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Goal Keeping or Goal Setting?

I have been back to playing hockey the last few months. I hadn't played since the winter of 1980. In fact, although I did rollerblade a lot, there was almost no ice skating at all for 30 years.

In high school and college I was a defenseman, so I had more fights... err, I mean assists than goals. Now I have been playing forward on the right wing in the league I am part of, and one of things I love to do, is score goals. The broken rib was just a benefit. I also fall on my a$$ a lot. I am hoping that my wife can video it so I can post it on YouTube for your enjoyment.

I think that hockey is a lot like life. To be your best, it requires a team, skill, balance, stamina, bursts of speed, endurance, strategy, sacrifice, not quitting, and in the end, nobody wins without scoring. And occasionally there is a fight.

The only way a goal counts in hockey is if it's in the net. It doesn't matter how it gets there, or what it hits on along the way, it's got to be in.

Weight loss has a lot of the same elements. You need goals, and you need strategy. You have to keep on digging until you score. I read a lot of the Message Boards and there are folks that defend their right to eat what they want. It made me think about goals I have made along the way.

Some of my life goals in my teens and twenties were:
- Drink the most beer in one day. Every time I'd get close, I'd lose count.
- Be backstage for the Who!
- Play pro hockey, ride pro motocross and be in the Olympics for giant slalom skiing.
- Travel to every country on earth.
- Get a recording contract.

Then came my thirties:
- Make a lot of money doing nothing.
- Enjoy my kids.
- Win the lottery.

Then at 40-something I wanted to lose weight and set a few goals for that:
- Sell or abandon my teenagers.
- Lose weight for a special day in the future. The one were a member of the opposite sex would think I was irresistible.
- Sell my stock in Little Debbie's.
- Live out my life on diet food.
- Eat anything I want, but still lose weight.
- Forget those moments where what I was eating was counter to my goals.

After I clicked off 50 on the life-o-meter last year, I got sick. I updated my goals:
- Count calories on MFP.
- Exercise three times a week.
- Take vacations.
- Work harder at making my wife happy. :) Which reminds me I need to get some flowers on the way home.
- Spend more time with the kids.
- Fit in my 34" waist jeans.
- Buy another motorcycle.

MFP woke me up in other ways, and I made more goals.
- Stop eating processed foods.
- Eat only whole grains.
- Skip white rice, flour products and potatoes most of the time.
- Eat low or no-fat dairy.
- Eat smaller potions!
- Eat lots of veggies and fruit.
- Run a 5K.
- Message boards are of the Devil!
- Work harder at making my wife happy. :) I did take out the trash and mow the lawn.

After a year on MFP I have new goals:
- Run 3 times a week, and cross train 2 times.
- Run a 10K
- Lose the last 30 pounds.
- Coach hockey and play it too.
- Post pictures of me in my underwear so I don't feel left out.
- Get a dog to walk 3 MPH with so I am not lying on my log.
- Punch Jillian Michaels and Richard Simmons in the nose.
- Work harder at making my wife happy. :) Take her on a cruise.
- Keep doing what I am doing.

How about you, do you have goals other than the magic weight-loss number?

As alaways, thanks for voting and commenting.

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thordisintho wrote 114 months ago:
I always love reading your blogs! My goal is to play team handball again, preferrably in a "real" team and not a hobby one. I played from age 13-20, I turn 24 in Oct, so I figure I still have some useful years for the sport!
Wonderwoman2677 wrote 114 months ago:
I'm not very goal driven... I think that has a lot to do with why it's taken me so long to really take control of my eating/lifestyle. I don't want to make goals and then not meet them... it would be too depressing. Recently I've made a goal to not be obese in the near future but I still can't pin down a time... that's a lot of pressure! LOL Generally I think I should be able to do it by the beginning of autumn... I also don't spend a lot of time thinking about what I want. I'm actually working on that too... who knew you could be a mom and work full time and still demand some "me time"? MFP and all my great friends on here are teaching me that.
jarrettfam wrote 114 months ago:
We need a like button for mfp. I enjoyed!
rmsrws wrote 114 months ago:
My goals are to walk the Appalachian Trail,( My hubby does not feel this is such a good idea since it is deep in deliverence county)

Learn how to maintain my current weight and not lose anymore weight!!

To find a healthy balance between, food, family, food, work, food, and mental balance!

Not to be afraid of a "rest day"!

Learn acceptance and patience for people around me.( remember we can't fix stupid)

Wake up every morning, and realize just how blessed my life is!!!!
Kerri_is_so_very wrote 114 months ago:
At 40, I'm right where you are at 50 :)
sk2775 wrote 114 months ago:
Looks like the beginning of the 50s are working out great for you. Keep on being awesome :-)
Hungry_Tuna wrote 114 months ago:
"Punch Jillian Michaels and Richard Simmons in the nose."
Awesome. That is all.
johnwhitent wrote 114 months ago:
I'm still luaghing at the getting a dog to walk three mph with!:)
AmyParker979 wrote 114 months ago:
Thank you! I needed a good 3 minutes of smile time. :) I set goals for my WL journey this time - in 10 lb increments. I like to look at the smaller picture sometimes as the BIG picture is very much daunting.
Hoppymom wrote 114 months ago:
Terrific as usual! I am a friend of your wife on MFP and fully expect to see her post later today that her marvelous husband bught her flowers today for no reason other than he appreciates her. I'm holding you to that! ;)
violet456 wrote 114 months ago:
My goal is to have a healthy pregnancy. (When it happens, lol)
JTH11706 wrote 114 months ago:
Awesome! My husband is taking me on that cruise so my goal is to look hot when he parades me around. Only 4 pounds to my weight loss goal so I've started purchasing the wardrobe and I'm happy to report that he approves.
bllowry wrote 114 months ago:
"Sell or abandon my teenagers."

LOL!!!! Our youngest is now 34, but I can sooo relate!
along0320 wrote 114 months ago:
I love one goal that you used every time you set a goal. (MAKE WIFE HAPPY!) Good luck on your weight lose journey!
odditblue wrote 114 months ago:
Awesome!!! LOL!! My goal is to stop restarting so much and actually set some realistic goals. I think my first one is to be able to shop in regular sizes with no X behind anything.
SusanDoesIt wrote 114 months ago:
Funny and clever as always, but I just remarked to my doc the other day that now that I am closer to 50 than 40, my goal isn't to look skinny or sexy, but to be healthy and feel good. (Hmmm, maybe I'll do both). Sounds to me like you have it figured out - that life changes - your body changes, and your needs change - and you have to make changes to keep up. I hope I can keep up as well as you have.
Denjo060 wrote 114 months ago:
LOL HAHAHAH Love the take a pic of you in your unerware that is awesome! You are awesome !
DEEDLYNN wrote 114 months ago:
I love the brute honesty/irony of your posts. I love the way you can laugh about the journey and it's twists and turns. Thanks for another great blog post!
kevinlynch3 wrote 114 months ago:
Learning how to swim which I didn't start until I was comfortable enough in my skin to do so. Going to a pool and only wearing swimming trunks was a big deal. Well under way now. I suppose the time will come where I want to get ripped but I'm a bit away from that
herangel3 wrote 114 months ago:
Love your blog; my goals are:
Get to my goal weight by 50, been working on that roller coaster for a few years I have just over a year and I am more driven now than ever.

Another goal is to find my soul mate,(thats been another roller coaster...LOL!
michellelhartwig wrote 114 months ago:
Love this blog! Funny how priorities change!
RaeN81 wrote 114 months ago:
"Post pics of me in my underwear so I don't feel left out" Seriously made me LOL!
cfreema wrote 114 months ago:
The underwear comment made me die laughing! Sometimes i feel left out too for not showing off myself in my skivvies. ;)

And good job at keeping the wife happy!
Bookchick887 wrote 114 months ago:
You are an Inspiration! I want to play racquetball again. And learn how to swim laps. I'm starting next week.

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