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How Do You Play the Game?

As a life-long New Englander, I am pretty blessed when it come to sports teams. I onlly like hockey and Facebook after the Patriots get in the Superbowl.

Neither team is in its season.

I am pretty sure I am leaving New England and moving somewere I can't use my hockey equitment. It's a game I grew up playing and with my fitness resurgence, I started playing again. For now, I will look forward to running and playing the calorie counting game.

So how do you play the game? Here are a few thoughts.

- Think fitness, not weight loss.
- Think inches, not pounds.
- Think about what you are doing right.
- Add new foods first.
- Replace old foods second.
- Schedule your workouts.
- Start slow and move towards the goal.
- Reward your success.
- Confess your failures.
- Get proper equipment! (Running shoes fitted by a running store, bike fitted by a bike store! New TV remote, etc.)
- Get a few cheerleaders!
- Do it for yourself.
- Set goals. This is tough one. What is a good and achievable goal? What if you don't make it?
- Change your goals if you need to.
- Stay away from bad influences! (or shoot them!)
- Get enough friends so you enjoy your journey.
- Read success stories!
- Don't give up!

That's what I have, what did I miss?

Thanks for the votes and comments! (You can do both!)

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1theresamcvean wrote 40 months ago:
I think you missed:
That tiny square of fine quality chocolate you treat yourself to.

My two cents:
Have two or three really delicious recipes for whole, healthy foods help. They're almost always high nutjrition, hight taste, and high volume compared to packaged/prepared/junk foods.

Eat vegan meals a couple times a week because they can be naturally high in fibre and vegetables and are shockingly good. If it seems weird to you for supper, do it at breakfast (smoothies/oatmeal) or lunch (yummy soups and grain-based bowls or salads).
farmboyphotography wrote 40 months ago:
Nice suggestions. I do believe I needed these reminders today. Be well, sir!
2BtheRealMe wrote 40 months ago:
Definitely a well thought out list ... though I am curious where you could possibly move where hockey wouldn't even be a possibility .. I mean, hockey is in Texas and Florida now! :) On the other hand, I'm not sure the B's are going to be worth watching this coming year anyway (I'm not all that enthused with the draft pics and the current roster hasn't been uneven for years.)

For me, my list includes: Take the time to make each new change a habit. If I try to make too many changes all at once, I run the risk of being overwhelmed and then I fall off the wagon. Making each change "Second Nature" has helped me be successful.

Good luck ... if you are moving, Boston will miss ya!
Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
To balance them, it has recently been revealed that all you need to do is turn around like little kids. That’s all. Doing this several times a day helps correct and balance your hormones due to the effect of rotation on your endocrine system.
SassyCookieMe wrote 40 months ago:
I loved your list, all great tips for success.
FitGirl_Running wrote 40 months ago:
Count nutritional value, not calories
kdbulger wrote 40 months ago:
Fuel your fitness, instead of depriving your appetite (.e.g, view food as fuel, not fun)
snips66 wrote 39 months ago:
Heck even if you move to Florida, many of the local ice skating rinks have amateur hockey teams. Just a thought so that you can still use your equipment.

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