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How Pathetic Am I? You Decide!

If you've read any of my blogs, you know that I am pretty pathetic. Whether it's at the gym, out running around my home (actually I need one of those) or at the race course, I do so dumb stuff. I have a long pathetic history and doubt much will change soon, if ever.

I am the person that causes others to say, "you won't believe this!"

Here is my most recent Top 10:
-1 Instead of pinning my race bib (number), I pinned my glove to my race shirt at my last 5K. (Sandy will remember this!)
-2 I put a pathetic race shirt (which I designed) on backwards.
-3 I forgot my running shorts and ran in my tech long underwear (guys with a fly hole) at lunch. Instead of being embarrassed, I was a little bummed that no one beeped and shouted about one of my body parts.
-4 Dropped my water on the treadmill and turned it into a lawn sprinkler.
-5 Went to work and forgot to pack a towel in my gear bag. Yes, I used a lot of paper towels. Ummm... on 2 occasions.
-6 I forgot to put a hair comb in my bag. I had a meeting with the VP of marketing not long after my workout.
-7 I left my bionic running clothes in a hot car for 5 hours.
-8 The same hot car melted my deodorant stick and Body Glide.
-9 Told my oldest daughter about dork move #1 above and she told me she had 2 different color gloves on.
-10 My youngest daughter overheard us talking about #9 above, and admitted she had pinned her number on upside down at the 5K on Saturday.

There you have it. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And the most pathetic thing of all? This list took less than 5 minutes to write.

And a final warning. I ran a race with a friend from my run club. We are sort of close to the same pace, so we see a lot of each other during races. She has caught the pathetic runner bug from me. It appears that after 5 steps her bra malfunctioned and she had to run an entire a 5K like that. I just hope that I am not in any of her race photos. 

Thanks for the votes and comments.  (Please vote, otherwise MFP does not pick them up.) Please feel free to join us in the Pathetic Runners group on Facebook. There are 11,000 of us.

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Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
Oh, I could make a list...
jmnicholas wrote 40 months ago:
I have also had a bra malfunction whilst running. Fixing it whilst on a treadmill would probably have drawn some strange looks, but as I wasn't wearing my glasses, I couldn't tell!
USAMcK wrote 40 months ago:
This is the most human thing I've read in a while. XD Nice! ;p
Wysewoman53 wrote 38 months ago:
I know I haven't read or voted on this before but for some reason, I can't give you a positive vote. I'm noticing that the comments on this are a month old so is there a time limit as to how long a blog is available to vote on?

I can relate to the "no comb" one altho' I'm not sure anyone would notice if I combed my hair or not after a workout and a shower. My hair is wild and woolly all the time!

As usual, I love your blog and admire how you can just laugh things off and accept them as part of who you are! Being female, I don't think I could get away with running in my underwear so I guess I'm kind of jealous, too!
LVP2014 wrote 38 months ago:
Hahahaha, you make my day! So glad for your blogs, they are a spark of light and life in the middle of dark and tough times. Thank God we don't take ourselves (and pathetic mistakes and behaviour) too seriously! Love from Norway!
Anonymous wrote 38 months ago:
Once couldn't workout because I managed to forget to pack my gym pants.

Once wore a skimpy outfit to the gym because I had a nasty sunburn and didn't think anyone would be there at 5am. I was wrong.

I thought 3 billion hours on the elliptical would make running easy. I was wrong.
kdbulger wrote 38 months ago:
Long live the pathetic!
- Forgot to charge my headphones so they died 5 minutes into my long run
- Forgot to remove my rings so they were uncomfortably tight in the heat of the run.
- Forgot to pack my running shoes in my gym bag so had to forgo my normal lunch time run.
- Tripped over a tree root trying to run around someone's dog and scraped up my leg in front of half a dozen people
- Forgot to remove my eye makeup and looked like a racoon afterward
- Tried to run in a pair of casual lifestyle sneakers because I forgot my runners. Nope. Nope. Nope.
babydee543 wrote 38 months ago:
Good to see it’s not just me!

I once forgot to reinforce the zip front of my tri-suit with a safety pin as I usually do, which resulted in me running 4km of the 5K run with my zip down and my neon-pink jog bra on show. I had no idea why I was getting so many whoops and cheers until I caught sight of the projected image of me on the big screen crossing the finish line.


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