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Goodbye 2015!

2015 has been a mixed bag. I am grateful for putting 3 cancer surgeries behind me. Here are a few bullets from my year.

- I ran over a 1000 miles.
- I ran Boston, NY, San Diego and Zydeco marathons. 3 of those in 3 months.
- I ran across Rhode Island with my MFP buddy.
- I finished 70 career sanctioned races since I started running in 2012.
- I have completed 10 states in my quest to run all 50.
- I entered the year at 205, went down to 197 and back up to 2010. Damn!
- I had 3 more skin surgeries to remove melanoma and other nastiness.
- I moved, I ran, and I was feeling great until October. Now I am scheduled for an MRI and an endoscopy.
- I have almost completed my second book.

I have stuck with logging in and want to wish my MFP friends the happiest of New Year's.

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activeinmysixties wrote 81 months ago:
- Congratulations on your 2015 running accomplishments.
-Can't wait until your second book arrives ... oh wait, I should read the first one first.
-it was a privilege to run with you and David. It was a lot of fun and I hope to be able to run with you guys again in 2016.

to you and a happy and helthier new year.
CoachMaritova wrote 81 months ago:
Dootzy1 wrote 81 months ago:
It's amazing what your commitment to a racing schedule has done for you!! You don't let yourself "off the hook", even when you get served up serious crap. Go, John, go!!! Peace and improved health to you in 2016!
SandraSchraut wrote 81 months ago:
You are an inspiration for us all. I too am (so far) a cancer survivor, having had breast cancer 2 and 1/2 years ago. So far CA free. I work hard at losing weight and have a stubborn set point apparently, but that will not stop the process in the end. I need total knees and am determined to be at a good weight for that health is my aim as I am sure your goals are. Here is to both of us hitting the road hard!! Prayers for your future health.
David28078 wrote 81 months ago:
Wow - congratulations on exceeding your goals. The very best of 2016 for you and those you love.
preradio9dayminigoal wrote 81 months ago:
wow really positive post , go you. Hope your mri comes back clean...good luck to you
130annie wrote 81 months ago:
Just use plenty of sunscreen, when you go out...Happy new year to you....
mockchoc wrote 81 months ago:
Very very happy for you. Happy New Year!
celticlass69 wrote 80 months ago:
You've overcome a lot and have stayed your course. You truly do inspire me! I'm honoured that I can call you friend! A very happy and hopefully healthy New Year to you my friend!
LinOtt wrote 80 months ago:
A real mixed bag! For me as well. Cant sit back and wallow in the misfortune though, wallowing is only good for elephants and pigs - being a fan of Monty Python - always look on the bright side of life! Hope this coming year has its fair share of joy for you David!
ThatFatAsianNerd wrote 80 months ago:
Wow! So happy for you, John. I worked for ING back in 2013 when the NYC Marathon was sponsored by them and that was one hell of a day. Everyone wearing orange raincoats while crossing the finish line. Back then, some finishers stood out in my mind and to this day I wish I had spoken with them and asked them what their stories were about, for after reading your post, I kind of get the feeling that many of them went through difficult obstacles and hardships themselves.

I love reading about these things. Thanks again!
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