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Happy New Year - I Am Making Resolutions!

2018 Was a crazy year. It had the usual ups and downs. I lost my mother-in-law to cancer. I celebrated my first year of marriage to Ruth, cruised the Mediterranean and ran the London Marathon.

I lived another year with cancer.

In mid-August I developed scorching headaches, neck and shoulder pain. You have been following the updates. Yesterday I had round two of cortisone injections in my spine and shoulder.

Not fun.

 I have been disabled by the headaches. Due to the pain, I really can't think - at least not in very much detail. The opioids and muscle relaxer didn't really work and added to the confusion.

We'll see how this turns out.

The facts are the after two rounds, they are recommending surgery. One is a shoulder repair. Labrum and bicep stuff. The other is a spinal fusion at C6-C7. The third is up in the air. It will have something to do with either fusing the occiput and C1 or opening up the occipital nerve channel.

So, what are my resolutions and goals?
- My only 2019 goal is run Tokyo.

I am resolving to take better care of my body, mind and spirit.
- Joined the gym again and I plan in do light weight circuit work to keep arthritis at bay. I need to retain the motion and weight bearing exercise is best.
- Get back to drinking more water. I have been slacking at two or three 8 oz glasses a day.
- Stick with my eating program despite what the steroids and scale have to say. I still need to hit my calorie goal of 1600-1800 a day. Period. Anything else is an excuse.
- I resolve to live everyday like it is one of my last. The includes resting, running, coffee, and engaging with my family and friends.
- Continue to grateful for what I have.
- Exercise my faith knowing the plan and calling are already established.
- Write 10 minutes a day regardless of the headaches.
- Call a friend or kid and step away from the keyboard.
- Continue to not be anxious over biopsies and cancer tests.

If you find me being negative, send me an IM. I appreciate those. If you can exercise virtually pain-free and don't, I am jealous!

Happy New Year

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barneshall wrote 42 months ago:
Great resolutions,inspirational as always,you remind me to enjoy what we have whilst on this sometimes, tortuous journey.Thanks and a happy successful 2019.
goodasgoldilox165 wrote 42 months ago:
This is a courageous statement.

It is good to see you facing-down pain that would otherwise reduce your life so much. I wish you were free of it, and hope that your doctors have this well in hand, but you should know that you are shining a beacon for those who also suffer and didn't realise that they could get up and go on.
Anonymous wrote 42 months ago:
You’re a superstar and an inspiration, David. Don’t you ever forget it.

Praying and sending good vibes your way.

Happy New Year, and here’s to a successful Tokyo run in due course!
runningforthetrain wrote 42 months ago:
You have been through so much. I am rooting for you! Thanks for sharing even though it has got to take a lot to try and stay positive. God bless and praying you get a little relief here and there from pain.
brittvshows wrote 42 months ago:
You are never negative, so dish that thought. And if you find a way to be not anxious about biopsies and cancer tests, please let the entire world know. I think that's part of being human. All the best to you!
Laura80111 wrote 42 months ago:
With all that you have come through and what you are currently going through you continue to inspire me. If I ever think I have any problems I just remember you and realize I have NOTHING to complain about. I'm cheering you on as you prepare for Toyoko.
FarmerCarla wrote 42 months ago:
Glad you're exercising your faith. God knows the plans he has for you, and they're for your good. Tokyo, he's coming! Watch out!
vivekggopi wrote 42 months ago:
Good luck
Make sure you never loose your focus.
Anonymous wrote 1 month ago:
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