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Giving Up Is Not an Option!

Since I logged onto MFP in 2011, I had no idea what fitness and health challenges were in store. I came here to lose weight and look sexy. I was dreaming of flexing in the mirror.

My proposed plan was about to be delayed.

I wasn't here only a couple of months when I had congestive heart failure. I spent a week in ICU, but I didn't give up logging my calories and learning about food choices.

In spite of being sick, I did everything I could to get healthy. I had two nurses monitoring my progress along with my regular doctor, a nutritionist, a trainer, and a cardiologist. I was scared, but I kept on showing up.

I lost weight. In fact 66 pounds in one year.

I changed my diet up by dumping some not so great stuff and adding in low calorie, nutrient-dense foods. I did give some things up. I don't regret leaving soda, fast food, white potatoes, white rice, foods made with white flour, and a lot of processed junk like coldcuts, chips, dips and most sugar.

I needed a lifestyle change!

I got moving too. I ran, I lifted, I cross-trained and I ended up having knee surgery and rotator cuff repairs. I had to reevaluate my cardio. I just ran. 5Ks, 10Ks, 5-milers, 10-milers, half marathons and eventually seven full marathons. I even did 2 ultra marathons.

I ran across Massachusetts in three days and Rhode Island in one!

I have been between 197 and 205 pounds for a long, long time. I guess that is my happy weight no matter what I do.

I have also had cancer.

I have had prostate, melanoma, Basel cell carcinoma and a colon cancers. I hate cancer. Yesterday, I had stomach cancer biopsies. A couple of weeks ago they found spots on my liver and my kidney with a CT scan.

I really hate cancer.

I won't have pathology results back for a week or so. I was relieved that they didn't find a tumor. I will be scheduling a closer look at the liver once this is resolved.

I did go for a run. I am finding them difficult, but I keep going out there and doing what I can do. I have cancelled 3 marathons and just dropped out of a half for this weekend.

But I haven't given up yet.

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KrysGettinFit wrote 76 months ago:
You're incredible. I hate cancer too.
Leahbcc wrote 76 months ago:
Giving up is not an option. Dislike cancer also
drdwngfan wrote 76 months ago:
F- cancer. Hail to the king !!! Untie, each and everyday.
VryIrishGirl76 wrote 76 months ago:
kacdragon wrote 76 months ago:
We are with you! Thanks for the continued inspiration to change our lives. Don't ever give up! Cancer Sucks!
PlantBasedRnr wrote 76 months ago:
You are an inspiration - nothing can hold you down!
farmboyphotography wrote 76 months ago:
Stay strong, sir! You are an inspiration to a lot of people around here.
tabithajoyy wrote 76 months ago:
You've got to be my biggest inspiration! Lots of people quit just because they have a runny nose or something petty. You continue to push even though all these trials. You are one strong willed man! Good for you and I will keep you in my prayers!
TrekkerCynthia wrote 76 months ago:
Sending "good result" vibes from the biopsies and future liver scan.
Dootzy1 wrote 76 months ago:
Crap happens to us as "sharers in the suffering of humanity". You have more than one person's share. And I'm trying not to be mad at God about cancer-- as my niece said, cancer has no respect for age or personality or what you are contributing to the planet... You beautifully write and inspire. My hat is off to you. Peace.
1Nana2many wrote 76 months ago:
I want you to know how much you have inspired me to continue taking steps to get healthier. I don’t aspire to become a runner…ever, [even as a skinny child, running was just an awkward thing for me] but your no-nonsense words about people’s excuses have definitely confirmed my own belief that if I can’t be honest with myself about my food and exercise choices, who am I kidding? I’ve known for years that putting what I’m eating down in writing was a good way to really see how many calories I was consuming, but until I recently found MFP, I just wasn’t disciplined enough to put every bite down in writing, let alone figure out the calorie counts of each food. MFP makes that easy and gives me a sense of power over this excess weight I have been carrying around for far too long. Since my first food diary log on January 4th of this year, I have lost 23 pounds and I’m pretty sure I have gone back and read nearly all your blog posts. Thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of what you have been going through. It DOES make a difference to see someone who has persevered no matter what crap life has thrown at him. I hope you have received as much help in writing it out as others have from reading what you have written. May God bless you with good health, the continued ability to run to your heart’s content and good friends and loved ones to share in all that you do and give you support whenever you need it!
Jody aka 1Nana2many
celticlass69 wrote 76 months ago:
Perspective. We all have a different perspective on life, on this healthier lifestyle journey. I want you to know that sharing your perspective with us is a privilege that I truly appreciate. Thank you! I'll be keeping healing thoughts and prayers going for you. :)
4julhan wrote 76 months ago:
F cancer and all the grief it's given you. Always sending good wishes and prayers your way King. Hang in there and have a few waffles till you're back on the road full time. xoxo
Cicata17 wrote 76 months ago:
Best of luck to you my dear. Bless you
Hoppymom wrote 76 months ago:
I could have just cried while reading this. You have fought so hard for your health and now this?! You have been so encouraging to me on this journey. Even though I'm not doing as well now as I should be (yes, I've kind of given up.) you were there encouraging me while I lost 70 pounds. You make us laugh and now you are making us cry. Your courage is incredible. Stay strong, David. You are in my prayers.Never give up.
MrsSpitser wrote 76 months ago:
To say my heart goes out to you is an understatement. You continue to inspire so many. I love your writing and the progress you continue to make in spite of the setbacks.
Survivor?? No sir, you're a FIGHTER. And we love you for it. God bless you.
krmsotherhalf68 wrote 76 months ago:
Your blog was an inspiration to all of us who struggle with making healthy choices. I'm a two-time breast cancer survivor and couldn't agree with you more. Cancer sucks. That being said, you're absolutely right. We can NEVER give up! Prayers for you and those you love. Stay strong. : )
cottagepeople2 wrote 76 months ago:
You're an inspiration especially for us who's only issue is being overweight. Keep up the good fight and hope knowing others are thinking of you with prayers and best wishes helps in some way to keep you strong.
pdmaclellan wrote 76 months ago:
Thank you for sharing your story of determination. A true story of success. Clearly you are a very strong person. God bless...
dms281 wrote 76 months ago:
Hang in there! I understand what it is like to be sick and still have to eat right and work out when you don't have the energy. I pray that your health returns. Thank you, you are an inspiration!
MichaelfromNE1 wrote 76 months ago:
You are an inspiration to many of us. I am also a cancer survivor. I am trying to find that elusive balance that is required in order to feel fit and be at our best. Life style change is the only way. One day and sometimes one minute at a time.Keep up the efforts!
It sounds like you are well on your way. It is easy for our health to decline if we give up.We have to keep up that forever attitude in order to overcome the physical decay we experience if we allow ourselves to let go. Keep at it, and live well!
1949rugs wrote 76 months ago:
Cancer steals your peace of mind. Two years ago my husband had colon cancer. Had third of colon removed. Six months later he had half his liver removed. He also had chemo. Now he goes for scans every 4 months. Keep working at beating this awful disease.
GrooveMerchant wrote 76 months ago:
Sending all good juju possible your way. I, too, hate cancer.
karinaApplebombinos wrote 76 months ago:
Never give up.
stuwade1 wrote 76 months ago:
F-Cancer and keep kicking ass!
I have nothing but the deepest respect for you.
Anonymous wrote 76 months ago:
You have inspired me as well. You are in my prayers! Keep fighting I know you will you are a winner!
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 76 months ago:
Keep fighting the fight , David. We are with you in spirit with {{{{hugz}}}} and most importantly prayer!!
Never give up!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 76 months ago:
#cancersucks. DAMMIT~! Ah David, I'll be adding you to my prayers.
Zebulun11 wrote 76 months ago:
hi mate from down under.
you've probably heard of every fast supposed cure for c under the sun and pickle me grandmother I have one to.
I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own peepers.
[this is not an advert for product }
a lady down the road a few years back 50yrs old,
was told by the hospital to go home and put her affairs in order as there was nothing they could do for her.
she had cancer of the lymph's spleen liver in short everywhere. Her daughter read an old book by a Canadian dr.
which stated to drink litres of juices mainly greens you know like joe cross?. And then have colonic irrigations she was having one almost every day at the start, the idea being the juices would flush the poisons into her colon and the colonics would empty it out of her system.
seen a photo of her before she started on this and she was yellow and green looked terrible .
I saw her in person once she had beaten the cancer and was a picture of health.
she went to the oncologists at the hospital and they didn't believe her and didn't want to know.
maybe this story is of benefit to you cobber, friend of mine died from c and I didn't mention this story to him. maybe would have helped maybe not? Ill never know now.
I'm 62 there is cancer In my family I drink juices every day and have a series of colonics every 6 months
and am in good health.
fight the good fight champion
and I didn't really pickle my grandmother

15lbsthinner wrote 76 months ago:
Wow . I just restarted (again) and came looking for...something . Something encouraging,something to let me know I can lose weight and get fitter, healthier at age 57. Something that would help me try to look and feel better in this skin I'm in. Your post is the first thing I read in my search for ...SOMETHING. I found...EVERYTHING. Thank you
raging_smurfwaffle wrote 76 months ago:
How strange, just like "15lbsthinner" I'm starting over today and yours is the first post I saw. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you kick cancer in the face!
MrsMizart wrote 76 months ago:
Never give up xx
15lbsthinner wrote 76 months ago:
Wow . I just restarted (again) and came looking for...something . Something encouraging,something to let me know I can lose weight and get fitter, healthier at age 57. Something that would help me try to look and feel better in this skin I'm in. Your post is the first thing I read in my search for ...SOMETHING. I found...EVERYTHING. Thank you
Balsamic12 wrote 76 months ago:
Will share what I heard recently:
Dream big, take action, and don't stop until it happens...
nats2508 wrote 76 months ago:
What a guy! you've really been through the mill (as they say here in England) but you're still trying to improve your life. Its really inspiring, given all you've been through and continue to go through.

I'm a fellow cancer hater too as it took my dad from me but it has inspired me and my sister to run for charity as much as we can to kick this thing and kick it good!

You've clearly got the resilience to get through whatever life throws at you so keep going, you're doing great AND, you are inspiring people that you've never met...people like me! xx
barbz2119 wrote 76 months ago:
You are fantastic, you make my efforts seem quite pathetic. Cancer is terrible, I recently lost my husband to it. You just keep on fighting, I really wish you all the best
Tiger6663 wrote 76 months ago:
What a testimony.... YOU INSPIRE ME !!!
Tiger6663 wrote 76 months ago:
What a testimony.... YOU INSPIRE ME !!!
Me2FitMe wrote 76 months ago:
what an inspiration YOU are!!
cecehite19 wrote 76 months ago:
You are amazing and you will win with this attitude keep fighting the fight!!!!
Putrevus wrote 76 months ago:
You are amazing, you will beat this monster.

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