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I am Just Too Busy!

That's right, I have come to a point where I have a lot to do, and now I am starting to make choices. I liked being a kid better!

The problem? The 5 days after the weekend are the hardest.

Last week I didn't get out a single blog. I thought about skipping a workout, and I cut one short. Some days being an adult is not that much fun. Then there was the food. I had an extra cupcake and savored a Dunkin Donuts creme filled doughnut; the first time since I began the journey over 2 years ago.

Yeah, every day is a new day, but today is the only one that matters. I am not horrified, or feeling badly about it all - I just know where it leads. Even though I logged a loss for the first time in months, the junk always finds the trunk.

When I think of all the priorities I have in life - and some days it seems as if there are too many competing for first place - I get a little anxious. There is my faith, my family, my job, and my health which rotate for the number one spot in my day-to-day life. Emotionally there is my creative life which includes writing, music and art. Without time to create, I am little sullen.

I could list all the things that I am doing, but we all have lives with stuff to do.

Oh yes, then there is the new book which is zooming along!

I am trying to simplify the content organization, which for me; is like try to contain a fireworks display in my bedroom without burning down the house. I have found a person to produce the Kickstarter video, there are T-shirts in the design stage, website names have been purchased, and with the help of an MFP friend, I am re-purposing some of my blogs to a public site. Then there is making sponsorship inquires and the hiring of journalist to write the press releases. You can't sell a book if no one knows about it.

Although I can't release the title for the book until it's registered, I can tell you it's going to make you laugh a little. There is a chapter about sex (which also might make you laugh), an extensive glossary of fitness terms and definitions (which WILL make you laugh!), as well a couple of interviews with people who were there when I started. Finally, there will also be a cool runner's tchotchke/thingamabob.

What am I doing to stay on track?
- Fed all the leftovers from the birthday party to the dogs.
- Portioned lunches for the week.
- Committed to writing one blog a week until the book is done.
- I am keeping my running at 26 miles per week which is about 4 hours.
- Moved my 2 gym workouts to lunch time so I can create in the morning.
- Took one evening meeting and canceled it until...
- Made sure nothing conflicts with my date nights with my wife!

Thanks for your support - and yes, there will be a printed version and an eBook.

I started this project for very selfish reasons. It keeps me engaged with winning the war on heart disease. Then it was about accomplishing the runs, and feeling gratitude for what God has done - me, me, me. Finally, it's no longer about me, but it's about you. Helping others succeed is far more important to me today than what goes on in my little life.

One of the greatest joys in life today is seeing others succeed. I read a success stories on MFP almost every day. Recently, I received this message from a reader who is not even an MFP friend. It reflects the deeper purpose to my sharing my story in words.

I just wanted to send you a quick message because I have been following your blog, when I found it I read it from the beginning. Today I ran my first 5k. And part of that inspiration and motivation was from you and your words.

Please, keep sharing your successes! YOU CAN DO THIS!

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cessnaholly wrote 113 months ago:
We can do it together. Let's keep helping each other along. You certainly support me. :)
itsanot wrote 113 months ago:
I'm sure with your wit and humor your book will be a success! Keep it rolling your living your dream!
RunningOnPurple wrote 113 months ago:
Great job! I am with you up until you fed the leftovers to the dogs. My dogs had so many leftovers from my grandparents that two of them developed pancreatitis and they nearly died. Throw the leftovers away. :) Ohterwise, go you!
MaryRegs wrote 113 months ago:
yes yes and YES!!!! onward together!!
PrimroseFlower wrote 113 months ago:
"Yeah, every day is a new day, but today is the only one that matters. I am not horrified, or feeling badly about it all - I just know where it leads. Even though I logged a loss for the first time in months, the junk always finds the trunk." - So true...

Denjo060 wrote 113 months ago:
I cant wait until the book comes out I am so going to buy it its going to be a great read!!
kjdhappy wrote 113 months ago:
Having a job is just a blessing and a curse!! :)
Flyer615 wrote 113 months ago:
You continue to inspire me, man. I'm looking forward to the book.
gaelicgal70 wrote 113 months ago:
'Even though I logged a loss for the first time in months, the junk always finds the trunk.'

You speak the truth!!! LOL! :)
holliwood322 wrote 113 months ago:
i can relate to all you post. liked your comments that, "everyday is a new day, but TODAY is the only one that matter!" Also, not being totally freaked out about the donut, "but knowing where it leads" is the big thing. don't be surprised,friends. Creativity is a must, i think many of us feel sullen when we cannot create. good point. your posts have always been of interest to me, i am sure i would love your book! worth the wait, i'm sure. let me know when the book signing will be!
odditblue wrote 113 months ago:
I am coming along... dragging along that inner brat who is kicking and screaming and trying to drag me backward! Thanks man. Can't tell you how often you've given me hope in my hopelessness. Thank you.
sc5351 wrote 113 months ago:
This was a very moving blog for me! So true and so heartfelt. Thank you!
wisebadger53 wrote 113 months ago:
Thanks for sharing my friend! You have done an amazing job, and have motivated this old guy as well as countless others along the way! Looking forward to the release of the new book!
Hoppymom wrote 113 months ago:
I am so excited for you! Way to prioritize your busy life. I need to work on this more.
SusanDoesIt wrote 113 months ago:
Amateur...I spent 4 days eating things I shouldn't (not just a coupla items. LOL). Eh, it was super-stress that finally got to me. Today? A new day. Always ready to start over and get back on the horse, and THAT is the key to success. With your 2+ years under your belt, you KNOW this. Great blog, as usual.

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