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Healing and Fitness

After 3 emergency room visits, a pile of anti-inflammatories, muscles relaxers, and painkillers, as well as a visit with the spinal specialist, I have a diagnosis.

I'm suffering from old age.

The compressed nerve in my neck apparently craves drugs. I m obviously related. The surrounding soft tissue craves water. Amazing, something I have been lax on and can actually change. The treatment is take it easy, drink water, get PT, and take the anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers.

Did you know that muscle relaxers work on your bladder? Me either.

They also zonk me out, so the resting part is easy. What I don't like is they make me forgetful. I just can't concentrate for more than 20 or 30 minutes. It is frustrating with so many things to think about and focus on. It's bad enough where I can't do my job. I am on disability at work for a few weeks.

I think I could plan my own surprise party at this point.

My food consumption is back to normal, my running, not so much. I am running 3 times a week for 2-5 miles. Sort of like starting over again. Tokyo is in my sites. I will get there. Probably not the best idea, but sitting around depressed and getting fat is also a bad idea.

The good news is that I will be out of pain soon!!

As always, thanks for reading along. Please vote on the post. Feel free to leave a comment here too. I appreciate the ones in my feed, but making the Top 10 is harder than ever now. Most folks can't even see the most popular page unless they are on a desktop. So kind friends, it's all up to you.

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solieco1 wrote 45 months ago:
Wow, what a journey to diagnosis this has been for you! So do they think it will subside?
dsjohndrow wrote 45 months ago:
They do. It just needs some rest.
solieco1 wrote 45 months ago:
That's at least good news!
bdo7 wrote 45 months ago:
(Reads other comments) Wait, old age will subside?? That's good news! Haha, if only. Thanks for all your posts, David. I don't think I've ever commented before, but I've been following your story for a long time and always find your attitude to be amazing and inspiring. You rock!
kendallvon wrote 45 months ago:
my docs know better than to tell me I'm getting old. LOL
brittvshows wrote 45 months ago:
I have no smartphone and only use my desktop. I check to the right of my screen every Tuesday to see if your blog comes up. When it doesn't, I worry. I don't know of any other way to follow you, but I am doing my best. (You know what they say about old folks, sigh.) Pain-free? That will be fabulous! Good luck!
dsjohndrow wrote 45 months ago:
Bookmark this link:
Wysewoman53 wrote 45 months ago:
I always use my desktop and the blogs that used to be there aren't anymore. I'm lucky if I see one a week now. I will bookmark your page because I love reading your blogs, good news and bad. You have a way of making even bad news sound good and I really like that about you. On the days I'm 'feeling my age', I read what you've written and I realize I am a very lucky woman to have my health. When I don't feel like doing something, it's because I'm more lazy than anything else, read what you've written with everything going on in your life and BAM! I'm off and 'walking' again!

Thank you for your blogs. It keeps this old woman honest!
debk0718 wrote 45 months ago:
Glad you finally have a diagnosis, especially one that at this point in time doesn't require surgery. Bonus!! Take care, sounds like you're resting, whether you want to or not, and keep hydrated. Stay strong, I know you've got this. BTW, this getting older stuff sure is not a blast, but it will always beat the alternative.
Laura80111 wrote 45 months ago:
Yuck, old age....welcome to the club. Glad you know what to do for it. Rest a lot and dream of Tokyo it's right around the corner.
Thehardmakesitworthit wrote 45 months ago:
how do I bookmark this? I follow your blog when on my desktop. All the best to you mr! You are such a bright light!
lorrainequiche59 wrote 45 months ago:
After catching up on your past blogs detailing the events that have led to your current situation and Dr. Lorraine's diagnosis is STRESS!!! The stress living with a wacky landlord...I'm not sure how long you've been dealing with this person, but it is depressing & stressful when your home is no longer your haven.

Best thing you could have done is move away from the psycho. I had a psycho neighbor who I lived beside for 8 years of hell & wish I'd moved way sooner than I did, but loved my place & hoped I could stay & that he would move, but I had to. Anyway, I know the stress that comes with all that & hope the best for your recovery.
franklin505 wrote 45 months ago:
take it steady and don't push too hard
bametels wrote 45 months ago:
Have you looked into taking a magnesium supplement instead of a muscle relaxer? I too suffer with cervical spine issues and pinched nerves. I could not deal with muscle relaxants or some common pain medication prescriptions - they make me loopy. Magnesium, however, has really helped. Different forms of magnesium vary in their effects as a muscle relaxant. I have found magnesium citrate to be very helpful. Like all drugs/supplements you have understand the potential contraindications and side effects as well as possible drug interaction issues, and make an informed decision.
Sandrariddell wrote 44 months ago:
I'm biased of course (I'm a teacher) but do perhaps try the Alexander Technique. Our job is to decompress necks!
pizzafruit wrote 44 months ago:
I'm so pleased that you finally have an answer. The feeling that you're sick and tired of being sick and tired is something that feels like an eternity. You're positive attitude gives hope to so many and I Think you've reminded all of us about the importance of being our own best advocate and continuing to work toward good health. Continue to get better; we're all cheering for you!
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BexB42 wrote 44 months ago:
Hope you become pain free quickly so you can get your mind back. I understand! Keep a goal in sight!
csorthofeet wrote 44 months ago:
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