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Fitting it In!

I have 14 minutes to write a blog this morning. Sure, I would love to take longer, but school starts at 8.

Life is busy!

I am finishing up school this week (still have 3 exams), flying to MN to start a new job next week. In the midst of which, I have trained for my first 1/2 marathon that takes place on the 24th. Then there are the kids, the gym, logging, the Bruins, and helping out around the house and my favorite: date nights with my wife. And I need to get my home office in order!

As I approach the end of my second year of weight loss, I look back and remember having little or no energy in the first year!

The sad part is that I thought I would never feel better and never enjoy looking in the mirror, or being in a family photo. It was a chore to put on my shoes, my back ached most of the time. I felt tired, fat - even gross. One day I made a decision to change, and not long after that I had a heart attack.

If I have done one thing, it's not give up. I have a goal weight which still seems elusive - but I am dedicated to logging no matter what the scale says. I schedule my runs, weight workouts and cross-training just like I do a doctors appointment. Occasionally I reschedule to get a long run on a sunny day, but I don't miss them.

I fit it in!

I am looking forward to the soon coming year 3 where I will make my weight loss goal, I will run a marathon, and I will look back at feeling good last year.

How about you, how do you fit it in?

Thanks for the votes and comments!

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emily356 wrote 113 months ago:
Dedication and making it your new lifestyle... that's what it's all about!! So true!! Yesterday I did my P90X workout after lunch while my youngest was sleeping. Then hit the gym for a few minutes of cardio before hitting the grocery store!
waterwing wrote 113 months ago:
Well done you! I fit it in by getting up super early.. and then convincing myself that I only feel truly amazing on the days where I've worked out first thing. It's such a mental thing! Thanks for the post!
treesa101 wrote 113 months ago:
you are making thing happen, don,t ever look back or go back you are learning the true you we all make deciion it ticking to them that count. Children wife family in general you have alot of inpiration but most important do it for you. I work out at leat 3 hours every week min and more just need twenty minute morning noon or night and I remind myself....this ones for me. thanks for your story
treesa va
deeannhill wrote 113 months ago:
For me, fitting it in means making my health a priority. That is all mind-set. When I wake up early, spend time with God and then exercise to start my day - those days are good days. I find it easier to eat well, easier to listen well, and more fulfilling to do the things I do that make up life.

Mustangsally1000 wrote 113 months ago:
Great blog! Makes me mindful, and to have a plan. I too have been on here almost 2 years and also have not hit my goal weight. But I feel like I am on my way there. Didn't have a heart attack, but did have my hip replaced 3 times...major set back for me. But now, I feel I'm on my way. Thanks for all the help you unknowingly provide!
rciszek wrote 113 months ago:
You are an inspiration. I've been lagging in making sure I "fit it in". So much has been going on that I've lost it and every day you remind me that I need to do it. Thank you!!
mdcjmom wrote 113 months ago:
You are always such a great motivator and such an inspriation. I fit it in by getting up before the kids, Working out on my lunch break and doing things like taking the kids sledding which I never did before. Dedicating an hour a night ( my me time) to taking care of me and not them. And realizing by taking that hour I am extending my life so I can have a better quality of life with them!
odditblue wrote 113 months ago:
I need to fit it in a lot more. I do it at work. Every break. Every lunch. WALK. JOG. RUN. MOVE. No going back. No more sitting still. Now to fit it in at home. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.
michie27 wrote 113 months ago:
Great post! For me, fitting it in is waking up at 5am to work out before I go to work. It's my time with no interruptions or distraction.
Sarah_with_a_h wrote 113 months ago:
this is basically a good kick in the ass that i need! thanks!!!

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