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Getting Down, the Upside!

For those that saw me in ICU on April 4th, things have changed. My heart is 100% normal! The virus I had is completly gone - yeah that nasty one that caused congestive heart failure.
The other good news is that I am down 60 pounds from working out, and eating a bit differently. I have 25 to go. And no it wasn't from eating hospital food!

Here are 5 1/2  things I am looking forward too:

1 Buying new shoes that tie, now that I can see my feet.

2 Putting on my old 32x34 black jeans.

3 Not wearing 40x32 pants with elastic waist bands.

4 Putting on a regular length tie that does not miss my belt line by 4 inches.

5 Getting completely off my blood pressure medication! (I am half way there)

5 1/2 Never seeing my weight start with "2"

Tell us about a change in your life that you are happy about?!
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coloradocami wrote 134 months ago: are doing so great!
dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
Thanks, cc. It's been long road, but well worth it.
atsteele wrote 134 months ago:
Congratulations on your weight loss and getting your healthy heart back!! Good luck on your journey!!
skinnyme47 wrote 134 months ago:
Your doing great! :) Keep up the good work.
Slimmer_J wrote 134 months ago:
That is amazing! I think sometimes the worst things that happen to us can be the best things in the end! Look how far you have come... 25lbs is nothing from where you have come, you can do this!
dsheehan45 wrote 134 months ago:

you have a second chance at life.
What a gift. You are almost there my friend.
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 134 months ago:
A change in my life? I'm a runner now! I'm not afraid to push hard and sweat lots and lots. I'm not afraid of my cardio looking crazy at the gym where I work out- it does, but I dont care! :-) great post.
autumn20111 wrote 134 months ago:
Not only 32 x 34 jeans, but get some rip ones to match your soon to be ripped abs and bod!
I will be wearing my old faded and ripped jeans in only 5 more wks, according to MFP, IF I keep up what I'm doing. Lets both keep it up!
dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
Thanks autumn, I am keeping up until I reach my goal.

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