 who will never lace up again.
sc5351 wrote 112 months ago:
Yesterday I tried on a pair of boots in a department store. When I finished, I bent over and tied my training shoes when it dawned on me - I can't remember the last time I was able to tie my shoes without hoisting my foot up onto something. VICTORY!! It made my day!

Fantastic blog!
MelodyAnn323 wrote 112 months ago:
What a wonderful post! I love your comments at the end too. Thanks for your eloquent words.
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 112 months ago:
I read it ,but forgot to vote.Sorry, ;/..Done...

I can relate to the not being able to tie my shoes...or bend...but now I can!!
MaryRegs wrote 112 months ago:
perfect as always!
Trikie_78 wrote 112 months ago:
Congrats to you! Well done.
jackflak wrote 112 months ago:
Sweet! My wife is a porn star!!
rejordan wrote 112 months ago:
Thanks for the nod to Boston!

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