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Holy Crap!

Life can be insane, painful, exciting and a lot of other things all at the same time. I haven't blogged for a while. It's not because I don't want to, it's just that I haven't felt like it. So what's going on?

Everything is going on!

Boston Marathon: I finished the race back in April. I appreciate the support you guys gave me! My time sucked, but I have an excuse. I slipped on a foot tall pile of Gatorade cups and pulled my groin muscle and rolled my already tweaked ankle about 16 miles in. Plus it was freakin' hot. I met a good friend about mile 20 and we decided to limp it to the end. He was ill from the heat and I was lame as a could be. We'd run 100 yards and walk 200 hundred. Pathetic! But my medal looks the same the guy who finished in second.

Cancer: I have been dealing with cancer since Thanksgiving. Each biopsy shows that it is a little worse. The problem is that the surgery is life-altering (a guy thing) and they want to put it off as long as they can so I can enjoy my life as I know it for as long as possible. Scary. I have another biopsy in 3 months. I am eating as healthy as I can be, taking supplements that are supposed to help and praying a lot. Oh and there have been a lot examinations without pants. More on those in my next book.

What could make this whole thing worse? More cancer.

More: I went for my twice yearly skin check and they took a little sample of a mole. Yeah, well, it turns out that it's the real thing. Melanoma. Part of my health-food-and-fitness-nut-mother's demise. #CancerSucks It sucks in me and in anyone else. I hate it.

Pathetics: in the midst of all this I started a Facebook group entitled the Pathetic Runners Group. Check it out. There are almost 3,000 pathetic runners. Not one of which will will win a marathon and probably not even a 5K. There is a link HERE.

Running: My rolled ankle in Boston turned out the be a tibial stress fracture. I missed my Ragnar Relay on Cape Cod because of it. I have only run about 5 miles per week since crossing the finish line in Boston. Most of those miles were races. I took 3rd place in my age group in 2 different 5Ks and 1st place in a 10K race. I am running across the state of Massachusetts at the end of May. That's 60 miles. Please pray that I hold up.

Job: So many of you tried to help me find work or prayed that I would so I would stop complaining on MFP. Well, I have a good one. I have been promoted three times since February and there could be another one this year. BAM!

ICU to Marathon: Ha ha - it made #28 on Top 100 Sports Humor list. Thanks and - and are you kidding me?

Food: Food has become a problem. I have stopped logging mostly because it is a time consuming pain in the a$$. I haven't been running and the weight is going the other way. 8 pounds is just no OK after losing almost 80. I want one-derland back!

Thanks for the votes, support and comments. If you don't see a food log for me, make sure you mention it.

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Dootzy1 wrote 97 months ago:
Your speak from a core of struggles and victories. The weight gain is a minor setback. You go, guy!!!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 97 months ago:

Are they sure it's "life altering guy stuff?" I know for my husband, it was...but it was about 5 years or so after surgery. But, they didn't get it all, and he had radiation and then had to go on hormome therapy. I have a friend..they got it all, and it's not as great as it was, but still working..he did not need radiation or hormone therapy. So...maybe....???? You are still kickin' ass my friend!!!
deeannhill wrote 97 months ago:
I was just thinking how much I missed your blog. Thanks for the update. Prayers for healing and health going UP for you!
littlelaura wrote 97 months ago:
I will keep praying, I would say surgery no matter what but you have to decide for yourself. If my big C came back and they could try to remove it I would say YES no messing around with it, get it out. I think being around a very long time for your family is the most important thing. I hope this all comes out in your favor you are a wonderful friend and person!
inotnew wrote 97 months ago:
You are the human person on the other end of this computer. I have never met you, but I feel I know you. I care more about your life, than I do for some in my first family. Your struggles in running, weight control, heart health, and cancer are sincere, touching, and heart breaking. But you always are looking for the best way to look at life. Please know that there are many of us in the shadows, following your wisdom and praying for you often. Take care.
belliejeanz wrote 97 months ago:
Apparently beetroot juice is the thing-my colleagues dad has fresh juice every day, usually kale and beetroot alongside a few other things that make it taste better. He is on chemo but does not feel any side effects that others are feeling.
May you get rid of the 'big C' comprehensively -I lost a brother to it ( but he refused chemo) Your positivity is infectious! Thankyou for the blog.
stosha164 wrote 97 months ago:
Cancer sucks. There is too much of it and not enough information out there about how to stop it. You can do your own research, but if you can alkalize your body as much as possible - you can beat it. From eating lemons and avocados (and more - to bathing in baking soda baths... because, you see, cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. There are even essential oils (like Frankincense) that also help kill cancer. As I said, do your research. But it's all natural, it's inexpensive, and how incredible would it be if it helped YOU kill cancer. Good luck my friend.
skinnymebopeep wrote 97 months ago:
Wow you are so positive! And to see you keep going with your healthy lifestyle dispute the odds of the c word. You are an inspiration! 8 lbs is nothing! Keep going. :-)
jmgjess wrote 97 months ago:
I was diagnosed with melanoma in June of 2010. A third of my thigh was remove. Stay strong, you will find courage in ways you never imagined and you will come out even stronger. Keep yourself on track with your fitness goals and even more, your health. You need to do this for you and your life...a re-diagnose does not mean it's the end, stay as positive as you can. You can beat this again, believe in yourself. Best wishes!!!
mkramarz wrote 97 months ago:
Just wanted to chime in here... Struggles and Victories... like one fellow said... Focus on the victories and celebrate them all!
From another family battling melanoma - we cherish each day we can . Strikes me you have a lot of friends here and in other mediums... Love the idea of the Pathetic Runners... Count your blessings ! We try to do the same each and every day...
kjdhappy wrote 97 months ago:
Please hang in there! You are the biggest motivation on MFP!!! Praying for you on all fronts!

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