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I Don't Login Anymore!

Today is 11111000000 days on MFP - well if you are fluent in binary. For the rest of you, it's 1984 Orwellian days. I don't log food so much anymore. Why? Because I know how many calories everything that I eat is. Some days I have new dish and I will log that.

I still weigh myself every week!

Last week I was on vacation in Mexico and MFP is blocked at every taco bar I went to. Each day I tried to login in and it said peer is resetting. What the hell is that? I requested to have my streak reset, but so far it hasn't been. Bastards! EDIT: Well, good news, they are saints!

I ran a couple of 5Ks while on the cruise ship. One for a cancer charity!
I read that some of my friends have not logged in for x amount of days and I wonder why? None of them make excuses online, so I can only imagine - and you know my imagination.
1. You left your Smartphone at a bar, but can't remember which one.

2. You know which bar, and you are embarrassed to go pick it up.

3. You are no longer with us because you were harpooned on the beach by Asian whalers.

4. You dropped your Smartphone in the toilet while going #2 before your weigh in.

5. You were abducted by aliens and forced to ride what you thought was Space Mountain until you threw up. Since then, anything with a screen is terrifying.

6. You didn't pay your cell and cable bills.

7. You got your headphones stuck in the treadmill and you are still there.

8. You had to move back in with your mother and there is no cell signal in the basement.

9. You actually have a job where you are required to work, and it's not near a computer.

10. You got a new PC and forgot your password.

11. The dog ate your Smartphone.

12. You couldn't type in your password on the Smartphone, so you smashed it.

13. Someone hacked your account and gained 122 pounds on your behalf.

14. You're mad because someone told you NOT to eat your exercise calories.

15. You're mad because someone told you TO eat your exercise calories.

16. You were mugged by a chocolate cake and are being held for ransom.

17. You were hoping for a better description in the "Describe the Person Above You" thread.

18. You broke both your arms pole dancing.

19. You ran a marathon and took a wrong turn.

20. You're wedding day came and went.

21. You're new lifestyle doesn't include social media.

22. You became an expert nutritionist.

23. You took up smoking and don't know how to log it.

24. You reached your goal and no longer need support, or to support us. :(

25. You gave up, which really hurts our feelings. Now you are a loser.

Why do you skip logging in?

Thanks for the votes and comments. (You can do both!)

Friend me at your own risk! 

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MonicaA2013 wrote 68 months ago:
OMG I just LOVE your Tuesday Blogs..LOL I couldn't even imagine not logging in anymore! I have made it a daily habit and you know how hard habits are to break..LOL PERFECT funny on all levels with this one HAHAHAHAHA

Except those selfish bastards that reach their goal and leave us like a pieces of shit in the toilet without even having the decency to flush !

AND those poor soles who quit :'(
joanthemom8 wrote 68 months ago:
I have a streak of over 1800 days going. I may not log my food on some days, but just the act of logging in keeps me on track. I do veer off track from time to tome. but never too far and I think logging on here every day for YEARS is the reason why.
jmnicholas wrote 68 months ago:
Loving both the binary and Orwell!
sunflw95 wrote 68 months ago:
I had apparently missed one day and lost my very nice long streak so I gave up having to go on each day I just make sure I log it when I get back on. Although I wish I were kidnapped by chocolate cake...
Rincewind_1965 wrote 68 months ago:
I close the diary right after breakfast, because things yout eat after the diary is closed don't count, do they?

My other strategy is to eat the high-energy stuff as close as possible to midnight, because calories tend to get confused if they have to cross a dateline on the way down ...

There are at least as many ways to cheat yourself as there are obese people in the world.
Laura80111 wrote 68 months ago:
I just LOVE you sense of humor. I'm pretty sure that Vacation calories DON"T count so why should they be logged? But I agree with several of the other posters I'd like an "Oops!" it sure would come in handy some days.
TAMayorga wrote 68 months ago:
If I were kidnapped by a chocolate cake, I'd eat my way to freedom. And then log it!
kathleennf wrote 68 months ago:
1. Sometimes I am working in countries where internet is not consistently available. Right now, for example, I am in Libya (where, as you probably know, there is a war). Internet has been off and on, but so far it's been on for at least part of every day so I have not lost my streak. Yet.
2. Once a year I make a 5-day spiritual retreat. I am totally offline for 5 days. It's actually great! So- unless I lose my streak for reason #1, my streak tells me how many days since last year's retreat.
thomasjohnlynch wrote 68 months ago:
Interesting to find some more longer term loggers and bloggers. This medium is like a big video game where sometimes you just stay on your part of the map.......and never venture further in the virtual world?

I have been logging now for 10111110111 (not sure why David had all those leading zeros in his 1984 post) but on the Gregorian (365/year) calendar my sequential days began a day after the 11th year anniversary of 911.

1,527 today.

I had been logging before that but not consecutively. I do BETA test the Android app and my wife makes recipes I log and contribute. I have 4 friends on MFP since its really just about my dashboard and food history and logging.

This is one of my infrequent posts and may be my first Blog post on MFP.

I had lost a day years ago when they recycled you after one day miss, between the time change and being in Monaco w/o cell or internet ....but was reestablished and restored.

be well MFP folks.... ~Thomas~
swat1948 wrote 68 months ago:
1733 days and still logging, some days are better than others but MFP is the first thing I do after I log onto my computer in the morning. Slacking right now a little due to a bad sinus infection but doing a 5K Zombie Run on Saturday so babying myself so I am well enough to participate. This is mostly for fun and to honor a young woman who was killed in an automobile accident, joined a team of her family and friends. I can't run much but I can do a really fast walk (have had both knees replaced).
#16 is my favorite, lol.
T1DCarnivoreRunner wrote 68 months ago:
My streak resets when I don't have a mobile connection. Today is day 360 for me... last year, over the week of (American) Thanksgiving, I was backpacking in the wilderness in TN and KY. I kept my phone off to conserve battery and rarely did I have a signal when I took the time to turn it on and check.

Prior to that, it was a trip with a lot of day hiking in the PNW. Somewhere along that trip (I think somewhere around Glacier National Park), I didn't find time or a signal to log for at least 1 day. Yes, I still logged my food. But either I didn't log in for a day or the app didn't recognize it (this was back when that was a common problem). I'm not going to ask them to reset my streak for those days. It doesn't matter to me... I'm not logging food for bragging rights.
punn241 wrote 68 months ago:
There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understanding binary and those who don't.
FarmerCarla wrote 68 months ago:
I'll have to continue logging in after I reach my goal. Last time, I stopped logging--thought I could handle it on my own--wrong! Enjoyed your blog, and I hope I've learned my lesson. I'm at 50 days this go around, so I have a very long way to go to break 1873 login days.
04hoopsgal73 wrote 68 months ago:
Traveling, especially to Europe. Thankfully I have been here long enough to understand what I'm eating and what I'm putting into my body. So I do not have that concern any more, but if I was a newbie again I would be concerned.
And yes in thosse I did log whenever and wherever I traveled back in the day....
Also, my parents have no wifi or internet so when I visit them I do not log
runningforthetrain wrote 68 months ago:
Lots of funny in the Blog & comments - Thank you for brightening my day:)
RunRaineyRun wrote 68 months ago:
#16 - what a way to go, though. ;-)

Also - if anyone ever needs to reset their login streak just go here:
JeromeBarry1 wrote 68 months ago:
I have no life, so I log in. 301 days so far, with no interruptions. I tried to binge today and failed.
LivingtheLeanDream wrote 68 months ago:
I don't log in on the weekends because I'm inclined to spend too much of my spare time commenting on the forums and I need to take a step back and have me time :-) I also don't care about a logging streak, never did and am hardly gonna start now on year 5 of being an MFP member (at maintenance for 4 yrs)
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