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Honestly, RUFKM?

Is it me, or just the posts that I happen to read? I have read some pretty creative excuses for falling off the wagon, overeating and not succeeding at learning to eat healthy and exercise 3 times a week.

Here are some of my favorites – and oh yeah, I’ve used ‘em too!

I Have Slow Metabolism: Right, and if your body was a car, it would be in reverse. Personally, mine hit a speed bump at age 40 and broke the steering column.

My Parents didn’t Teach me How to Eat: Are you kidding, have you looked in the mirror? You are probably good at eating, in fact very good! For God’s sake, birds manage to get south.

It’s the Holidays! The Bermuda Triangle: Thanksgiving Christmas and New Years. (Or Memorial Day, the 4th and Labor Day.) Flag Day, the dog’s birthday. There are lots of holidays!

It’s Vacation: One of my personal favorites, lots of eating out, and lying around (actually that sounds more like work too). Staying in the hospital is not a vacation.

I Don’t Like Healthy Food: Let me know when the pity party is over. Trust me, you are not going to like heart failure either.

It’s Emotional: WTH? It’s food, nothing else.

I Can Eat Anything I Want! Apparently.

I’ll Start Over Tomorrow: Yesterday's tomorrow is here, now what?

Water Makes Me Gag! Well, it’s a good thing you are not a dolphin - I guess.

I Have Bad Knees (bad ankles, bad hips, bad a$$): From here it looks like they can get you back and forth from the store, the bathroom and the refrigerator.

How about you, can you share some your most creative excuses for staying the way you were?

Disclaimer: Look, there are people who have legitimate medical reasons for being where they are. However, if you can get out of bed, you can probably begin to exercise. Seeing as diet is probably 90% of weight loss, you can make better food choices.

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lhmertz wrote 81 months ago:
I'll admit it - I blamed my hormones for my bad eating the other day. I know it was an excuse, a bad one at that, but I admitted it, isn't that the first step of recovery?
MaryQueenofWalking wrote 81 months ago:
I "only" have 10 pounds to is too hard. (Whine, or drink wine.)
violet456 wrote 81 months ago:
I'm Tired, working out is just too much work, I just don't have the energy for it.

Prepping healthy food is so much work and so expensive.

This week is busy, I'll start on Sunday. Four Sundays from now.

TOM I must have chocolate.

It's just water will come off eventually.

Work is providing food for free. I must try it all. It's only a small piece, of this, and then that and oooh, that looks good.

All excuses. Still working on getting over some of them.
TBeverly49 wrote 81 months ago:
I am broke and don't have anything in the frig to eat. Hum, it depends on what your looking for past the eggs, vegetables, water, and etc.

Oh ya, I like the free taste foods that the stores have. I can go there for lunch for free! Really? You know what they say, nothing in life is really free!
vicky1947mfp wrote 81 months ago:
That is hilarious. Sad, but true. Wish I had your wit.
celticlass69 wrote 81 months ago:
Darn it! You used all my good lines lol just kidding.

It's my medication. I'm on some anti-depressants that make you gain weight. I've beaten that one!

The worst one, My husband thinks I look fine. Initial inertia was the hardest to overcome.

You keep it real! Keep going! :)
mlh37214 wrote 81 months ago:
Mine used to always be that it was easier to hit a drive through than to cook for 1. Now that I'm cooking for 2, it's that my bf won't eat healthy food and I'm not cooking 2 meals.

What is it really? Portion control and sitting on my @$$ in front of the TV in the evenings instead of moving. :)

I love this though...I've made most of those excuses work for me.

**My vacation starts in 2 days, followed by my birthday, closely followed by Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.** Onward to better habits in 2016. ;)
Vossii wrote 81 months ago:
"My diet starts on Monday" I've used that many times.....not proud of it
60muffin wrote 81 months ago:
I hate wasted food, I'll just finish what the kids have left.......took me a long while to force myself to put it in the bin.
verptwerp wrote 81 months ago:
oh my goodness, so many NEW excuses to use, thank you so much for sharing LOL
MegaSwampert wrote 81 months ago:
I usually enjoy your posts, this one - while I understand the intention - is a bit to uncritical. Of course, not doing anything is not the solution to a not-at-all-easy problem, but if several of the things that you enlist as "excuses" actually hit home, it is a lot harder and as a veteran dieter I understand your message, as a beginner I would beat myself up now for "being weak" to "use such excuses". Truth is many people lean back and just say it, but also enough people don`t look like it but already invest more than you would ever think and get seriously thrown back by such statements.
Tama072015 wrote 81 months ago:
These were fantastic. I had to share on my fb with my 12 or so friends:) Thanks for the excuses I have used and twist them funny.
Sakura0101 wrote 80 months ago:
You are rude.

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