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Getting Your Butt Out of a Rut!

The honeymoon for the resolutionists is over.
And the gym floor is not so much under cover;
February maybe for lovers,
But the weight loss prize is for doers!

It's hard to keep motivated, but it's all true.
Keeping this going is tough if you're new.
This is no time for whiners;
In fact it's even hard for us long-timers.

You can probably tell I am tired this morning and the new puppy seems to keep us all up. I am sore from skating all weekend too.

I was looking at my 5K training goals and feeling a little behind. Then there is the cardio class fitness test and weigh in tonight. I am not motivated, and staying in bed, if it were an option, would have been my first choice.

The good news is that I have made this a habit, and blowing it off ain't that easy. I only have 2 more classes left in the current session. Then I have 2 weeks off while I go to Florida. I will continue training in Orlando and getting some good long walks at Disney.

I am looking forward to some warmer weather!

So, as I approach the first anniversary of this journey, one where I started at 276, here is what I do to stay motivated.

- Schedule all Workouts: They are in my calendar, and we schedule life around them. Currently I have cardio/strength class 2 times a week, I train for the 5K 2 times a week, and I bike or skate with the family at least once.

I have 2 gym memberships, so I get a change of scenery. In the nice weather I just go outside.

- Log Into MFP Daily: I have lots of friends, and some of you have been with me since the beginning. Two or three times a day, I comment to everyone on the page that got out there and worked out, took a walk, and yes, even cleaned the freakin' living room. I occasionally check food diaries of those that I have time to.

- Change it Up: If I am honest with myself, it looks like running is going to be a treat. It takes 2 days for my knee to recover from a 2 or 3 mile run. So, I bike, I skate, I walk, and I use the elliptical most of the time.

After I run the 5K in late March, I am switching to hockey 2 times a week, and probably some biking with the family in the spring and summer.

My cardio is different every time I hit the gym or put on a pair of sneakers. I read that after about 6 weeks of the same exercise, our bodies may in fact, burn HALF the calories we did in the beginning. It's the fastest way to find a plateau.

- Knowledge: I read a little bit each day, and I am taking a nutrition course online. I don't really want to be a personal trainer, but I want to be the best one I know for me.

- Food: I change that up too. I work from the super foods list I posted a few weeks ago, and I have mixed in an occasional protein shake. I change brands, I upped the protein and cut the carbs - even the good ones. I try hard not eat the same thing every day. I admit it, I suck at that.

- Music: I change up my exercise playlists pretty often. I even wrote some of my own tunes to run with!

- Measurements: I take them every month and I am seeing changes! Well except for that, but I did get some email about some pills that work wonders. I'll keep you posted.

- Pictures: I wish I had taken more in the beginning, but I am getting ready to celebrate 1 year with a new set. Probably only going to share them with my wife. ;)

- Gadgets: I like the HRM and stuff like that. I love my Noom/Cardio Trainer program app on my Android. It's Bluetooths with the scale and the HRM.

- Sex: I has a way of... never mind.

- Laugh: I work hard at making my wife and kids laugh. Life is worth living, but it can become a drudgery. I laugh at adversity and now that I am healthy, I can really see it's value over the last year.

What do you do to stay motivated?

Thanks for the comments and votes.

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Hoppymom wrote 125 months ago:
You have truly committed yourself to this lifestyle this past year, Your committment has paid off in better health and fitness. I'm betting that you look and feel healthier too. Congratulations on all you have accomplished. Well done!
czechsmate wrote 125 months ago:
I really don't think I have a problem staying motivated...I have just decided to make this my life's routine. I may have a day here every now and again where I may eat something I normally obstain from but then if I am in this for life then I think that is okay. I enjoy my time at the gym, it feels good to move my body and I really like seeing the definition of my muscles as each week passes. I don't have a time frame set up for weight loss or fitness goals, I just take each day as it comes.
JustLindaLou wrote 125 months ago:
I have been in a the dumps a bit lately about things not related to my fitness, but the mood has affected that as well. I find that re-reading my goals daily really helps. I go back to my New Years blog where I outlined what I want to achieve this year. While I'm stewing about paying bills, I can lose sight of my quest to not hurt so much, to be more active with my daughter and set a good example for her, my desire to be below a certain number by summer vacation, the clothes I am longing to wear again (or cut the tags off and finally wear for the first time!) I remind myself of the NSVs along the way. I also log into MFP frequently thru the day, just looking at the success of others and reading up on tips helps me stay in the groove. (Why is a groove good and a rut is bad?? LOL, a thought for another day.)
Amayrial wrote 125 months ago:
As usual, you give me something to think about ..
kendradl wrote 125 months ago:
I only manage to catch an occasional blog from you but everytime I do, I love them. You are always so full of information and I find every bit interesting. I am interested though in the nutirtion course you are taking online. That would be something I would be very interested in, if you could PM me the info.
odditblue wrote 125 months ago:
Sheer awesomeness. Heck, I'm still working on finding the staircase, let alone the steps. =D
It'll come. Untangling the mess I've been and learning to be an UN-couch potato won't happen overnight, but I'll keep reading your blogs and one of these days, I'm gonna be there too. No going back. No stopping. No letting myself get discouraged. Thanks for the encouragement and hope you post so much. You're changing the world. Shine on.
navygunner wrote 125 months ago:
Good one as always. I have some of my worship time while on the treadmill, I put some rather loud and heavy metalish worship music like Fee, ReliantK, Deluge, Switchfoot, or Stellar Kart on and praise while doing exercises. Another motivator is like you said pictures. I also look around and realize that I am thinner than a lot of folks around, if I really want a self-esteem pick up I will go to the Golden Corral (trough) and look at the heftier patrons lining up for the feed. Holy Cow!! I have worked on the discipline of going to a buffet and staying away from the fried chicken and chicken wings, and the fried okra and eating salads and baked chicken while staying away from the breads and carbs. Yes, I can hear the fried chicken calling my name "Jose, come eat us...."
DisneySkaGirl wrote 125 months ago:
Enjoy Disney!!! I love it there!
sunnysashka wrote 125 months ago:
I love it! I'll copy that and save in my computer! ))) Thank you for your posts! Alexandra.
millsjam1 wrote 125 months ago:
Great post!! Your discipline is amazing and I learn something every time I read what you've written. And get a laugh too!
vikeldridge wrote 125 months ago:
Really great post...gave me some things to think about!! (;
vikeldridge wrote 125 months ago:
Really great post...gave me some things to think about!! (;
wasobese2002 wrote 125 months ago:
I have only been using myfitnesspal site for a bit over a week, so I am still exploring its content.
This is the first comment I have written.
I am a retired female. I travel a lot with my husband, in motorhomes. It is very/too easy to adopt a very sedentary lifestyle!
Your "Getting Your Butt Out of a Rut!" attracted my attention, as I have been using "JDI" (Just do it!) to get myself motivated to keep aiming for 10 000 steps a day (currently up to 9000).
Currently, when I get to 4000 steps, my left leg drags. I am still not sure why. I have broken that ankle twice, the most recent being about 16 months ago.
So... as you can see, I am very different to yourself.
Doesn't stop me aiming for more out of life!!!
felicity866 wrote 125 months ago:
logging is the key to staying motivated....keeping track has made a huge difference to me...that and changing my workouts about all the time....thanks for the many good thoughts again!!

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