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How Pathetic Am I? You Decide!

If you've read any of my blogs, you know that I am pretty pathetic. Weather it's at the gym, out running or at the race course, I do so dumb stuff. I have a long history and doubt much will change soon, if ever. I am the person that causes others to say, "you won't believe this!"

Here is my most recent Top 10:
-1 Instead of pinning my race bib (number), I pinned my glove to my race shirt at my last 5K.
-2 I put a race shirt (which I designed) on backwards.
-3 I forgot my running shorts and ran in my tech long underwear (guys with a fly hole) at lunch. Instead of being embarrassed, I was a little bummed that no one beeped and shouted about one of my body parts.
-4 Dropped my water on the treadmill and turned it into a lawn sprinkler.
-5 Went to work and forgot to pack a towel in my gear bag. Yes, I used a lot of paper towels. Ummm... on 2 occasions.
-6 I forgot to put a hair comb in my bag. I had a meeting with the VP of marketing not long after my workout.
-7 I left my bionic running clothes in a hot car for 5 hours.
-8 The same hot car melted my deodorant stick.
-9 Told my oldest daughter about dork move #1 above and she told me she had 2 different color gloves on.
-10 My youngest daughter overheard us talking about #9 above, and admitted she had pinned her number on upside down at the 5K on Saturday.

There you have it. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And the most pathetic thing of all? This list took less than 5 minutes to write.

And a final warning. I ran a race with a friend from my run club. We are sort of close to the same pace, so we see a lot of each other during races. She has caught the pathetic runner bug from me. It appears that after 5 steps her bra malfunctioned and she had to run an entire a 5K like that. I just hope that I am not in any of her race photos. 

Thanks for the votes and comments.

And thanks to everyone who has read and posted reviews of my book on Amazon! You rock!

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msbarbiq wrote 101 months ago:
As always Thanks for a good chuckle :) Love #4! Once when I finished on the Arc machine I went to get paper towel to wipe it down and came back and cleaned the wrong machine! ;)
tonybalony01 wrote 101 months ago:
Yep, pretty pathetic. Anybody that survives a heart attack, loses a bunch of weight, and runs a marathon two years later is pretty pathetic in my book. You, sir, are a hero...and only sort of pathetic.
brookielaw wrote 101 months ago:
I am the master of #5. At a gym with no towel service. As a swimmer that's extra pathetic. I sometimes dry on my change of clothes.
hollyrunner wrote 101 months ago:
I'm not going to volunteer the list of my own patheticisms...I'll just enjoy yours :)
angie007az wrote 101 months ago:
See, nothing is really that important. Carry on, you are amazing.
Hoppymom wrote 101 months ago:
I wish I could have witnessed the lawn sprinkler episode!LOL I love that your girls are baby dorks. This is so my family. haha
BostonStrong617 wrote 101 months ago:
LOL @ Number 5 in particular. I manged to drop my phone INSIDE the treadmill last week when I forgot my Armband. I had to go get the gym staff to get it out, which involved taking apart the entire treadmill. They gotta come up with a better system because I'm convinced Treadmills are designed to make your stuff go flying hahaha.
VeeBethTris wrote 101 months ago:
My pathetic moves always seemed to happen at the gym with the hot guy next to me on the treadmill. If I saw you, I'd beep. Cheap thrill for both of us.
turkeyhunter60 wrote 101 months ago:
you need to meet Tommy who used to work for our company-an eaccident waiting to happen. He tried to fix the outside mirro on his company truck one day, and superglued both hands to the door panel.

We all have our days.

Good luck with your appointment.
disneygallagirl wrote 101 months ago:
Love it!

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