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Get Moving! (And I am not talking #2!)

The word moving has many different applications in the English language. Depending on the context and the situation, it could be good or bad. If you are like me, moving, as in the whole freakin' house including toys, bikes, photos, rabbits and dogs, that is the bad sucky week from hell type of moving.

If you haven't had a #2 in a few days, moving is good, really good. If it's been 20 minutes, it's not so good. The up side is weighing in right after.

Then there are moving violations, moving trucks, moving day, movin', movies, movements, moved by the Spirit or emotion and moving as in doing something with your body besides sitting on the couch. (We are still going to count sitting on the toilet as moving so there are no locked message boards)

How do you get moving? Why does it matter? Well, if you are here to lose weight, it probably doesn't matter. If you are making a lifestyle change and working on getting fit, moving your blood and your butt is important.

Ask yourself this: if runners can walk, then how come walkers can't run?

How fast your heart beats is very important to cardiovascular health. I am not going to argue with walkers; it's surely better than sitting on the couch. But it is not better than types of cardio which significantly increase your aerobic capacity (as does fast swimming, biking, soccer, Zumba, basketball and hockey etc.)

Most fit atheletes have resting pulse rates in the 50s. Most obese people have them in the 60s or low 70s.

Cardio exercise is good for you because it increases your aerobic capacity by growing more capillaries, which in turn moves your blood more efficiently, which causes your heart to work less. It also strengthens the heart which is a muscle. And supposedly it stimulates t-cells which fight disease. I also watched a documentary that said that a minute of all out exercise can increase your ability to process fats like cholesterol. The problem with an all out minute is injury.

Exercise which raises your heart rate for periods of time greater than 15 minutes and shorter than an hour, are very good for you. Using varying speeds or intensities seems to be better for weight loss (along with strength training!)

So it's time to get moving! Just go easy and walk before you run.

I use a heart rate monitor, and you might consider one too. It's not magic, but it should give you a solid idea if you are in the zone or not. To get into the zone you are probably going to sweat (even if you swim).

I was reading this and I think when Dr Oz dies from some fad diet, I can take his place.

Thanks for the votes and comments!

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Leahbcc wrote 108 months ago:
Great one and tahnks for sharing
Mustangsally1000 wrote 108 months ago:
You can replace Dr. Oz right this minute as far as I'm concerned! Great blog!
Denjo060 wrote 108 months ago:
Love this thanks for another great read
rciszek wrote 108 months ago:
Is it sad that before I started running my resting heart rate was 43? I'm hoping it don't go lower when my running becomes more consistent, people with think I'm
hollyrunner wrote 108 months ago:
Thumbs up...get moving is right!!
JustLindaLou wrote 108 months ago:
really good one David!!!
JustLindaLou wrote 108 months ago:
and I agree 100% with Mustangsally1000 - Dr Oz has got to go - you totally need your own TV show - as soon as your book hits the bestseller list you will be there!!! :D
Cheeky_0102 wrote 108 months ago:
i like how you incorporated pooping into your blog. WTG!
msbarbiq wrote 108 months ago:
Awesome as always, thank you:-)
MsMarlaJean wrote 108 months ago:
Great Blog!

I really enjoyed reading it...wait for it...BUT...LOL!

I do have a minor issue with this sentence: "Most obese people have them in the 60s or low 70s."

I think your numbers might be too low...Age, Sex and your level of fitness are factors in your resting heart rate and 70's would be considered average for women who are 40+ years and 65-69 would be considered Good! (yes I am 41 and my resting heart rate is 64-65 which borders between Excellent and Good based on the charts I have seen and read) Am I deluding myself?

I guess I'm wondering where you got your numbers?
FixIngMe13 wrote 108 months ago:
Dr. Oz is a decent person I'm sure... however since he started following every FAD DIET and markets it, I'm just not a fan of him anymore. Forget it... he can market all that crap all he wants, there is NO easy way to help you lose weight... PERIOD. Great post.

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